OJ Simpson’s Memorabilia To Be Returned

Judges in California seem to be nice to celebrities these days. First it was Paris. Now it’s OJ. A judge ordered some of his memorabilia to be returned to the controversial celebrity; this, despite the fact that OJ is still sitting in jail. At least he has gotten a break, right?

MJ’s Glove Up For Auction

Want MJ memorabilia? If you remember, he was also known as “The Gloved One,” due to his propensity for gloves. Now, his “Suit of Lights” glove is up for auction and you can be the owner. That is, if you have more than 6 figures in cash to spare.

Denise Richards Won’t Get Taken To The Ball Game

Well, at least if you base your decision on her rendition of the song. She performed during the 7th inning stretch of the Chicago Cubs game on Friday. Self-admittedly, the rendition was horrific.

PETA *Hearts* Miley

Miley’s life is taking a turn for the better! She’s been honored by PETA with the Compassionate Citizen Award. The reason? She took home one of the chickens she worked with in the set of her new movie, and sent the rest to her mother, because she felt sorry for them. Aww, isn’t that worthy […]

Fancy The Spelling House?

Aaron Spelling’s widow is putting up their mansion for sale. This spells the end for the Spellings, so it seems. She was quoted as saying that she would never sell the property if the remotest possibility of reconciling with daughter Tori existed. I guess she has burned her bridges this time.

The U2 Way

No, it’s not a figure of speech. It is actually the name of a street in New York – part of the 53rd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. Mayor Bloomberg honored the band by temporarily renaming that street. Way to go Mayor!

Jessica Alba: I’m Not Stupid

Who said she was? Apparently, everyone thought she was when she told a reporter during the Obama inauguration “Be neutral about it – be Sweden.” You mean Switzerland? Yeah, that too. Seriously, though, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. And they both start with S, it’s easy to confuse them. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, does it?

Paris: I Want Angelina As My BFF

She’s got everything that a normal girl would want, doesn’t she? But hey, Paris Hilton is no ordinary girl. With her show “My New BFF” comes new ambitions. Now she wants Angelina Jolie to be her BFF. The question is, does Angelina want that too?

Twilight’s Dishy Edward Mimicks His Fans

The dreamiest vampire of all, Robert Pattinson recently told the press how in spite of his huge success since Twilight, the hunky 22-year-old still has no Bella in real life. He even impersonated his adoring fans by mimicking in falsetto “I’m such a huge fan!”. In my opinion, he was a lot cuter as Cedric […]

Surfers scare away paparazzi

Take that, you nosy reporters! Surfers attacked paparazzi who were trying to get photos of a half-naked Matthew McConaughey. The actor was trying to unwind on the beach, where he often goes with his friends.