Ryan Cabrera & Lisa Marie Presley’s Daughter Riley Dating

riley-keough-ryan-cabrera-dating-9-20-2006.jpgTV presenter / pop musician Ryan Cabrera is dating Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter model Riley Keough.  Which pretty much means that Ryan is dating Elvis’ granddaughter.  How cool is that for the up & coming star?

According to one source grandmom Pricilla loves Ryan, “He has that rocker thing going that all the Presley women love.  The couple’s biggest fan is . . . her grandma.”
“Priscilla loves him.  She thinks they’re a perfect match. They have been dating all summer. Ryan is like a member of the family now.”
The couple was spotted at NYC club Stereo September 12.  A source states, “He was very protective of her.  He kept his arm around her.”

What Would Elvis Think?