Britney Spears in Rehab Romance with Howie Day


Ahhh, we can always rely on some fresh celeb news from Britney crazypants Spears. 

Good ole Brit is out of rehab & seemingly enjoying that her manager is saying all is well with an album on the way which will probably just collect dust on the store’s shelves.

While Spears is supposedly working on a new album & a new look, she has also found some time to kindle some more love with another musician.  Brit has set her crazysights on Howie Day who she “fell hard” for while staying at Promises rehab center.

Apparently Spears claims that Day is “the best kisser ever” & she is even toting him to a family wedding in June.  But I don’t think Mother Spears is too happy about the match, due to Day having a troubled past full of arrests & mayhem.    

I dunno.  Two crazies equals one happy couple?

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