Amber Riley Of “Glee” Was Rejected By American Idol

Amber Riley - American Idol

Amber Riley, known for her role as Mercedes Jones on the Emmy award winning show Glee was rejected by American Idol producers when auditioning for the popular TV talent show.

Extra TV spoke with Idol Judge Randy Jackson who said he never had the opportunity to see Mercedes Jones audition, apparently because the top notch singer gave a rather uninspired audition during the first round of producer monitored auditions.

Jackson said of Riley:

“Yo, that girl Amber Riley, she I guess, I didn’t know this, she didn’t make it to us. She auditioned for ‘Idol’ and got rejected. She’s like the lead singer the lead star of ‘Glee’ and let me tell you something America, this girl is talented and she can really sing.”

Here’s the Jackson interview:

Currently Amber’s voice can be heard on various top charting song remakes, while she has performed on Oprah and has even been a guest at the White House.

Anyone remember the last season of American Idol? Yeah I didn’t think so. Good for you Amber.