The Other Kardashian-Jenner: Kylie is Busy Dating Jaden Smith

The youngest Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is very supportive of her rumored boyfriend’s Jaden Smith latest film- After Earth.


Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith have been spotted around town doing shopping together. Expectedly the juvenile thing to do these days is to hit the streets in an Iron Man costume.


Jaden dons the superhero getup while on a date with Kylie in NYC. The costume change happened right after they visit a toy store.


Looks like Jaden needs some growing up to do.

Columbia Pictures And Mercedes-Benz Present The US Red Carpet Premiere Of AFTER EARTH

The adorable twosome attended the red carpet for Will Smith’s movie. “He comes and supports me with everything that I do.” Jenner quips, finding it lucky that she has a friend that knows what growing up in the spotlight feels like, it makes their friendship so much better.


Kylie has this to say about her relationship with Jaden: “It’s refreshing. Some people don’t understand and some people do. And it’s just great to have someone grow up in the same position as you and you can relate in that kind of way, so it’s fun.”