More Celebrific Entrepreneurs Like Tai Lopez Should Be Headlining the News

Sometimes it seems as though the world has turned upside down and celebrities who are making the news are there for all the wrong reasons! This one was arrested for stealing jewelry while another one is advocating violence due to the outcome of a political campaign. Where are the days when celebrities who made the news were role models for our youth? And, where are the celebrities who spend even a small portion of their wealth lifting others up out of the depths of despair?

Like Tai Lopez, they may be out there but certainly not making headlines! Having risen from the pits of debt, Tai makes it his life’s ambition to share his ‘secrets’ to success so that others may have an easier time picking themselves up and starting over. This is one Celebrific entrepreneur who actually deserves to make the headlines!

Teaching Others to Climb Their Way Out of Debt

What makes Tai special is his ambition to teach others the skills they need to rise above their current state of debt. Most people seem to stay in debt, a cycle that’s hard to break, and in the program he developed, Tai shows how to break our cyclic behavior that keeps us at the bottom of his 5 layered pyramid. His 67 Steps are based on his own personal journey from despair to prosperity, and in defining the steps he took that carried him all the way up the ladder of success, he shows others that it can be done. More importantly, he shows how to do it!

It’s Not What You Have – It’s What You Do with It

One of the things that Tai mentions over and over again when giving his talks at seminars or during his videos on the 67 Steps is about what to do when you reach the very pinnacle of success in your chosen field. Repeatedly, he mentions philanthropists such as Bill Gates who pours a great deal of his own personal wealth into the Gates Foundation and oddly, that news takes a backseat to the latest Microsoft / Apple war on which brand is more popular or which brand has the latest technology.

It’s amazing that true celebrities get sidelined while those who espouse deviant lifestyles make the headlines. Perhaps that is why so many papers are going under? Of course, that is only part of the issue and the other part of the ‘story’ is that readers are simply looking for their news online. Still, there is something to be said for real Celebrifics to make the headlines.

Consumers Really Do Love to Read Success Stories!

In reality, most consumers really do love to read success stories. As Tai Lopez points out, those stories of celebrities overcoming odds to ‘hit the big time’ inspire them to do more in their own lives. He says that too many people are saying the American Dream is dead, but truthfully it is just being sidelined. A huge number of people dream of making something of their lives but few real-life heroes are stepping forward to show them the way. This is one of the reasons why he is making it his life’s dream to teach others to reach for the sky.

Each person has a different perspective on what success means to them, and so reaching the top won’t be the same for everyone. However, he claims that when you get there you’ll know it. When you have more than enough to live comfortably, that’s the point where you know you’ve reached the pinnacle and that’s the point where you step forward and share your Celebrific story whenever and however you can. As an advocate for social media as a platform, Tai suggests more celebrities should use sites like Facebook and YouTube to inspire others to greatness. With role models like Tai, the American dream can be (and is) very much alive.