Pregnant Kim Kardashian Got Botox And Lip Injections? Pregnancy Lips Outta Control!

Collagen and botox injections are made to create fuller looking lips- a common indulgence among Hollywood stars. However, the procedure is not approved for women who are pregnant. But Kim Kardashian claims her lips are swollen due to her pregnancy.


Kim tweets: ‘My pregnancy lips are outta control #IGuessNotABadProblemToHave.’

So will Kanye’s baby be no different from a crack baby? If Kim really had collagen shots, the risk of allergic reactions from collagen injections alone are scary.


So consider the irreversible damage you’re doing to your baby, Kim? Lay off the botox for a few months will yah. It wouldn’t hurt to wait.


Sun-soaked Momma: Kim Kardashian is one gorgeous pregnant woman in a bikini. She should worry less about her looks!


Kim’s pout didn’t look as big before, but her belly now sure looks huge. Love those curves girl!