Rescue Pets and the Celebs Who Love Them


It’s well known that celebrities love to buy the best of the best, but that doesn’t always ring true when it comes to how they acquired their beloved pets. You’d be surprised at how many celebrities these days choose to adopt from animal shelters or rescues instead of purchasing an expensive purebred pet. Their wallets may be endless but so is their generosity!

Amanda Seyfried and Finn


The willowy blonde actress known for her role in Mean Girls is anything but mean when it comes to the love for herAustralian Shepherd, Finn. It’s hard to find a picture of her anywhere besides the red carpet without her devoted pooch by her side. He even has his own Twitter account and has garnered quite the following on the popular site, Buzzfeed. Seyfried gushes constantly about her companion saying, “I’m obsessed with my dog. He’s become my son and my light source and kind of a savior to a lot of people, a lot of my friends”. She’s brought him on various talk shows to demonstrate his impressive tricks, and she’s admittedly “codependent” when it comes to the delightful Finn.


George Clooney and Einstein


Yes, even Hollywood’s perpetual bachelorhas had his heart stolen by a four legged critter. When Clooney saw the cute little black Cocker Spaniel on an animal rescue website, he knew he had to have him. However, even his celeb status didn’t earn him an automatic ticket to adopting the little cutie; he still had to go through the complete adoption process and be thoroughly screened before he could officially become Einstein’s dad. He admits to being nervous before meeting the dog and worried that the spaniel wouldn’t like him. His trick to getting Einstein to love him at first sight? He rubbed turkey meatballs all over his shoes!


Miranda Lambert and Her Rescued Menagerie



Country singer Miranda Lambert hasquite the array of rescued pets. Her husband has often joked about his wife’s soft heart and her penchant for bringing home stray dogs. It’s because of this that the couple has seven rescue dogs! She’s so passionate about her love of rescue animals that she founded a non-profit organization called The Muttnation Foundation to help end pet homelessness.


Ian Somerhalder: Sexy Cat Man


This uber hot actor isn’t shy about his love for felines. He has been a recipient of the Wyler Award from the Humane Society for his work in raising awareness about animal awareness. He has three shelter cats: one a feral rescue from the jungles of Hawaii, another a rescue from an animal abuse case in New York and the third is a chap from Canada. Somehalder has also done work in Louisiana with the St. Tammany Humane Society to curb cat overpopulation with a wildly successful spay and neuter program. Perhaps Ian would have room for theperky and affectionate Garth in his bed?

Celebrities clearly have big hearts for the dogs and cats out there that might not otherwise have a home. While they’ve certainly given their four-legged family members the best of the best, they don’t stop with their own pets. It’s clear these celebrities work hard to promote the love and companionship these rescued animals can provide.


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