‘The View’ Rosie O’Donnell Makes Everyone Cry

rosie-odonnell-the-view-strife.jpgEver since Rosie O’Donnell came to The View, things have been a little different.  What I mean to say is that the show is 100 times better and all the ladies are cry babies.

New cohost O’Donnell seems to be stepping on the toes of the other women, especially Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

An insider reveals that Elizabeth can’t seem to get a grip. “She is crying every day”

“No one can control Rosie, and Elisabeth can’t contain her feelings. She gets so upset all the time.”

Rumors are that Rosie’s outspoken liberal views are the stressor on the set.
O’Donnell’s spokeswoman, however, has denied any strife stating, “Elisabeth was at Rosie’s house this weekend with her daughter, Grace. They might not agree on politics, but that’s what makes the show great. Ratings are up 59%.”