Justin Long hooks up with Tila Tequila

Eew! Mac guy and former Drew Barrymore boyfriend Justin Long was seen making out with skanky bisexual Tila Tequila over Halloween. Double yuck!

DJ AM, Mandy Moore together again

Romance has been rekindled between Mandy Moore and recent plane crash survivor DJ AM. The two former lovers decided to resume their relationship partly because of DJ AM’s accident. Apparently, the accident put things into perspective for both people. Ah, sweet love!

Linda Hogan still shacking up with 18 year old

Hulk Hogan‘s family is one of those tragic victims of fleeting fame. Just take for example his ex-wife Linda. She recently separated from Hulk and then shacked up with an 18 year old boy who went to the same school her 19 year old son also went to. The textbook Cougar and her prey are […]

Guy Ritchie dating actress

The divorce papers haven’t even been finalized yet but Guy Ritchie seems to have already moved on. There are talks that he is now seeing the star of his Sherlock Holmes movie. Brit actress Kelly Reilly is really a looker so it’s not too far fetched that Ritchie will fall for her.

Moakler seen with Butler

Travis Barker’s ex-wife Shanna Moakler was recently seen getting all touchy-feely with 300 star Gerard Butler at an LA club. With Barker still recuperating from the near fatal plane crash, Moakler cavorting with another man just seems heartless!

Miley’s new boy

Miley Cyrus is dating anunderwear model!. His name is Justin Gaston and he IS hot. Now we just can’t tell whether this is all true love or just a publicity stunt (with Miley, we never really know…)

Lindsay’s new ring!

Oh my Gosh… Lindsay Lohan’s been sporting a heart shaped ring … and we know pretty well that it’s not the chastity ring espoused by the Jonas Brothers. She’s still not confirming any special relationship with Samantha Ronson, but she did admit they have matching tattoos.

Salma ‘reunites’ with fiance

No, they’re not getting back together, but Salma Hayek and former fiance Francois-Henri Pinault looked pretty cozy at their daughter’s party. Of course people began talking about whether or not their happy smiles were the first signs of a rekindled romance. But hey, can’t anyone be friends anymore?

Taylor talks about forbidden love

Country darling Taylor Swift has a lot to say — about her album, of course. Speaking of one song, she says, “I relate to it more as a love that you cannot really elaborate on – a love that maybe society wouldn’t accept [or] maybe your friends wouldn’t accept.” Could this reveal anything about her […]

Vanessa — luckier in love

Vanessa Minnillo’s new movie “Disaster Movie” has her character complaining about a boyfriend who can’t say the L word. Luckily, she doesn’t have that problem in real life. Boyfriend Nick Lachey is “very loving. We’re very open and vocal.”