Anne Hathaway on the getaway


It’s not like I try to post plain pics of Anne Hathaway, it’s just that every pic of her on the planet seems to be plain no matter how you look at it. I know this is just an everyday type outfit, but it makes me uncomfortable looking at it for some reason. The glasses are too big and I feel her thighs are trying their best to bust out. Must be expensive jeans if they are able to keep them in.

What’s with the supersized purse that she has? Is she carrying another ex-convict inside of it? Do you notice anything else creepy about this pic? How about the fact there aren’t any people on the streets and I’m not even sure there are any cars. Is this pic taken on the set of Day of the Dead or something? Holy balls Robin, why does nobody follow Anne around?

Seriously, did she leave them in her wake of stinkiness? Did she have to let one go and they had to abandon the whole city? These are the questions that need to be answered otherwise they are left unanswered. Anne, you are perplexing, but I promise that one day we will figure it out.