Lindsay Lohan & Jude Law ‘Adoring One Another’s Company’


Now, wouldn’t that be a hot item?  Teen queen Lindsay Lohan & British diva Jude Law as a couple, what an interesting pairing that one would make!

According to Page Six, before LL heads off to London to shoot her next movie, she wants to make sure she has a pal there first.  Lohan & Law were spotted at The Box on The Box on Chrystie Street in the wee hours both Friday & Saturday night.

Apparently Lindsay called Jude after eating with her mom Dina & Jason Preston at Stereo.  The duo met at The Box around 1 am.

Saturday evening, Lohan met up with Law at The Box once again, but this time joined by Jude’s own boy toys, Sean Penn & Tim Robbins.  What a hilarious group!

“They are adoring one another’s company,” said insider revealed.

But according to LL’s rep, “We don’t comment on our client’s personal life.”  Yeah, how about a big, yeah right, on that one!

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