Celebrity Health: 4 Stars Reveal Their Supplement Regimens

Celebrities often credit their clear skin and great physiques to their use of vitamins and health diets, and many even set off nutritional crazes when they reveal their secret regimens. But do these supplements really work?

The answer is, it depends. Consumer Reports gives good advice when they recommend consulting your doctor and getting most of your vitamins from food – but some celeb vitamin regimens are better than others. From those focused on superfoods to stars who emphasize vitamins B and D, we’ve picked out a few of the best health recommendations celebs have on offer.

For Luscious Hair

Zooey Deschanel is known for a few things – her twee aesthetic, beautiful voice, and slight dorkiness among them. But one of Deschanel’s other most striking features is her hair, which is long and thick and always impeccably styled. What’s her secret? Vitamin C keeps her hair strong while supplementing with fatty acids is necessary for her trademark shine. We recommend flax or fish oil if you think you don’t get enough of these in your diet.

For Extreme Energy

One of the most amazing things about celebrities is the intensity of their workout regimens. How do they have so much energy? The answer may be B12 shots, as a shortage of this critical vitamin can leave you seriously fatigued. And in the celebrity world, everyone from Charlize Theron to Justin Timberlake swears by these boosters. Just remember, your body has an upper limit for vitamins, so overly-supplementing won’t help. Make sure you’re actually deficient before adding more B12 to your vitamin regimen.

The Superfood Solution

It seems like there’s another superfood in the news every day now, but which ones are truly effective and how much of them do you need to consume? Amounts vary depending on your goals, which is why Victoria Beckham’s acai supplements come in varied percentages. Beckham swears by the Brazilian berry for maintaining her incredible figure, which is virtually unchanged since her days as a Spice Girl – even after having kids. If that’s what acai can do, we all want in.

For A Youthful Face

In the last few months, many reports have noted Brad Pitt – now 52 years old – is looking incredibly youthful. And in turn, they’ve all wondered, what’s his secret? The answer seems to be a variety of things, including a healthy diet and IV vitamins. For his skin, in particular, he’s added plenty of omega-3s, which are essential for cellular repair. If you’re looking for a new way to include those in your diet, try trendy chia seed puddings which make a filling and delicious breakfast or snack.

Getting the right combination of vitamins is one of the best things you can do for your health, so take a look at the areas where you think your could use some improvement and do your homework. You’ll quickly find a great deal of advice on what nutrients will help you meet your health goals.