“Teen Mom” Couple Amber And Gary In Splitsville

Amber and Garry - Teen Mom Couple - Split Up

It’s finally official, Teen Mom couple Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley of MTV fame have called it quits. The news of the couples split comes from the gossip king of the group, Amber’s dad Shawn Portwood.

Shawn told RadarOnline.com Tuesday that the couple couldn’t resolve their differences in couple’s therapy and have decided to go their separate ways:

“They don’t belong together. They just don’t mix. There’s not enough there,” Shawn said, while adding “They separated and she’s moving on.”

It’s probably for the best on Gary’s part, Amber is known for her explosive personality that has led to various bouts of verbal and physical abuse against her child’s father. Amber’s tantrums have been so out of control that local police and child protective services have been involved.

The worst attack to date was caught on TV when Amber began clawing at Gary while kicking and punching him just feet away from their daughter Leah.

Being the true in-denial father of the group, Shawn says her daughter has been edited by MTV to be a monster:

“There was a lot behind the scenes that wasn’t shown that would explain how she got to that point,” Shawn says in defense of his daughter, accusing Gary of threatening to sue for custody of Leah. “They didn’t show what he did to instigate that. All you have to do is watch the show and see what he says. ‘I’m taking the kid…I’m taking her forever.’ He held Leah over her head. He’s a mind game; he thinks he can play mind games. He holds that baby over her head,”

Just after breaking up Gary was spotting dancing with a cute girl at a local hangout. Good for you Gary, forget about the crazy…