My Generation TV Show Cancelled

ABC has pulled the plug on My Generation a new TV series that saw just two episodes air on the network, the cancellation was announced on Friday.

The “documentary-style” TV series surrounded a group of high school friends who are followed 10 years after graduation. The announcement follows the cancellation of FOX’s  own freshmen show Lone Star.

According to Nielsen ratings, My Generation only managed 5.17 million viewers during it’s September debut, even though it was in the time slot just before Grey’s Anatomy. By the show’s second episode only 3.82 million viewers tuned in.

There’s now a vacant spot in the ABC Thursday night lineup, it will be interesting to see what the network chooses to place in that show’s timeslot.

I for one would love to see a new late season arrival for ABC, at least they usually give those shows more than two episodes to pull their own weight where the last showed fail.