Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus

Sure Miley Cyrus became a gazillionaire and Billy Ray Cyrus once again became a household name thanks to the hit Disney series Hannah Montana but now the one-time mullet wearing rocker is attacking the show for ruining his family life.

Billy told GQ Magazine in the March edition “The damn show destroyed my family” while adding that if he had a “Do-Over” card he would think twice about giving Miley her first chance at a star led career.

After making his proclamation Dr. Drew Pinsky spoke on The Joy Behar Show on Tuesday and had this to say about Disney destroying the family:

“For a child growing up it’s very hard for them to have multiple functions if someone is trying to be a parent. In other words, you can’t be the parent and the friend. You can’t be the parent, the friend and the costar. That is very confusing. That creates boundry issues for the child. And there in lies the core of what Miley seems to be manifesting now,” adding, “He’s the sweetest and nicest man you could ever meet. But I don’t think he really understood how he had adlulterated his parenting function.”

Now Billy will go lay on his bed made of money and cry himself to sleep.