Old Spice Commercial Guy Isaiah Mustafa, the hilarious actor from the newest round of Old Spice commercials, you know, the one’s where he rides a horse backwards, has inked an exclusive acting contract with NBC.

Under Mustafa’s contract he’ll either show up on an already established show or possibly on a new sitcom of some sort.

NBC Universal casting executive VP Grace Wu told Variety that after seeing his appearance on Oprah:

“We felt he was a piece of talent worth developing. He’s an attractive guy who’s just as funny and charming.”

It won’t be the first time Mustafa appears on TV, iWantPop reports that he’s also been seen on NCIS, Ugly Betty, and Castle.

Just in case you missed the commercial some how, he’s a look at Mustafa in action:

So what do you think? Was a contract warranted from a few commercials and an Oprah appearance? I actually think it is, after all we live in a pop culture hungry country and when someone stands out as much as Mustafa you have to snatch him up as soon as possible or lose out to the next company looking to capitalize on this kind of quick and unexpected success.