6 of the Best Celebrity Smiles

When you think about the most attractive celebrities in the world, which features grab your attention? While it’s often perfect hips, busty chests, tanned skin, and long legs (chiseled abs, large biceps, and good hair for men), there’s usually something else at play: the smile. You might forget about it when watching your favorite star on TV, but you’d notice quickly if it ceased to exist. Beautiful, white smiles are few and far between – but many celebrities have mastered the look.

Six of the Top Celebrity Smiles

As something of a celebrity himself, Dr. Fadi Yassmin of Broadway Dental knows a thing or two about superior oral care. He’s quick to point out that fixing a smile isn’t always as simple as applying a whitening strip. It often requires procedures like veneers, dental implants, crowns, invisalign, braces, injectable treatments, and more. However, if you’re patient and willing, you can have a terrific smile, just like these six celebrities:


Hillary Duff. Has anyone undergone a more drastic improvement than former Disney star, Hilary Duff? In 2005, she was fitted with horrible porcelain veneers that left her with an oft-parodied smile. In 2008, she fixed that misstep by reshaping and re-contouring her teeth for a beautiful, white smile.

Matthew McConaughey. It’s rare for someone with less-than-perfect teeth to be considered among the top smiles, but that’s exactly Matthew McConaughey’s position. His teeth aren’t bad, by any means, but they certainly aren’t perfect. Despite this, his broad, boyish smile continues to captivate hordes of women.


Zac Efron. Another former teen-star, Zac Efron, has come a long way. He has a set of perfect veneers and virtually no gaps between any of his teeth – thanks to cosmetic bonding and invisalign braces. His smile is just one of the many reasons he’s a teen heartthrob.

Justin Bieber. “For a bad boy, Justin has a charming, good boy smile,” says Dr. Timothy Chase. “He has straight white teeth and shows little gum, which gives him a nice, healthy adolescent look.” The same may not be true for his boxing friend, Floyd Mayweather, who frequently takes jabs to the mouth.


Ann Hathaway. Dr. Chase is also a big fan of Ann Hathaway’s smile. It may not be the sexiest, but it’s classic. “Ann Hathaway has the big Hollywood smile, the likes we haven’t seen since the days of Julia Robert,” he says. “When she smiles, it lights up the room, the screen, or red carpet.”

Bradley Cooper. If you’re looking for bright, white, and perfectly aligned, Bradley Cooper is your man. His smile’s lit up the big screen for years and will likely continue to do so for many to come.

Who else would you add to the list? While these six celebrities may have good smiles, this list is by no means comprehensive. A pearly white smile is a dime a dozen in Hollywood, so the next time you run into a celeb on the street, how about asking him or her for oral care tips – as opposed to a selfie?