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Celebrity House Features that are to Die For

Everybody wishes that they had the goods, talents, looks, and money that celebrities do. Although the job description is much more detailed and strenuous than the rest of the population is led to believe, the lifestyle of a celebrity does offer many perks. For one, the paychecks that many celebrities receive for one project more […]

The Most Beautiful Celebrity House Yards

Landscaping is a facet of life that goes neglected by some, while others devote themselves to the land around them to ensure that not a weed goes unpulled, or a shrub goes unpruned. In many cases, it seems that the appearance and upkeep of a yard serves as a division of the classes. Landscape has […]

Celebrities Who Didn’t Just Play Doctors on TV

“I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV.” This is probably a very common joke made amongst actors. There seems to be no shortage of actors who portray doctors or medical personnel in all of the movies and television shows that are so popular. It all seemed to take off with Grey’s Anatomy. […]

Hollywood’s Secret to the Fountain of Youth

It’s no mystery that Hollywood stars appear to have found the fountain of youth. It seems like very few and far between age badly, while the rest of them magically look younger as the years go by. Doesn’t everyone wish they had the key to unlock the vault to glamour at any age? So what […]

Hollywood Entertainers: The Importance of Digital Marketing

Any average person who can’t claim a background in showbiz probably doesn’t think about the fact that actors have so much more to do than simply act. The world of Hollywood is a complex thing filled with behind the scenes magic, beautiful faces, and piles and piles of money, but what people don’t realize is […]

Plumbers Can Be Famous, Too!

Plumbers have been at the center of jokes about cracks and crap for years. It’s what they do and who they are, after all. A plumber’s main source of income comes from unclogging toilets and fumbling around with pipes that outsource nasty waste. Where do these pipes exist? In hard-to-reach places like under sinks, in […]