Katie Holmes Scores $400k Child Support from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes walked away a winner because she got her freedom and an ample amount of child support around $400,000 – a modest amount by Hollywood standards. Tom Cruise is reportedly worth $250 million.

Now Hollywood tongues are wagging, Katie could have gotten more of Tom’s massive wealth if she didn’t agree to settle quickly and taken the divorce proceedings to court. But Katie took the high road proving that she really meant to run away as far as possible from Tom particularly when she blindsided him with divorce papers. Katie wants nothing more to do with Tom’s fortune, definitely a classy move that would place gold digging exes to shame.

But lawyers are quick to say Tom Cruise had the upper hand with his iron-clad pre-nup and his Scientology army ready to stalk the hell out of Katie Holmes in New York.

The 33-year-old Dawson’s Creek alum has requested sole legal custody and primary residential custody over her daughter Suri.