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Seeing celebrities walking on the streets, shopping or dining while not in front of the camera often brings a feeling of excitement most especially to women who are avid movie and TV fans. In the U.S., Los Angeles in California is one place where these stars can be spotted. Many of them live in or near the area such as Beverly Hills and Hollywood where most studios are located.


Being in Los Angeles, however, does not guarantee you’ll see stars or bump into them just about anywhere. These celebrities value their privacy and don’t normally go out simply to stroll around. They are out in town only when necessary such as to do errands, go to the gym or enjoy a quiet dinner at their favorite restaurant.

If you’re really eager to go star watching in L.A., here are some tips on where you can spot them or even hang out with them.

Drop by celebrity-owned restaurants – Geisha House, Chi, Rokbar and Falcon.

Restaurants in Malibu such as Nobu and Taverna Tony’s are also favorite spots of celebs. On Robertson Boulevard, you can visit The Ivy, Newsroom Café and Michael Richard Patisserie. Stars who have been seen here include Tori Spelling, Paris Hilton, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Britney Spears.

At Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel bars, you just might see Lindsay Lohan. The place has a strict doorman, though and the long lines can be frustrating.

Coffee lovers should check out Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf notably on Sunset Plaza and Montana Avenue in Malibu. King’s Road Café on Beverly Boulevard is also recommended.

Toast Café located at 8221 W Third St. is popular among celebs notably during lunchtime. Visit on weekdays and enjoy great salads, sandwiches and cupcakes.

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Something warm and fuzzy seems to be brewing between Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria and muy caliente papi Prison Break star Amaury Nolasco. Although these two have long been good friends, the pair have been stepping out a lot lately for some friendly tete-a-tete .

Just fresh from her split with Penelope Cruz’ hermano, Eduardo Cruz, nothing seems to have stomped Longoria from getting back on the saddle in the dating scene.

The hunky latino Amaury is known to be hooked up with Jennifer Morrison, but oddly enough the 41 yr old Nolasco seems to be flying solo each time he’s been spotted goofing about on the town in the public eye with Longoria.

We don’t know if this is all some good ole platonic PDA , but after some keen roving eyes have seen the friendly pair out enjoying dinner just recently, something seems a little too sweet and uberly comfortable about the two, who were both still looking delish dressed down in jeans.

The tattlers are on the move and when tongues start a-waggin’ …you’re sure there’s something saucy brewing.

Longoria just turned 37 recently and she’s definitely finding better ways  to start off another year to her name . The actress is looking forward to working on some good ole patriotic favors for Barack Obama’s bid for a second term. Aside from that, her ongoing contract with L’Oreal also keeps her on her toes with her duties as it’s beauty ambassador.


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Jennifer Lopez Defends Her Love

Everyone seems to be abuzz on Jlo’s new hubba bubba ever since she’s been openly toting 24 year old Casper Smart alongside her almost everywhere these days. It was just recently at the elimination round on American Idol when Jlo had her boyfriend come around to visit the set and had a pretty good round of jabbing with host Ryan Seacrest. The couple were comfortable enough in view of the audience to exchange adoring gazes at each other while chitchatting during commercdial breaks.
The 42 yr old Idol judge has been defending her 5 month budding May –December love with her back up dancer saying that Smart is a really sweet guy and she doesn’t feel any older, and that she definitely doesn’t look any older than he is either. All she does is act the same way as she always does.
Coming out of a divorce from singer ex husband Marc Anthony, Lopez speaks proudly of how they have been handling things as parents to their twins. As for her current relationship, she would rather keep It private as she wants to be open to someone who fills the many spaces left neglected when she needed them in her marriage. Who’s to judge what love is between JLo and Casper Smart? Age is just a number.

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Hollywood heart throbs are the bread and butter of the paparazzi and the juice of tabloids. Not a single one of them can escape the roving eye of cameras whenever they’re out on the town with their latest flame and flavour of the month. If you’re the type who stalks a certain celebrity, then you’re pretty much on top of his/her current dating life.
Keeping a relationship under the flashing lights of the camera and the peering eyes of the public has taken a toll on a lot of celebrity relationships. It’s a feat to keep any romance under close wraps for a good while until the said celebrity couple even gets the chance to go on a second date.
Josh Hartnett has always been one of Hollywood’s most eligible heart throbs. But for some reason, this man has some sneaky tricks up his sleeve as many of you wouldn’t even know he dated a number of Hollywood bombshells.
There are no secrets in Hollywood held for that long and fresh out of the dating bag is Josh Hartnett and Amanda Seyfried. Where did that come from? Heh, no one knew the couple were working on a sweet romance since January as they were apparently set up by a friend.
And just to add more to your celebrity dating trivia on the very private Josh Hartnett, back in 2007 – he was spending some sweet loving in LA, and New York and a romantic getaway in Turks and Caicos together with, guess who? Penelope Cruz! Bet you didn’t even smell that at all.
In the same year, while promoting his vampire inspired thriller 30 Days of Night, word got around that the actor was dating Rihanna. It was in November 2007 that The Mirror had the singer admitting they were more than just friends and she took it all back in full denial of a relationship at an interview with Allure.
Scarlet Johansson was notably dating Josh Hartnett in 2005 but their relationship only lasted for a year blaming it on busy schedules and too much time apart to make it work.


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Has Taylor Swift Been Tebowed?

Tebow and Swift

Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift

The mania surrounding Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow pretty much died down after the team lost its chance to make it to the Super Bowl, but interest in the “clean” athlete does not seem to be totally dead yet. Remember when one of the Kardashians expressed interest in him, and he said that they have very different values and they will not mix? Understatement of the year, Sherlock. Read the rest of this entry »

Rather funny how the world of romance and relationships have changed over the years. The sexual revolution has set so many souls free and at the same time has reversed and flipped  the way we all viewed life and love for many centuries. Who says only men can have all the fun  with women half their age? Why do many frown on women getting involved with a much younger man? Who dictates that norm anyways? Let’s say a woman in her 40’s suddenly becomes single and available after a 10 year marriage ends in divorce.  They say all the good men are taken. Hence, this leaves her with slim pickins of single men in her age bracket. These men be the ones who are either too involved with work and have sworn themselves into bachelorhood, or have gone totally ape chasing around women half their age and  half their waistlines. Who then makes it to her list of eligibles?

And oh,the labels we’ve been living with  That distinguished man in his 50’s dating a girl in her 20’s is reduced to a dirty old man and a foxy woman in her 40’s dating a 20 something man becomes a raging cougar preying on fresh meat. Fortunately, Hollywood always  has something  to inspire us. This reality bite on the battle of the dating sexes has seen many celebrity cougars on the prowl for  a great catch.  Whether they end up with a keeper or just a sleeper, these Hollywood women sure have their game on and some pretty hot boy toy trophies.

Mariah Carey  — rawrrz for this mamita for keeping her boy toy Nick Canon in tow despite their 10 year age difference.

Kylie Minogue –  a breast cancer survivor, this diva from down under seems to have found her second wind and some good love with her Spanish beau Andres Velencoso  who is 11 yrs younger .

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And so it’s love at second sight for Denise Richards and Richie Sambora.

The grapevine confirms the couple is  back together  and looking quite happy turning the love light back on.


Amazing how these celebrity couples get in and out of relationships and then recycle old flames.  You would wonder how on earth they even keep track of anniversary dates.

Richards and Sambora were an item from 2006-2007.  After calling it quits with husband Charlie Sheen,  fingers were pointed at Denise Richards for stealing the rock singer from his wife, Heather Locklear.  We don’t exactly know how that all added up, but the Wild Things vixen assured everyone she did not break up any marriage.

Sambora, who is now 52, has had a bad row of events in his life. However, he kept a good friendship with Richards over the years. The two  have managed to stay in tune with their own lives and now both are enjoying where they are in their romance. Hollywood is keeping their fingers crossed on both of you!

Richards, who is quite reputed to be a potty mouth around her children and having had her two daughters  undergo  therapy  in between her divorce from Charlie Sheen and her reality show getting the boot,  seems to have evidently,  simmered her craziness down a notch . Just this summer, she adopted baby Eloise.


Well, there’s gotta be a lot more to discuss on the table for Denis Richards and Richie Sambora should they decide on marriage down the road. There’s definitely a lot of dirty laundry to sort out for these two.

Hopefully, this romance rocks it out longer than …say, 72 days?



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“ The Mummy” chaser Rachel Weisz seems to have found her lost treasure in 43 year old Daniel Craig.

The couple secretly tied the knot in a hush hush ceremony which only had four people in attendance. Apart from Craig’s 18 year old daughter, Ella , Weisz also had her 4 yr old son Henry standing by. There were only two other friends who shared this blissful day in NewYork with the couple.

After a nine year relationship with “ Black Swan “ director Darren Aronofsky, the actors have finally broken their silence on their years of platonic friendship. Craig was also in a previous relationship and engaged to Satsuki Mitchell for five years.   Reports started buzzing in November 2010 when they there were first linked, as a result of their upcoming horror movie “ The Dream House”.

Craig and Weisz were also last spotted shopping at a Louis Vuitton store in London last March.

Both Weisz and Craig are currently doing a movie where they play husband in wife in “The Dream House”. True enough, this made things much more convenient for them to be linked in real time.

In case you’re having a hard time pinning a face to Daniel Craig, the actor is best known in his portrayal of the amorous dashing debonair, James Bond. Craig is up for the 23rd movie series of James Bond entitled “ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Although the sequel has been delayed due to some financial issues, progress on the film still hasn’t pegged a release date.

On the other hand, you can mark down horror movie popcorn dates for “The Dream House” in September.


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Looks like someone is back to the bachelor pad and all you ladies can start pinning your George Clooney posters in your room and onto your desktop. Yep,he’s back in the market!

In a joint statement, Clooney and Italian actress/model Elisabetta Canalis have announced that they have gone separate ways. Fairly enough, their two year relationship seemed all too well til it lasted. Being the jet-setters they are, their time was mostly spent together at Clooney’s Lake Como estate in Italy. Although they did not disclose the reasons for their split, their statement only reads, “ It’s very difficult and very personal and we hope everyone can respect our privacy.

In June,  one oItalian magazine has  the 32 yr old Canalis speaking of how she feels her fairytale is continuing. However, we all know how the notorious tight lipped Clooney has always said and reiterated that he would never marry again – and that is anyone including  Elisabetta. Did I hear anyone say ouch?

We don’t know how this stands even though most of Canalis’ interviews has her beaming with happiness and expressed “ in the future I will be married.” No one knows what goes on in the mind of the very private George Clooney. In case you didn’t know, Clooney was once married to actress Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993.

Marriage is a big leap for most of the stars who have been divorced. However jaded they have become at some point they may decide to change their mind to give it that one last try. And as most stories are in the world of celebrities, nothing is ever written in stone.




Certainly we all know Miley is no longer that sweet teen we’ve all adored as Hannah Montana. She’s all grown up and by golly, she has indeed grown into a lovely young woman in her own element. Sure enough she’s going to have boy issues at some point, as the young lass tries to keep a good balance on her career and personal life.

As it is, Miley is down under in Oz land doing her Gypsy heart tour with at least 7 more stops and shows under her arm to complete. The juice comes straight off from Miley’s older brother Trace who confirms his sister is officially back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

The couple called it quits August of last year but fans have seen them photographed together again last November. Word has it they have been doing the run about with the on-off thing leaving fans wondering if they can even keep up with their relationship.

Her on and off 21 year old beau is currently on set break from his upcoming movie “ The Hunger Games”. The movie has him playing next to Woody Harrelson and Jennifer Lawrence with the crew still filing in North Carolina.

While on her tour in Sydney, shutterbugs have spotted Miley and Liam last Sunday just hanging like old times . Being an Australian, we’re guessing Liam found this a perfect opportunity to show Miley around his native city. They were seen browsing at a Far East- style home décor and clothing store and a were followed onto a noodle restaurant chain having lunch. If they manage not to split up in the next few weeks, Liam may just as well catch Miley on the last leg of her tour down under in Perth on July 2.

Aaah, young love. Such a sweet time to revel in confusion and that one big quest even us grown ups still are clueless about … we all want to know what love is! But, hey it’s all about the journey and it’s pit stops that make the adventure worth writing about in our memoirs . Til then we’re crossing our fingers and hope the couple sort out this little thing called love.

After her break up with John Mayer in 2008, it seems pretty odd how Jennifer Aniston had remained tight lipped on her dating life, and her beaus…until recent events. Seemingly, Jen found herself hooking up with actor Justin Theroux in the set of Wanderlust September 2010 and eventually reconnecting ties last March.

Jennifer Aniston and her new beau went public with their budding romance just quite recently and little did we know they both have already upped their romance game plan.

True enough, the couple are now shacked up in Jen’s LA home.

Theroux is indeed living in Aniston’s place and now basks in the limelight of having the actress introduce him as her boyfriend.

Who is this new man in Jen’s life?  He clearly has won her heart. The 39 yr old Theroux has quite  some good feathers on his hat being an actor, director and screen writer for a bunch of  memorable projects in both TV and the big screen. His latest that being Wanderlust where he plays opposite Jennifer Aniston.

Reports have it that 42 year old Jen already had her eye set on Theroux from the get go. She would often hold parties at her place with him and eventually things started to bloom and sizzle between the co-stars.

Theroux has been seen spending a lot of days and nights at Jen’s place in LA and is considering spending the summer there as well.

Prior to their budding relationship, Justin is known to have kept a 14 year relationship with now ex gf  and costume designer Heidi Bivens. They lived together for 6 years at an apartment in NYC but just last weekend or so, Bivens has moved out. Theroux is known to keep a room at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, up until he took up residence at Jen’s uber sleek and chic home.

Love is a mystery, even to those who seem to have been in the game for quite a long time. I guess Theroux’s unstoppable growing facial hair may yet hold the key answer to all this?

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Looks like wedding bells continue to ring in London for it’s celebrities, as Paul McCartney announces his engagement to Nancy Shevell. Although, no further details have been given for specific dates or whatnot, the singer popped the question during a romantic candle lit dinner. The couple has been frequently seen together gracing celebrity events and posing for pics at a gala evening at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Noticeably, the ring still hasn’t made a public appearance.

Known for keeping a tight lip on his private life, 68 year old McCartney has been dating 51 year old Shevell for nearly four years after the rather bitter divorce of the famous Beatle with then wife, Heather Mills.

Receiving honorable knighthood from Queen Elizabeth, Sir Paul McCartney has 29 years of solid marriage to American photographer Linda Eastman. Paul admits they have only ever spent 11 nights apart during their entire marriage but sadly enough, breast cancer took her away from this wedded bliss in 1998. Their happy union gave them four children, one of which is well known designer Stella McCartney.

Love took McCartney on a second adventure with his marriage to British former model, Heather Mills in 2002 and gave them a daughter. However, the adventure turned sour for the couple and eventually led to a bitter divorce in 2006 and a legal squabble over money in 2008.

To date, Sir Paul McCartney seems to be basking in love with the Nancy Shevell, who happens to be a distinguished board member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority. We certainly wish one of the wealthiest musicians in Britain another shot at bliss. With his fortune estimated to tip at $811 million, what more could he ask for?

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It seems Kate Hudson has a thing for British rock stars and again has a little baby bump and a big rock on her finger to show for it. The 32 year old Hudson was on the Today show promoting her latest movie “Something Borrowed”. The actress was definitely blooming and looking radiant as Matt Lauer points out the emerald cut diamond ring on her finger bringing a big smile to her face as she proudly admits her engagement to British rock singer Matthew Bellamy.

Well, it’s pretty hard not to notice the big bauble on her finger. The 9 carat emerald-cut diamond ring is set on platinum with tapered baguettes on the side and is estimated to cost a jaw dropping $ 200,000. The couple started dating around spring of last year and announced they were expecting a baby sometime in January. According to Hudson on an interview with InStyle magazine, they were tempting fate and, it seems fate was definitely on their side.

Her first marriage to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson blessed them with a son, who is now 7 years old. However, their marriage ended in a divorce in 2007. In 2009, Kate Hudson had a hot romance with yet another star in his own league; New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. After all that high profile dating with Hudson, the athlete worked his way onto Cameron Diaz.

The movie “Something Borrowed” is adapted from the book of the same title by Emily Griffin. It stars Kate Hudson alongside Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski. It’s a chic flick alright, but it has a definite real time factor in its story line that can be a sure fire fun flick to watch with the girls.

Get silky sexy hair just like Kate Hudson!

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After growing his locks to sport a mane fitting for a Persian Prince, Jake Gylenhall is now sporting a new look. A completely shaven head! Yes, it’s all gone! I guess this is a pretty common, but courageous feat for seasoned and determined actors when they decide to jump into a role that can completely bring out the shock factor from their fans. The hunky 30 yr old actor is promoting his new film“ End of Watch” – in which he plays the role of a uniformed cop. Oh, let me rephrase that …  a really sexy uniformed cop! He plays alongside Michael Pena as the story revolves around a long standing friendship between police partners.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely digging his new do.  Although he was pretty much bald in Jarhead, I think after filming Prince of Persia  and totally getting all toned and vascular, he seems to just seriously keep evolving in his roles.  The boy is certainly working hard and , err…working out really hard to keep up with his career. Just look at those rippling muscles! He was totally in his game when made Prince of Persia.  His latest film “ Source Code” has done very well in the box office , and undoubtedly solidifies Jake’s status as a very credible action star.

He’s one fine looking man to watch out for indeed! Looking at his girlfriend track record, he seems to have dated a lot of blondes. The latest that being Taylor Swift.  Although they have been rumoured to have split up, the former Broke Back Mountain star doesn’t look broken hearted at all these days. He’s got everything working great and he looks uber great !



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Travis Stork M.D. – Forever A Bachelor?

What’s become of former Bachelor Travis Stork and his love life? Post finale of the show’s 8th episode, The Bachelor: Paris — where the hunky and chiselled emergency physician from Nashville, Tennessee proposed to school teacher Sarah Stone who incidentally lived a few blocks away from his own home. However, the 6’5” mild mannered doctor ended up back on the drawing board of bachelorhood soon after the show’s season ender was aired.

From the first air date of The Bachelor episode 8, women from the all corners of the world have had a keen eagle eye on the progress of the show, coupled with wishful thinking and envy. Although Travis Stork and Sarah Stone’s relationship didn’t work …not much hoopla was made from their break up, which is what practically helped Stork maintain a good reputation with his followers.  Out of  all the featured bachelors who had their own great thing going about and the lives they live, Dr. Travis Stork stands out to this very day untainted from the drama, and the catty musings of the women he had to bask in for an entire season.  He has managed to keep a low profile and still sizzle with his hotness on screen with a career boost, as the leading talk show host for “The Doctors”.

Apart from his successful show, he has also written a few time and money worthy books such as  “The Lean Belly Prescription “, “The Doctor is In “ and “Don’t be That Girl “ .  In the latter book, Stork shares his expertise and experience on the physiological and psychological factors that affect a person’s emotional well being, particularly, some self-defeating behaviours and date patterns of women.

The man has certainly had his share of women in his life to recognize these behaviours he has written about.  And although he may not necessarily be the end-all expert, this particular book  cuts through the heart of any woman stuck in that rut in a rather insightful and candid humorous way.

So who hold’s half the heart of the real life Dr. Mc Steamy of Vanderbuilt  University Medical Center?  Will he ever marry?  The  last known woman he has been seen dating in public was American Idol Carrie Underwood. And no one really knows how that panned out.  Some followers say the good doctor has been quietly dating his former girlfriend of 5 years and rekindling their relationship.

Travis Stork M.D enjoys his humble,  low key and mysterious reputation with the media and that, in itself, is rather a true trait of a  seriously sexy man.



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Twilight Stars A Couple

It’s official – well, as official as it can be for now, I guess. Robert Pattinson and Kristern Stewart are a couple. That’s what the director of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke tells the world. I guess we just have to hear it from the couple, right?


Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift seem to be getting along quite well. The youngsters are starring together in a romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day, and have been spending a lot of quality time together. They have not officially announced that they are a couple, but I believe it’s just a matter of time. For what it’s worth, they seem to be a good match!

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Maybe Kate could have told her that would happen? She says that he would always take out his anger on her and be mean to her. She also says that she doesn’t even know why she loves him anymore. Maybe it’s time to ditch?


I didn’t know Kate Hudson is Buddhist! According to Perez Hilton, the pro baseball player might just convert to Buddhism because it will make his girl happy. Isn’t she lucky?

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