Courtney Love’s Flings: Rockstars, Actors, Supermodels and Dictators

Courtney Love, who looks weirdly manga-like on the cover of Hot Press magazine, talks in the latest issue about her loves, claiming quite a few rockstars and actors. Now that’s pretty normal, but she also claims supermodel Kate Moss and an enemy of certain U.S. politicians, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in her list:

Love had recently hinted at having a lesbian fling with a supermodel. For the first time she reveals to Hot Press, “It was Kate Moss. She doesn’t care.” Love then adds, “It’s a great story for the grandchildren so . . . yeah.

Um, yeah, Courtney, sure. That’s if Frances Bean hasn’t been irreparably screwed up and ever has any, or if she ever talks to you again. Likewise, given what you seem to be saying in the interview, I’ll be surprised if more than just Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani stop talking to you. By the way, when did you start adopting British slang such as “snogging” and other phrases?

But seriously, Hugo Chavez, a noted enemy of the United States? How exactly did that happen? Doesn’t that put you on some sort of governmental “instigators” watch list? Well, okay, COHA (Council on Hemispheric Affairs) says he’s an adversary of the USA but an enemy of global capitalism. Oh, and will you be telling your grandchildren that Chavez thought you were a hooker? Maybe it’s because you have no style?

Image: Hot Press.