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Cesar Millan is definitely digging deep in his doggie stash to keep the peace with his ex-wife. After ending their marriage in June 2010, the 42 year old Animal Planet superhero doesn’t seem fazed with his ex-wife’s financial demands to keep her silence.

Millan has agreed to appease his ex spouse, Ilusion,  with a mouth dropping $400,000 lump sum payment. On top of this, he pays $10,000 a month in child support  and  $23,000 monthly alimony. Cesar and his wife were married for 16 years and have two sons.

Whispers of documents that have been in court settlement for the couple say that the former Mrs. Millan has agreed in return, to keep in confidentiality any personal/private information about the other party and  any sexual details of their relationship. This also shall include non-commercial photographs, film or videotapes and recordings.

We are in utter wonderment of these said materials since there have been no specific mention of any explicit goings- on in the personal life of our favourite Mexican kennel mentor. At the time of their separation, they seem to have been in good grounds and kept firm on being caring friends and committed parents to their sons.

Oh well, this financial settlement may just as be chump change for the famous dog whisperer as his  multiple Emmy nominated show grosses $170,000 a month. And afterall, we all know we can’t put a real price on freedom and happiness.




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So is she or isn’t she? That remains to be the question for Drew Barrymore’s rather showy little baby bump. Ouuf, did I say baby bump? Naah, it might just be one too many grilled cheese sandwiches for this hippy flippy quirky chic.

Stepping out on the town in a rather tell-tale T-shirt in Los Angeles, it’s pretty evident  that tiny tummy protrusion is could certainly be a biological statement of impending motherhood for  Drew.

The 37 year old actress was doing a grocery run at the time in a pair of skinny low rise jeans and a rather flimsy loose fitting navy blue Tee which seemed to hint of a round delicate paunch.

The tattle tongues have not stopped wagging about Drew’s pregnancy ever since pictures of her came out in public carrying a sonogram last January.

Sources have been pretty keen on their confirmation that her fiance’ Will Koperman popped the question together with a colourless cut 4 carat diamond and  plan to tie the knot this summer.

After a string of relationships,  ill-fated engagementsand  two short lived marriages, we’re hoping the Drew has finally found her one true thing with the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman

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Some May-December wedding bells could be ringing anytime soon for Jim Carrey and his Russian student girlfriend Anastacia Vitkina.

The 50 yr old actor seems to have let the cat out of the bag on his 50th birthday celebration that he is ready to settle down and get married.

Although the couple have only been dating for five months, Jim has decided it’s time to get married and that he can’t wait to pop the question to 30 yr old Anastacia. The couple met in New York last October and his college co-ed love is said to have attended the Parsons School of Design and is now enrolled at New York University.

After his split from Jenny McCarthy in April 2010, Carrey has been hitting the dating scene  on and off with some 20 somethings, the last of whom was 24 yr old America’s Next Top Model contestant Anchal  Joseph.

It seems pretty odd that  Carrey decides to get married again, when in the five years he and Jenny were in a solid relationship, they each strongly confessed how they did not feel the need for a piece of paper to bond them as husband and wife.

We don’t know what makes Anastacia special enough for Carrey to finally have that need to make his love official on paper this time around, if ever he does pop the question. But, he does admit that he was quite smitten by her smarts and her sense of humor.


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Something warm and fuzzy seems to be brewing between Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria and muy caliente papi Prison Break star Amaury Nolasco. Although these two have long been good friends, the pair have been stepping out a lot lately for some friendly tete-a-tete .

Just fresh from her split with Penelope Cruz’ hermano, Eduardo Cruz, nothing seems to have stomped Longoria from getting back on the saddle in the dating scene.

The hunky latino Amaury is known to be hooked up with Jennifer Morrison, but oddly enough the 41 yr old Nolasco seems to be flying solo each time he’s been spotted goofing about on the town in the public eye with Longoria.

We don’t know if this is all some good ole platonic PDA , but after some keen roving eyes have seen the friendly pair out enjoying dinner just recently, something seems a little too sweet and uberly comfortable about the two, who were both still looking delish dressed down in jeans.

The tattlers are on the move and when tongues start a-waggin’ …you’re sure there’s something saucy brewing.

Longoria just turned 37 recently and she’s definitely finding better ways  to start off another year to her name . The actress is looking forward to working on some good ole patriotic favors for Barack Obama’s bid for a second term. Aside from that, her ongoing contract with L’Oreal also keeps her on her toes with her duties as it’s beauty ambassador.


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Ashton Kutcher must be cooking up something in his 10 million dollar pad. Roving eyes have been spotting some very personal home visits and midnight runs to the bachelor’s pad from high profile celebs.

Justin Bieber made a recent visit to Ashton’s abode, and apparently is interested in becoming the new owner of Kutcher’s pad. No real word of sale on the property has been released but, the 34 year old Ashton might be looking into possibities.

Then again, we can’t  see a common ground between Kutcher and Bieber for some male bonding other than their …uh, sordid tangles with the media and their private lives.

Another eye brow raising turn of event in the Kutcher pad, was 24 year old singer Rihanna who was spotted doing a midnight run along with her security posse’ to Ashton’s home.

Hmmm, is she looking to buy the property maybe? Or have they recently become close friends? Midnight friendly calls is pretty common for high profile celebs one would think, but probing questions are looming over this recent sighting, as our spotters noted Rihanna didn’t leave Ashton’s pad until around 4am.

So who knows what’s cooking at the Kutcher bachelor pad these days. All we know is that the recent divorce’ has signed up to be the 500th space traveller to take a voyage into space with Virgin Galactic. Yep, that’s the title of ‘astronaut’ if you want that written down on your resume’.


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Jennifer Lopez Defends Her Love

Everyone seems to be abuzz on Jlo’s new hubba bubba ever since she’s been openly toting 24 year old Casper Smart alongside her almost everywhere these days. It was just recently at the elimination round on American Idol when Jlo had her boyfriend come around to visit the set and had a pretty good round of jabbing with host Ryan Seacrest. The couple were comfortable enough in view of the audience to exchange adoring gazes at each other while chitchatting during commercdial breaks.
The 42 yr old Idol judge has been defending her 5 month budding May –December love with her back up dancer saying that Smart is a really sweet guy and she doesn’t feel any older, and that she definitely doesn’t look any older than he is either. All she does is act the same way as she always does.
Coming out of a divorce from singer ex husband Marc Anthony, Lopez speaks proudly of how they have been handling things as parents to their twins. As for her current relationship, she would rather keep It private as she wants to be open to someone who fills the many spaces left neglected when she needed them in her marriage. Who’s to judge what love is between JLo and Casper Smart? Age is just a number.

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Still grieving over the loss of her mother, Bobbi Kristina seems to have found her own way of coping with death in the arms of her  22 yr old  “brother”,  Nick Gordon.  Whitney Houston’s death surely has stirred some pretty disturbing issues lurking  in the wake of her demise as her 19 year old daughter has been openly physically affectionate towards her adopted brother. This has caused some concern for both the Houston matriarch, Cissy Houston and her granddaughter.

As of press time, Bobbi has been seen publicly sporting what seems to be an engagement  bling on her  finger. Word has spread that the “siblings” are secretly engaged and are planning a wedding rendezvous in Vegas sometime soon. They have been spotted around their hometown in Atlanta,  carelessly throwing out some serious “non- brotherly/sisterly” PDA for everyone to see.

Although the two are not blood relatives to begin with, as Nick Gordon was taken in by Whitney Houston at the age of 12 to live with her since his mother was incapable of taking care of him and his father was serving a sentence in prison. Bobbi and Nick lived in the same home and obviously  have shared a deep bonded connection growing up together.

Whether this may be some distorted romance,  Bobbi is determined to dismiss any family interference, as her grandmother has not been pleased about the turn of events, calling the relationship “incestuous”.

The matriarch is adamant on her intentions of  having Gordon evicted from  Whitney Houston’s townhouse where he lives with Bobbi.


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Hollywood heart throbs are the bread and butter of the paparazzi and the juice of tabloids. Not a single one of them can escape the roving eye of cameras whenever they’re out on the town with their latest flame and flavour of the month. If you’re the type who stalks a certain celebrity, then you’re pretty much on top of his/her current dating life.
Keeping a relationship under the flashing lights of the camera and the peering eyes of the public has taken a toll on a lot of celebrity relationships. It’s a feat to keep any romance under close wraps for a good while until the said celebrity couple even gets the chance to go on a second date.
Josh Hartnett has always been one of Hollywood’s most eligible heart throbs. But for some reason, this man has some sneaky tricks up his sleeve as many of you wouldn’t even know he dated a number of Hollywood bombshells.
There are no secrets in Hollywood held for that long and fresh out of the dating bag is Josh Hartnett and Amanda Seyfried. Where did that come from? Heh, no one knew the couple were working on a sweet romance since January as they were apparently set up by a friend.
And just to add more to your celebrity dating trivia on the very private Josh Hartnett, back in 2007 – he was spending some sweet loving in LA, and New York and a romantic getaway in Turks and Caicos together with, guess who? Penelope Cruz! Bet you didn’t even smell that at all.
In the same year, while promoting his vampire inspired thriller 30 Days of Night, word got around that the actor was dating Rihanna. It was in November 2007 that The Mirror had the singer admitting they were more than just friends and she took it all back in full denial of a relationship at an interview with Allure.
Scarlet Johansson was notably dating Josh Hartnett in 2005 but their relationship only lasted for a year blaming it on busy schedules and too much time apart to make it work.


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Despite being himself on TV, Simon Cowell still scores hot brownie points with the chics.  Engaged to make up artist Mezghan Hussainy, we’re sure you would think your gaydar was lightly beeping at some point.  As the world watches him tear almost every aspiring singer into tiny shredded pieces of broken dreams, this man opens his mouth and everyone stops on their tracks. The next reaction would either be a toss up between, running home to cry and hide under a rock …. or throw a perfectly aimed water bottle at him with a side of rotten tomatoes.

The man is simply a death trap for confidence but we’re guessing women find that attractive in a man. While being on American Idol, we’ve seen him cut up contestants and go on constant piss fights with fellow judge Paula Abdul.  The tension between them was pretty evident. Sexual tension for that matter!

Yes there was sexual between these two, but more on Paula Abdul’s part. The 52 yr. old British reality TV mogul found himself in a predicament of sorts weighing out his options on the idea of hooking up with 49yr old Paula Abdul.  Cowell admits that Paula was a million percent into pursuing him for a relationship but the thought of never having it good as the before, and the fact that they couldn’t even travel in the same plane, was enough to let their  dates end in just a good kiss.

Apparently, even  Denis Richards has a wild thing for Cowell, and thinks he’s one major hottie! The two were rumoured to have dated while she was 8 months with child.


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Top Gun 2 in the works?

If there was one 80’s movie that had women sweating in their seats and men grinding their teeth with envy, Top Gun would take that cake and bring it home.  Although it almost seemed to be a chic flick with all the cute and buff fly boys, Top Gun had Tom Cruise soaring his way to stardom  and became one of Hollywood’s most coveted dream boy.

Tom has since evolved in many facets of his career as an actor and has proven himself well with many successful projects and a franchise contract for Mission Impossible.  He may have aged and gone a little cuckoo over love and his new age theories, but the man certainly still packs a big punch with his acting and definitely can still make all you ladies swoon as he takes on a more mature action star profile.

At the moment, the 49 yr. old actor has been busy promoting his 4th MI stint, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and , there is not a doubt in our minds it’s going to rake in some good rates and dollars. As much as MI has been an awesome action ride, we’re ready for some Tom Cruise eye candy and undeniably looking forward to a Top Gun sequel.

Talks of Top Gun 2 has been tickling the wires since last year after Director Tony Scott nods his head for another go with Tom Cruise. This comes as ideas for the sequel have been tossed onto the table and finding Tom Cruise quite agreeable to working on it. So then, we’re looking at those sexy aviator glasses and  sure enough it’s going to be on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year.

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A Royal Infanticipation?

Whispers of a new heir to the royal family are stirring quietly as Kate Middleton has been spotted doing the preggy belly rub during her UNICEF appearance. Although nothing can be confirmed about a royal pregnancy at the moment, sources are whirling on news about extensive renovations going on at Kensington Palace along with two other royal houses to make room for luxurious nurseries  fit for a royal baby.

This could just be a future infanticipation but not necessarily an immediate move. Then again, there have been other recent tell-tale moments going on at the royal palace that may suggest otherwise.

Just this October, the palace changed the rules of succession.  The first born child shall be first in line to be named monarch regardless of gender. Noticeably, this was made just for Prince William,  bearing in mind rumours of his desire to have a daughter. Prince Charles is also said to have the same wish for a granddaughter.  Top on the list of names picked out by the royal couple are Edward, Philip or Michael for a prince and Rose or Alice to go with a princess.

Now if that doesn’t smell like royal baby preparations for you, Kate has refused a sampling of peanut butter during a UN engagement  in Copenhagen.  Interesting to note that expectant mothers are usually advised to stay away from eating any peanut products as precautionary measures of transmitting allergens to their unborn child.

Nobody really knows what’s going on but everyone is certainly keeping a close watch on these royal moves.

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You gotta hand it to the press  cameras to catch all the ugly angles of celebrities and conjure major rumors based on mere bad photo ops. This time around, Katy Perry gets to loop herself into a web of pregnancy talk due to a slight bulge on her belly.

The 27 yr old singer made it very clear that she and husband comedian Russell  Brand have no immediate plans of having a baby. Not now…..and may hold off on it for a lot longer.

You would wonder what makes women these days obsess over weight and dress sizes. An ill fitting dress will find the media cutting up a clueless celebrity from having an eating disorder to bad taste  and of course that favourite gossiping gasp of pregnancy.

Sadly enough, Katy had to admit that she was enjoying one too many heists with New York’s finest gastronomic experiences and hence, her body of proof came in the form of a bloated belly  bulge.  Obviously, this only means there shall be no bloating allowed in Hollywood!  All you shrinks out there can just capitalize on the media that feeds so much pressure on celebrities’ minds  about enjoying cheeseburgers and pizza.

As it is, Christina Aguilera also got slammed for an ill fitting dress she  wore for the American Music Awards.  Hopefully, not every celebrity gets pregnancy write up each time they decide to binge and bloat themselves to media destruction.



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Now who could ever imagine a child totting Hugh Grant ? No one. Exactly! But hey, that doesn’t mean the man isn’t capable of making some. The 51 yr old British bachelor actor is now a father! Yeah, back track on that and read it again. Grant is said to have fathered a child with a woman named Tinglan Hong. A Chinese actress who is 19 years his junior.
Nope, no need to weep your weary souls, women. They are no longer together as a couple and the pregnancy was not planned. In fact, their relationship is categorized as a “fleeting affair”. Obviously, Grant still swaggers his non-commitment stance, spending about half an hour with the mother of his child, the day after she gave birth. From which, he needed to fly off to tee in Scotland and fore!
Hugh Grant must be a nervous wreck being a first time dad. After having ducked out of many relationships, you would think all of them were fleeting affairs. We all know commitment isn’t his A-game. Hence, it is expected hiis relationship with Tinglan Hong was short-lived enough not to rattle the actor in all his singlehood glory’.
The baby is now five weeks old but remains anonymous.
Although there was no real relationship that went on between Grant and Hong., and this is for all you Hugh Grant screamers and stalkers, you’ve got nothing to even fret about. Hugh Grant’s spokesperson reveals that he was indeed involved with Hong very briefly, but he is definitely a proud and supportive father of a baby girl.


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Fame has a steep price to pay for those who can’t handle the lifestyle, the pressure and realities of being a celebrity. Most of us who view from the outside never see the turmoil that spins and weaves the web of depression and sometimes that of death.

After being admitted for rehab treatment on alcohol related problems five times, “Tudors” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was just recently rushed to the hospital on account of a suicide attempt. Paramedics were forced to call the police after the 33 yrs old Irish actor refused treatment. The squabble took a good 30 minutes until he was eventually whisked away by an ambulance to a nearby hospital in north London.

Reports from sources have them definitely speculating the actor did try to take his life. Meyer’s close neighbours witnessed the incident as they all worriedly watched the commotion when the ambulance and police arrived at the actors residence.

It is believed Meyer’s overdosed on unspecified pills. Police confirmed that they were asked to attend the said incident as the London Ambulance Service called in  due to a man refusing treatment.

Meyer’s was discharged from the hospital but would not comment on questions that imposed he tried to commit suicide.

The actor is known to his neighbours as a very pleasant man and never fails to greet and say hello. He is always out and about in his neighbourhood, which had all his neighbours baffled and worried when they witnessed the entire incident.

Alcoholism most certainly is a trigger factor for depression and eventual suicide. The battle may seem like a lifetime struggle for some, but so long as hope still shines even the tiniest flicker, it’s those times one finds himself getting up to fight and live through the next is what matters most. We hope the flicker continues to burn for Jonathan Rhys Meyers



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Prince Harry May Deploy to Afghanistan in 2012

Nothing else could ever spell sexy than a man in uniform. Especially, if you knew it was royalty serving his country in battle.  Well, you get the complete royal sexy package of such a sight in Prince Harry.

The 23 yr old Royal Prince has just recently qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot and may be headed back to combat in war-torn Afghanistan soon. Having served in the Helmand province in 2008, Prince Harry had little choice in getting extracted after endless media haunting compromised his location.

As of this date, hushed reports and whispers out of Britain have pegged another deployment for Prince Harry when his squadron returns to Afghanistan for another tour next year. The palace as well as Britain’s Ministry of Defence remains tight lipped on this topic, saying how they cannot comment on the deployment of individual service personnel.

A spokesperson for the Clarence house reiterates on this issue with a statement : “ Harry is an army pilot and will deploy wherever the army chooses to send him. His course finishes in 2012 and after that his deployment will be a matter for the army chain of command.”

The young prince has always been keen on his duties of service and, truth of the matter is, he does look quite sexy while serving his country in battle. The once notorious royal blood is now much more refined and strapping in his ways. When asked about his military aspirations, Prince Harry gracefully quips, “ My goal is to serve my country like everybody else in the British Forces.:

After all the royal wedding bliss of his older brother, Prince Harry may be looking at deployment as early as the summer of 2012. Marriage may yet be in the far side of things with the royal bachelor for now, and his commitment to service may keep him in the market for a little while longer.


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Natalie has been pretty busy over the past year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite her growing baby bump. Engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied who was incidentally her choreographer in The Black Swan, Portman is yet lined up for “ Your Highness” and “Thor”.

Although her award winning role in The Black Swan has given her much reason to celebrate her newly found love, it seems her body double became a little jealous of the spotlight on the actress and started on a war path of words claiming that Portman hardly did any of the full body shots. Obviously, there’s the perfect example of someone who turned green with fame.

The movie’s producers strongly insists that Natalie was on top her toes 85 percent of her role but, I guess there’s no stopping someone who wants her claim to fame. The pregnant actress continues to remain silent about this issue, refusing to feed any more wood to the fire. She has been spotted running around New York with her fiance’ looking beautifully bare of make-up and dressed down to a pair of jeans and a sweater. It looks like the 29 year actress is enjoying her blissful state of pregnancy after going through quite a list of boyfriends under her name. She’s had a rather eclectic mix in her choice of men. With the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Lukas Haas … there is also Moby! The girl certainly knows how to pick ‘em well. Here’s hoping she and Benjamin Millepied keep dancing for many years to come.

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After growing his locks to sport a mane fitting for a Persian Prince, Jake Gylenhall is now sporting a new look. A completely shaven head! Yes, it’s all gone! I guess this is a pretty common, but courageous feat for seasoned and determined actors when they decide to jump into a role that can completely bring out the shock factor from their fans. The hunky 30 yr old actor is promoting his new film“ End of Watch” – in which he plays the role of a uniformed cop. Oh, let me rephrase that …  a really sexy uniformed cop! He plays alongside Michael Pena as the story revolves around a long standing friendship between police partners.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely digging his new do.  Although he was pretty much bald in Jarhead, I think after filming Prince of Persia  and totally getting all toned and vascular, he seems to just seriously keep evolving in his roles.  The boy is certainly working hard and , err…working out really hard to keep up with his career. Just look at those rippling muscles! He was totally in his game when made Prince of Persia.  His latest film “ Source Code” has done very well in the box office , and undoubtedly solidifies Jake’s status as a very credible action star.

He’s one fine looking man to watch out for indeed! Looking at his girlfriend track record, he seems to have dated a lot of blondes. The latest that being Taylor Swift.  Although they have been rumoured to have split up, the former Broke Back Mountain star doesn’t look broken hearted at all these days. He’s got everything working great and he looks uber great !



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The rumor circulating is that the couple have split. A rep for Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal was quick to respond to the rumor, though, and says that it is NOT true. The couple are very much still together and a split is far from happening. Good for them, right?


Tiger Woods’ Mistress Not A Mistress After All?

He has a laceration on his face, but that does not exempt him from being linked to other women. Rachel Uchitel is the alleged mistress of the golf star, but she says that while they have met twice, they have not had any contact since. The truth will prevail, whatever it is.


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