Celebs Who Have Gotten Lasik Eye Surgery

Celebrities are known for their penchant for getting the latest and greatest surgery. From BOTOX to liposuction, celebs will go to great lengths to ensure that their bodies look at their best. Celebs also want to see at their best too and an assortment of Hollywood stars have taken to LASIK eye surgery to make sure their peepers are working so they can ditch their glasses for good. Here are a few of your favorite celebs that have undergone LASIK eye surgery.

Nicole Kidman

This Aussie actress had suffered for years with bad eyesight. Kidman has been very vocal in interviews about her poor vision, so Kidman turned to LASIK to correct her blurry vision and had a great experience. She reported a painless experience and now has 20/20 vision.

Kim Kardashian West

In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim documented going through LASIK surgery to get her vision back. Kim brought sisters Kourtney and Khloe for support but the entire procedure grossed out the sisters who had to be told by Kim’s doctor to be quiet. The reality star and queen of social media has since said that her experience with LASIK was great and enjoys no longer wearing glasses, crediting LASIK surgery.

Cindy Crawford

This supermodel and business woman finally turned to LASIK after struggling for years with her dependency on glasses to watch TV, go to the movies, or even drive her car. After getting LASIK surgery, Crawford no longer needs glasses and has said in interviews that she is very happy with her results and highly recommends getting LASIK if you have poor vision.

Kathy Griffin

The comic and self-proclaimed D-lister underwent LASIK surgery in 2003. At the time, LASIK was a relatively new procedure and Griffin suffered some complications. She revealed that there were complications when she got LASIK eye surgery performed in her right eye. These complications led to her getting 17 stitches that had to stay in her right eye for three weeks. After the stitches were removed, Griffin reported that her vision was nowhere close to being corrected and it made her vision permanently blurry.

Elton John

Perhaps one of the most well known superstars who sports glasses as part of his signature look actually underwent LASIK. He had the surgery in 2003, and now it is reported that he only wears his glasses now as part of his stage look.

Most of the time LASIK has worked incredibly well for celebs with little to no complications. It’s no wonder why many stars get LASIK eye surgery – they no longer have to wear glasses for necessity and only wear glasses as a fashion statement.