Katy Perry - Low Cut Elmo Shirt

Apparently if you get kicked off Sesame Street you’re still allowed to visit the entire town of Springfield. After it was announced that her Sesame Street appearance was being banned because of her low cut clothing, Katy Perry and Fox TV announced that the pop star would appear on an upcoming episode of the popular cartoon.

Katy will appear in a Christmas special called The Fight Before Christmas which will air on December 5 says Entertainment Weekly.

Perry will be interacting with some puppets and will play Moe’s girlfriend while performing the song The 39 Days of Christmas which she will be accompanied on by various members of the Simpson’s cast.

It should be noted that the singers Simpsons appearance was actually recorded before the announcement of her Sesame Street exile was announced.

Simpson’s Executive Producer  Al Jean joked with EW.com:

“In the wake of Elmo’s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.”