4 Crimes Celebrities Always Seem To Get Away With

We’re all familiar with the fact that celebrities seem to be treated differently than the average joe. Magazines seem to always be publishing the latest stories about their lavish lives and special privileges.

Being a celebrity, however, doesn’t just stop at having more privileges than most of us. They are also often seen as above the law and get away with crimes that an everyday person would have been charged with much more severely.

Here are some of the most common crimes that celebrities get away with.

Murder (Literally)

There are plenty of stories throughout the years of celebrities getting away with murder despite heavy evidence clearly showing that they were likely guilty.

Since celebrities can afford to hire the best lawyers in town and law enforcement is often starry-eyed upon coming across them, they are often permitted to get away with things that they shouldn’t have.

Most people have heard about the OJ Simpson case in which he infamously got away as not guilty when the majority of the world agreed he was undoubtedly guilty of murdering his wife.

Less known, however, is when Matthew Broderick, the actor well known for his starring role in the cult classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, killed two passengers of a car while committing a driving infraction in Northern Ireland.

A mother and daughter in the other vehicle struck by his were pronounced immediately dead at the scene as a cause of his reckless driving. Shockingly, he wasn’t charged and got away with a fine of only $175.

Sexual Harassment

Although this is now starting to change in Hollywood as people are taking a stand against silence, there are decades of history of sexual harassment from stars.

Inappropriate advances from stars are often overlooked because of their status, and people may be too afraid to go to the authorities because of their social power.


From aggressing paparazzi to getting into fist fights with overzealous fans, celebrities have been known for assaulting people without being charged for it.

This special treatment is often the case because people are intimidated by stars or hold them in a special category because of their fame. However, most people can agree that intentional violence should be treated equally for everyone regardless of social status.

Drinking And Driving

Despite all of the money in the world, for some reason, celebrities just can’t seem to figure out this drinking and driving thing. You’d think they’d be able to hire a driver or pay for a taxi with a couple million bucks in the bank, yet we hear about some celebrity being charged with a DUI almost every week.

Not only are their charges often dropped, their sentences aren’t even served completely.