SNL To Parody Katy Perry’s “Sesame Street” Appearance

Katy Perry Sesame Street Ban

Katy Perry may not be able to watch herself on Sesame Street after her appearance was banned because she “showed too much cleavage” but a “version” of that performance will be realized when the cast of Saturday Night Live spoofs her appearance.

Perry will also be on SNL during the spoof episode to perform her two newest hits “California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream.” The show will also feature Amy Poehler as host for the 36th season premiere.

Sesame Street producers announced this week that the Perry sequence they had taped would not air on New Year’s Eve because thousands of parents were outraged that she had so much cleavage showing. Perry was to perform a kid-friendly version of her song “Hot N Cold.”

PopCrunch points out the humor in the fact that Elmo seemed to love her “appearance” giving her a shout out during an ABC Googe Morning America appearance in which he said she could come back anytime she would like to perform again.

“We’ll have another one. Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time. So we’ll have another play date.”

Katy’s performance and the SNL spoof debut tonight, Sept. 25 @ 11:30 PM on NBC.


  1. you will just love Katy Perry’s voice and also her chest he he he. those are really huge .'”