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Golden stallion Owen Wilson & his lady Kate Hudson were spotted getting caught up in the action at Friday’s NBA playoff between the Golden State Warriors & the Dallas Mavericks.

Team Wilson & Hudson look just as adorable as they did last week when the couple were seen out & about in Greewich Village celebrating Hudson’s 28th birthday.

Wonder how long this team will last….

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British actress & all-around crazy person Sienna Miller is apparently desperate to start popping out the babies.

Miller has recently mentioned that she truly misses being with ex-fiance Jude Law’s children & is quite anxious to start her own crazy family.

Apparently Miller & her new man have been giving the idea some thought, according to an insider anyway.

The source reveals, “Sienna misses the kids of her ex, Jude Law, so much that she says she can’t wait to become a mum herself.

“For now though, it’s all about her acting – but she really can’t wait to have her own children. She and Jamie have been inseparable over the past few weeks. It certainly seems very serious.”

Wowzers!  That is one woman you do not want to date!  First date & she’s asking you if you’re ready to start a family.  Watch out!

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After several months & more months of speculation, it looks like Vanessa Minnillo has finally sunk those claws deep enough into beau Nick Lachey’s arms that they’re moving in together.

The couple, who have been dating more than a year now, have purchased a two bedroom condo at the prestigious Atelier towers in Manhattan on West 42nd Street.  Congrats to the happy couple, hope the happiness lasts after the shack-up.

Guess how much the pair paid for the luxury condo?  Try $2 million.  Just pennies, eh?  So, wonder how long these two are going to last….

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Marilyn still seems like he’s enjoying getting his Wood on.  Sorry, couldn’t resist no matter how bad it was.

Marilyn Manson & his new ladyfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, stepped out together in London on Thursday.  The pair kinda seem like they go together, even though I’m still convinced that the young Wood is trying to be Manson’s ex, Dita Von Teese.

Anyhoo, the pair, despite their 19-year age difference, are enjoying themselves.  I wonder what kind of kinky, crazy sex they have anyway…..

In a recent interview with a French newspaper, Manson was quoted as saying the age difference isn’t a big deal, saying, “That’s not a problem for me. She likes the same things as me. She understands I like to get up when night falls and go to sleep at dawn.”

Because I’m a vampire, you know.  A vampire.

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You know, Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson used to be one of Celebrific’s favorite couples, but these days I just don’t know about them.

Hudson & Wilson were spotted on a stroll thought New York’s Greenwich Village on Thursday, which just happened to be Kate’s 28th birthday.  Sometimes I forget about the large age difference between these two.

KaWen just don’t seem too into each other lately, maybe it’s just me though.

Anyone else feeling me on this one?

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Supermodel Kate Moss & superfreak beau Pete Doherty have finally put some damn confirmation into their rumored engagement, which is more like a rumored engagment if you ask me.

At a recent Babyshambles concert, Pete dedicated a song to his ladyfriend Kate, his new fiancee.

The concert in east London’s Hackney Empire saw Pete yell, “I am dedicating this song…”   And this is where the crowd erupted replying, “Kate!  Kate!”  before Pete got a chance to finish his sentence.

But Doherty was able to get out the words, “Yes, to my beautiful fiancee,” before he wrestled a song out of his lungs.

God, if this doesn’t spell disaster, I don’t know what does!

You tell me, is a Kate Moss & Pete Doherty really a good idea?

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scarlett-johansson-ryan-reyolds-dating-4-11-07.jpgNew couple alert!  Few things could be hotter than starlet Scarlett Johansson but add Scarlett & hottiepants Ryan Reynolds & you have yourself some superhotness!

Johansson & Reynolds were spotted this past weekend in NYC getting close & personal.  On Saturday night, the duo were seen closing down the Manhattan restaurant Odeon.

“They were in a good mood,” one insider revealed.

“They were definitely holding hands.  They were a cute couple,” a witness stated.

Reynolds, who just ended his engagement to singer Alanis Morissette in February, is the perfect accouterment for sexy Johansson & I can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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Ashlee Simpson & her new man Pete Wentz were spotted out & about Saturday night getting their PDA on.

The couple were seen at Los Angeles hot spot Parc, where witnesses say the duo were holding hands, cuddling & kissing as they celebrated a pal’s birthday.

It’s kinda funny, because just last November the Fall Out Boy bassist declared that he & Ashlee were “just friends”, but also revealing that “Ashlee is the sweetest girl ever.”

Well, it looks like the sweetest girl ever & boy bassist are a new hot couple all the same!

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In a musical chair-type move Pamela Anderson’s ex-husband Tommy Lee is back living with the busty babe while his house is being renovated. 

You would think that ole Tommy has enough room in that bank account of his to afford a hotel room for a few nights, but when you can bag Pam as well as get a good night’s sleep, why the hell not?

You know, one of these days these kids are going to realize that they are practically made for each other, crazy ways & all.  Pamela even joked around in a recent interview, revealing that she still occasionally sleeps with Tommy.

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On Tuesday none other than hottiepants Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted getting his bicycle on at Los Angeles’ Griffith Park.

Ole Jakie boy did a spot of jogging earlier in the park & decided it was back to the two wheels for a ride in the lovely weather.  Hmmm, if Jake had some background music for his ride, I wonder what it would be…. Probably something muppety, right?

Anyhoo, it looks like he & his Rendition costar Reese Witherspoon might also be on the fast track for a blossoming relationship.  It has recently been reported that the two have been seen out together more often & are taking things slow.  We’ll have to keep a close eye on this one!

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Ahhh, we can always rely on some fresh celeb news from Britney crazypants Spears. 

Good ole Brit is out of rehab & seemingly enjoying that her manager is saying all is well with an album on the way which will probably just collect dust on the store’s shelves.

While Spears is supposedly working on a new album & a new look, she has also found some time to kindle some more love with another musician.  Brit has set her crazysights on Howie Day who she “fell hard” for while staying at Promises rehab center.

Apparently Spears claims that Day is “the best kisser ever” & she is even toting him to a family wedding in June.  But I don’t think Mother Spears is too happy about the match, due to Day having a troubled past full of arrests & mayhem.    

I dunno.  Two crazies equals one happy couple?

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Sluttypants Rose McGowan is being blamed with breaking up Grindhouse director Robert Rodriguez’s 16-year marriage.  Which surprises me not, anyone who would show up to an awards show wearing this with Marilyn Manson by her side is a little lost in the mental department.

McGowan & Rodriguez’s sexy time was infamous among the cast & crew of the movie, as the two would often have private “lunches” together in Robert’s trailer.

When Rodriquez’s wife (& mother to his five children) found out about the extramarital affair, she freaked out & left Robert where his greasy self stood.  Apparently filming for the double feature literally halted for a month as the director’s personal life fell apart.  

Rodriguez and his spouse of 16 years, Elizabeth Avellan, raised five kids and worked together, with Elizabeth serving as his co-producer on “Grindhouse,” “Sin City,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Desperado” and “Spy Kids.”

But the marriage exploded last April when Page Six reported that Rodriguez, 38, had begun a torrid romance with McGowan, the raven-haired, French-Irish minx once engaged to shock rocker Marilyn Manson and previously linked with Kip Pardue, Ahmet Zappa and Men’s Health stud Dave Zinczenko.

“It was the worst-kept secret on the set. They were going off to his trailer, having meals together,” our source said. “Rose thought some of the crew were treating her differently, and the attitude was, like, well what do you expect when you’re [bleeping] the director?”

In “Grindhouse,” Rodriguez’s homage to the cheesy sex-and-violence movies of the 1970s, McGowan plays a stripper who loses her leg and replaces it with a machine gun to battle flesh-eating zombies.

She and Rodriguez first met at Cannes in 2005. But until now the consequences of their shenanigans weren’t fully known. When the director “fell in love with his femme-fatale star . . . he broke up his marriage of 16 years . . . The production had to shut down for a month while he recovered,” Variety reports.

Sluttypants McGowan, seems like that new nickname might be around for a bit, eh?

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Now public lovebirds Jessica Simpson & John Mayer seem to be showing up just about everywhere these days in front of a camera.

On Saturday Simpson & Mayer were seen arriving in Australia where Mayer will be touring for almost two weeks.  It looks like these two can’t get enough of each other.  I wonder what the once single man Mayer thinks of having a traveling companion/girlfriend tagging along for the tours?

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According to Celebitchy, blonde due Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson may be on some shaky ground.

Even though the couple have been spotted recently out in the public’s eye in Australia where Hudson is still filming for Fool’s Gold with Matthew McConaughey, the blondes may have hit a patch of trouble.

 Here’s the scoop from In Touch:

“Just when it seemed as if if Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson were getting serious, things have started to fall apart, and insiders are blaming Owen. Over the past few weeks, the 38-year-old has been seen out with an ex in LA, participated in a seedy bar brawl with longtime pal Woody Harrelson and went on a jaunt to Hawaii – without Kate.

According to insiders, Kate, 27, has found a strong shoulder to cry on: Matthew McConaughey’s. Kate’s troublesome romance has drawn her and Matthew, 37, together.”

Blonde on blonde action all the same!  I’m not sure who I would prefer Kate to settle with, though I’m still not betting it would be one of these shaggies.

What do you think:  Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson OR Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey?

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britney-spears-kevin-federline-friends-3-16-07.jpgDespite the fact that 29-year-old Kevin Federline is spending some time with his 25-year-old estranged wife Britney Spears in Promises rehab center, doesn’t mean that the couple are thinking about rekindling their redneck love, thank the gods above.  While Brit is rebounding on fellow rehaber Jason Filyaw, K-Fed is busy sending his posse to interviews apparently.

A team Federline pal revealed to Us Weekly that Brit basically came crawling back for K-Fed after the shit hit the fan, but who really believes that, I ask you?

 “I talked to Kevin about Britney and he said he’s not getting back together with Britney. At least not right now. He just wants to be a friend for her,” the insider stated.

“She has told him she would get back with him, but he’s trying to just do the right thing for everyone right now, but he doesn’t want to go back there again.”

Yeah, “pal”, I’m just having a problem swallowing that load of crap.  If Britney went back on her knees to K-Fed then she is way more messed up in the head that I had thought.  So, let’s just go with gut instinct on that one & say Brit would never so such a terrible thing.

At least Spears is reportedly having a better time in rehab this week, naming her rehab boytoy, Jason Filyaw, “Mr. Secret Underground Guy” & “J-Sun”, while Brit answers by the names “Sugar,” “Kitten” & “My Lady.”  Gagamaggot!  Where’s the closest trash can?  I think I’m going to be sick, very sick.

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When the rest of us go to rehab, we find inner strength over addition, peace & tranquility.   But when bald Britney Crazypants Spears goes to rehab, she finds herself a man.

We all think it’s unfortunate that Brit has set her sights on someone while in rehab, when she most certainly should be putting all her thought into getting better & not hitting cars with umbrellas.  But, it looks like good ole Brit just can’t stand being alone. 

Spears has her placed her crazy claws into Jason Filyaw, the lead guitarist for the band RIVA.  Do I hear a come-back album for not only Brit but for Jason as well?  What about a duo come-back? 

TMZ is reporting, “Filyaw, self-described as “very spiritual,” would neither confirm nor deny that he is dating Spears, but admitted, “I love her, I support her 100% and we are close.” Filyaw, who’s been attending AA meetings with Spears, also revealed that he is helping Britney with the spiritually “deep” part of her recovery.”

Oh no!  Will all this talk of “deep” spirituality I feel Britney may come out of Promises rehab center even crazier than when she went in, if that’s possible.  Well, we can only wish Britney luck in rehab & that she finds herself before she finds a man.

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drew-barrymore-spike-jones-dating-3-15-07.jpgAfter a three month split from cutiepants Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, actress Drew Barrymore has been getting her feet wet in the dating pool.

Who’s the lucky guy?  Director Spike Jonze & Barrymore were caught smooching the other day & we have the pictures here!  Jonze, who was once married to fellow Sofia Coppola, lays claims to such marvelous films as Adaptation as well as Being John Malkovich.

Drew & Spike were spotted just Tuesday night dining at Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica.

An insider at the restaurant revealed that the couple “all over each other” during their dinner date.  How do you find the time to eat when that happens?

Anyhoo, we love this match & think Spike may be just the guy for Drew.

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Now, wouldn’t that be a hot item?  Teen queen Lindsay Lohan & British diva Jude Law as a couple, what an interesting pairing that one would make!

According to Page Six, before LL heads off to London to shoot her next movie, she wants to make sure she has a pal there first.  Lohan & Law were spotted at The Box on The Box on Chrystie Street in the wee hours both Friday & Saturday night.

Apparently Lindsay called Jude after eating with her mom Dina & Jason Preston at Stereo.  The duo met at The Box around 1 am.

Saturday evening, Lohan met up with Law at The Box once again, but this time joined by Jude’s own boy toys, Sean Penn & Tim Robbins.  What a hilarious group!

“They are adoring one another’s company,” said insider revealed.

But according to LL’s rep, “We don’t comment on our client’s personal life.”  Yeah, how about a big, yeah right, on that one!

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tommy-lee-pamela-anderson-back-on-3-13-07.jpgMaybe 39-year-old Pamela Anderson & her 44-year-old ex-husband Tommy Lee are like a boomerang. You throw it into the world & it may be quite a while till it comes back to you, but eventually all things come back.

Anderson & Lee were spotted at the Ivy this weekend with their two sons, 10-year-old Brandon & 9-year-old Dylan. After the family exited the Santa Monica restaurant, Pam & Tommy had a very long lip-locking smooch, and from the looks of it, it was a very steamy one.

Are these lovebirds are back to their old ways? You tell me.

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