Rod Stewart Gets Sued – By His Lawyers!

Talk about irony...singer Rod Stewart is facing a lawsuit filed by his lawyers. They've been working together for 20 or so years, and now they're asking him to pay up - all $3 million ++ of legal fees. Apparently, Rod Stewart thought that lawyers came for free? … [Read more...]

No More Twittering For Miley

Miley's Twitter page is now non-existent. The reason? Her new man, Liam Hemsworth, doesn't have one. You may think it sweet, I think it weird. Why can't he just create one? … [Read more...]

Khloe And Lamar NOT Married

At least, not legally. Remember that little issue about the prenup? Apparently, the details have not been hashed out yet, so the wedding was not really legal. They better get on it, don't you think? … [Read more...]

Jon Gosselin Denies Bank Account Allegations

He says. She says. That's the story of their lives. Kate accused husband of withdrawing $200,000 from their joint bank account, but Jon has countered her accusations, saying that it is all fabricated. He did admit to withdrawing from the account, but he says it's his … [Read more...]

Jon Gosselin: Dipping Into Joint Account?

Are these two never going to stop? The latest is that Kate Gosselin is accusing her husband of taking out $200,000 from their joint account. Jon has not said anything yet, but I am sure we will hear from him. Do you think Kate's telling the truth? … [Read more...]