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Even Celebrities Can Get Kicked To the Curb

Evictions can be less about not having money, and more about biting off more than you can chew. Kenya Moore, Fantasia, and Soulja Boy are three of the high profile evictions you’ve heard about, and there are dozens of examples of the rich and famous trying to live above and beyond what they can pay […]

4 Iconic Office Characters

The typical office, regardless of the country or era, is a prime spot for a television or movie set because it’s so relatable. No matter what kind of job you have now, there’s a good chance you worked in an office at one point, or at least you hear your friends talking about it. An […]

Cesar Millan Pays Ex-Wife $400,000 To Keep Quiet

Cesar Millan is definitely digging deep in his doggie stash to keep the peace with his ex-wife. After ending their marriage in June 2010, the 42 year old Animal Planet superhero doesn’t seem fazed with his ex-wife’s financial demands to keep her silence. Millan has agreed to appease his ex spouse, Ilusion,  with a mouth […]

Josh Duhamel Returns to All My Children

Most of you girls out there might have to skip work and take the day off to watch the final episodes of All My Children on ABC, as the show draws to a close this fall. Josh Duhamel is up for a cameo role as his old character in Pine Valley, Leo du Pres.  Yeah, […]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to Television

For all you Buffy fans, guess who’s back from the vampire grave? After an 8 year break, Sarah Michelle Gellar resurrects onto the boob tube for CW network with its drama series “Ringer”. Although Gellar had already considered a TV comeback two years ago, she made it clear that she wanted to get back on cable.  […]

The final Glee soundtrack (this season)

May 18th is the date that you’ll be able to get your hands on the last Glee soundtrack planned for Season 1. Along with Volumes 1 and 2, and the special Power of Madonna soundtrack, Volume 3 marks the fourth disc the freshman show has released, making Glee quite the cash cow for Fox. Volume […]

Adam’s AMAs Performance Shocks Viewers

I didn’t want to use the word “shock,” but that’s what people are saying. Good Morning America canceled Adam’s appearance following the controversial performance he gave at the AMAs. They say he’s alienating his fans. I think he’s just being himself and trying to prove his flair for showmanship as well. Does anyone disagree?

Watch Out For A New And Improved K-Fed

That’s what he says – that fans will be getting the shock of their lives soon. He has joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and is expected to loose LOTS of the weight that he has gained. It’s not impossible, so go get ’em tiger!

Oprah To Quit For Real

Oprah is going to have her last show today, and there’s supposed to be a big announcement – it’s probably about her plans for the future. She’s already said something about closing down The Oprah Winfrey Show but she held back, saying that the announcement will be made during the last airing. Hold on to […]

Kim Kardashian On CSI

Goodbye reality TV, hello…crime TV? Kim Kardashian’s one-time participation in the hit series CSI was very well documented – by the actress herself. She posted some pictures while she was getting ready for the shoot (yes, that’s the one up there). Fans can watch the December 16 episode to see how she does.