Surfers scare away paparazzi

Take that, you nosy reporters! Surfers attacked paparazzi who were trying to get photos of a half-naked Matthew McConaughey. The actor was trying to unwind on the beach, where he often goes with his friends.

Villains of TV

Move over, Cruella de Ville. Check out the villains of reality TV. They were snarky, conniving, or downright self-obsessed — and boy, did we love to hate them!

Martha’s mustache

Check out the behind the scenes clips of Martha Stewart’s “Got Milk?” ad. Apparently, she believes that low fat milk and healthy living is “A Good Thing.”

Jackson family “broke”

How the mighty have fallen. Most of the Jackson family is broke, and have gone from being pop sensations to…supermarket clerks. We won’t name names, but Who knew Motown would lead to skid row? Did you know that the majority of the Jackson family is broke and scrapping for cash. Check out this sad list […]

Did she just say that?

Ellen Degeneres. You gotta love her. The comedian sent Heidi Klum (and America) giggling hysterically during a cooking segment on her show. “I don’t know much about balls,” she said.

Ben Affleck’s new love

Sarah Silverman may have got the first laugh when she made her music video “I’m f*ing Matt Damon. But her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel has a comeback: “I’m F—ing Ben Affleck.” Will his video get the 4 million hits that Sarah’s received on You Tube alone?

The (troubled?) tweens of TV

AOL came out with its top 20 list of hottest tween stars. Interesting that list young, perky hopefuls, several have already gotten themselves into Hollywood trouble: nude photos circulated on the web, unwanted pregnancy, wild party pics, hooking up with co-stars just to further their careers. Let’s bookmark that list, shall we, and check on […]

Stars reach out to the homeless

Thank God some celebrities have better things to do with their time and money than date horrible men or buy ridiculously overpriced designer bags. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart went downtown to serve turkey to the homeless, joined by Kirk Douglas and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Douglas said, “It’s inspiring to see actors and […]

Angelina nearly flashes photographers

Angelina Jolina narrowly escaped a serious “wardrobe malfunction”  at the premiere of Beowulf when her skin-tight black leather pants started to split at the seams near the hem. Brad Pitt saved the day by hiding the rip with his palm, and holding it up while the actress continued to smile — as poised as ever […]

Winona Ryder & Kate Moss BFF

  Look whose mugs were spotted rummaging the racks at Marc Jacobs in NYC.  Crazypants Kate Moss dearly clutches the confused looking Winona Ryder.  These two Johnny Depp ex-finances were seen skimming the racks at the New York City clothier. Ryder looks like she’s like to be anywhere other than being around Moss’ arms and Kate looks determined and almost like she’s ready […]

Kate Hudson Learning to Surf

Kate Hudson isn’t going to let the break up with Chris Robinson nor the glossy cover news about affairs with the Golden Stallion get her down.  Hudson was recently spotted in Hawaii trying to get her hang 10 down pat.  The actress is tackling the solo sport of surfing.  To me it looks like she’s […]

‘The Da Vinci Code’ Blows & Crickets Heard Chirping

Well, the press have been released from their cages & the word on the street is The Da Vinci Code, the Ron Howard-produced film, sucks.  You know what I’m thinking is the reason?  Tom Hanks’ laughable hairdo, what the hell is he thinking with that recessed mop? Howard screened his Da Vinci Code for the […]

Bob Geldof Tops Best Celebrity Dad List

And this year’s best celebrity dad is…..not Tom Cruise apparently, I wonder why.  No, Bob Geldof is top celebrity dad this year.  You may know Irish born Geldof from his punk band Boomtown Rats years, as the lead in Pink Floyd’s The Wall, or by his Live 8 African charity project. Geldof took the lead […]

Oh to be Brad Pitt’s Neighbor!

Brad Pitt has hired three construction crews for his home in Hollywood Hills in an effort to make sure the renovations are complete before (girlfriend?) Angelina Jolie gives birth to his love child.  The crews will be working around the clock until the job is done meaning that the noise and constant traffic might wear […]

Bad Ratings Force Miss America to Get Real

The revered, by some anyway, Miss America pageant is set to be morphed into a seven episode reality show.  For the 85-year-old competition, this will be a first and you’ll get to be a part of it.  Miss America contestants will live together and be a part of the reality TV experience.  Finding Miss America […]

Jennifer Aniston Hates Me & Reality TV

Jennifer Aniston has given reality TV a cold, hard slap in the face.  The Friends star is blasting reality shows for breeding a culture that is unnaturally obsessed with the lives of the rich & famous.  Well, I guess I could start being obsessed with the lives of the tattered and poor…. Aniston is so […]

Celebrating Irish Hunks

This St. Patrick’s Day I thought we would raise our whiskeys to Irish hunks.  Who could think of a better way to celebrate the Emerald Isle? First off is bad boy Colin Farrell.  This Alexander hunk was born in Dublin May 31, 1976.  Did anyone else think he was a wee older than that?  I guess […]

Beckham Baffled By Boy’s Befuddeling Blackboard Burden

England’s famed football (soccer) captain of Real Madrid expresses bewilderment regarding his 6-year-old son Brooklyn’s math homework.  The husband of Spice Girl Victoria Adams, or Posh Spice, admitted to being utterly dumbfounded when his little boy asked for a bit of help with his homework and had to turn to his wife for help. “Their homework is so […]

‘Idol’ Becky O’Donohue Blazes In Maxim Photos

American Idol contestant Becky O’Donohue doubles the pleasure. The aspiring singer, (right) and possibly porn star, is featured alongside her twin sister, Jessie, in a series of hot & steamy pics on the Maxim magazine Web site. I’m not so sure about the battered-wife look going for Jessie in the pic above. The 25-year-old twins […]