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Start Your Own Celebrity Blog

start a celebrity website
Do you live and breathe celebrity news? Do you know who is going out with whom even before everyone on Twitter or Facebook start posting about it? Do you think that you can rival Perez Hilton?

Why don’t you start your own celebrity blog then?

Sure, there is money to be made if you are that good, but the main thing is that it might very well be one of the most fun things that you can do these days. If you really are that much into celebrities and their lives, then starting a blog should be like icing on the cake for you! Read the rest of this entry »


Kim Kardashian: From Flour Bombing to Buying the Beckhams’ House

Kim Kardashian Flour Bomb

Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed

We’ve all seen that image make the rounds. I don’t know about you, but I thought it was pretty hilarious! Then again, I might have thought otherwise if it were me on the receiving end.

Whatever you think about Kim Kardashian being flour bombed, it is very clear that the star – or at least her sister – didn’t appreciate it. While she took it all in stride during the event (she even laughed and cracked jokes), Khloe has released a statement via her blog. Read the rest of this entry »


Pre-Wedding Shape Up Tips from Jessica Biel

There isn’t anything you can do to hide love and the bling it brings into your life. No matter how our fave celebrity couples try to keep romance on the down low, that significant bauble is pretty darn hard not to notice!

Even after months from getting engaged, Hollywood power couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been playing it low key with their engagement last year.

Much of our congratulatory toast to the super fit couple who seem to just have missed out on letting tinsel town get a glimpse of the engagement rock on 30 year old Jessica Biel.

It was only on a recent errand run in LA that Biel officially flashed us the big blinding bauble and shared her secret to staying in shape before she walks down the aisle with her hottie hubbie to be.

Jessica reveals it is the adventure of a work out that keeps her from getting bored with a routine. Discovering ways to enjoy the outdoors  and incorporating physical activity on any day at the park such as biking or following a short hiking trail does wonders.

Not everyone is an athlete but training for strength will definitely give you some to-die-for muscles in all the right places and makes your body look leaner. Biel opts for hardcore strength training exercises such as walking lunges that can get those glutes in tip top shape. Light weights and more reps is the key to her lean frame.

And after all that, this super body actress alternates her work out with yoga for muscle lengthening and pairs it with a sensible diet of  healthy fresh food. Breakfast with complex carbs, fruits for munchies, and good ole fish and lots of greens for a light dinner.  But of course, everyone has to have those days when you just got to have some guilty indulgence. Biel believes in having a cheat day and that’s just one day when she can have anything her heart desires to keep the balance. Life sans such a day according to this hottie bride to be, can sometimes drive anyone to a nutty edge.

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Lady Gaga’s Outlandish Hairstyles

A bad hair day is a major emergency issue for most women and all are quick to hide a bed head, a bad cut and some serious hair color catastrophe. Being a celebrity can either let you get away with a few forgiving paparazzi shots and if you’re hair is anything close to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, you either own it or just get used to the site of gaping mouths.

Read the rest of this entry »


When does one’s glitter start to fade in tinsel town?  The women of Hollywood have their own fair share of sizzling hot diva’s in their 50’s after a few trips to their friendly neighbourhood cosmetic surgeons and aestheticians.  How do our fave  hunky  old timers   keep up with the much younger breed of Hollywood meat?  The fortunate fact that salt and pepper hair on a 50 something man can be disarming compared to that of a woman in her 40’s with grey streaks. Or  a bald shaven head with  a greying goatee can still take your breath away  than that of a middle aged woman with saggy arms and pair of fake jugs.

Hollywood still has a few good ravishing men in their 50’s. No one would even dare question them about getting a nip and a tuck and a few pricks and tugs as much as women get scrutinized with their upgrades..  The salt and pepper hair and the facial creases lends them a distinguished air any woman half their age could fall for.

Let’s see which one of these 7 Hollywood men  over 50 could still make your drool.

Pierce Brosnan, 53

Chris Noth, 56

Richard Gere, 63

                                                                                                          Denzel Washington, 56

Kevin Costmer , 56

Mark Harmon,  60


Denis Leary , 54

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Host Parties Like a Celebrity With Recipe Finder

Recipe Finder Home Page

Recipe Finder Home Page

Everyone has dreams (whether night or day!) about being a celebrity in his or her own right. We all have little princess inside screaming for attention, although we may manage to shut her up every now and then with a treat or two. You can’t deny, though, that when you plan a party, that little princess wakes up and won’t be shut up until she gets what she wants.

Every little detail is examined until she is sure that everything will be perfect. And of course, in order to ensure that perfection is achieved, the food needs to be fit for royalty. That, or at least seemingly fit for royalty. ;) Read the rest of this entry »


Russell Crowe is in a bit of a hot spot after tweeting much about his views on circumcision. His vocal opinion came after a fan asked him about this issue. His reply on Twitter was pretty much how we all know Russell Crowe and his candid, non- amorous, rough around the edges expressive ways. He tweets on circumcision as barbaric and stupid and questions the matter on our position to correct nature. “ Is it real that God requires a donation of foreskin? Babies are perfect.”

Although the Oscar winning actor professed his genuine love for his Jewish friends, he has expressed his desire for them to stop this tradition that is backed up by centuries of faithful following.

Crowe writes. “ I love my Jewish friends. I love the apples and the honey and the funny little hats, but stop cutting your babies. I will always stand for the perfection of babies. I will always believe in God, not man’s interpretation of what God requires. Last of it, if you feel it is your right to cut things off your babies, please unfollow and f—off. I’ll take attentive parenting over barbarism.”

Eli Roth, comes to Russell Crowe’s defence saying the actor is a great person and respectful of all religions and is not anti-Semitic as most publications have been suggesting due to Crowes unguarded thoughts.

Taking it upon his good side, Russell deleted his previous tweets and posted an apology. His tweet now reads, “ I have a deep and abiding love for all people of all nationalities. I’m very sorry that i have said things on here that have caused distress. My personal beliefs aside, I realize that some will interpret this debate as me mocking the rituals and traditions of others. I am very sorry.”

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Octomom On How She Lost Weight

US Magazine tells us about how Nadya Suleyman lost her pregnancy weight – all whopping 145 pounds of it! No surgery, no nothing. I say she dropped 8 babies, she better lose all that weight!!!

Photo courtesy of US Magazine.


Oprah Dissed By Rev. Wright

Oprah seems to be a favorite for celebrity critics these days. First it was Chris Brow, now it’s Rev. Wright. Remember President Obama’s ex-pastor was interviewed by TMZ and he said that Oprah is merely an entertainer and that she cannot really help people because she doesn’t know anything about social policy. What’s with these people?


Zach who??? Zach Galifianakis. The Hangover star. The guy who slipped “Ecstasy” into their drinks at his future brother-in-law’s bachelor party. The guy they called “Fat Jesus.” The crazy guy. Apparently, he might not be that different in real life. He was seen walking around in Manhattan in his robe! Love it how some people can get away with being this crazy!


OJ Simpson’s Memorabilia To Be Returned

Judges in California seem to be nice to celebrities these days. First it was Paris. Now it’s OJ. A judge ordered some of his memorabilia to be returned to the controversial celebrity; this, despite the fact that OJ is still sitting in jail. At least he has gotten a break, right?

MJ’s Glove Up For Auction

The Apollo Theater Holds A Public Memorial For Michael Jackson
Want MJ memorabilia? If you remember, he was also known as “The Gloved One,” due to his propensity for gloves. Now, his “Suit of Lights” glove is up for auction and you can be the owner. That is, if you have more than 6 figures in cash to spare.

Finding Bliss - 2009 Slamdance Premiere
Well, at least if you base your decision on her rendition of the song. She performed during the 7th inning stretch of the Chicago Cubs game on Friday. Self-admittedly, the rendition was horrific.


PETA *Hearts* Miley

Hannah Montana film premiere

Miley’s life is taking a turn for the better! She’s been honored by PETA with the Compassionate Citizen Award. The reason? She took home one of the chickens she worked with in the set of her new movie, and sent the rest to her mother, because she felt sorry for them. Aww, isn’t that worthy of any reward?


Fancy The Spelling House?

Nickelodeons 2009 Kids Choice Awards  - Arrivals

Aaron Spelling’s widow is putting up their mansion for sale. This spells the end for the Spellings, so it seems. She was quoted as saying that she would never sell the property if the remotest possibility of reconciling with daughter Tori existed. I guess she has burned her bridges this time.


The U2 Way

A Portion Of West 53rd Street Is Temporarily Renamed

No, it’s not a figure of speech. It is actually the name of a street in New York – part of the 53rd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. Mayor Bloomberg honored the band by temporarily renaming that street. Way to go Mayor!


Jessica Alba: I’m Not Stupid

Tropicana Gives Celebrities A

Who said she was? Apparently, everyone thought she was when she told a reporter during the Obama inauguration “Be neutral about it – be Sweden.” You mean Switzerland? Yeah, that too.

Seriously, though, everyone makes mistakes sometimes. And they both start with S, it’s easy to confuse them. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, does it?


Paris: I Want Angelina As My BFF

2009 Park City - Hollywood Life House Portraits - Day 3

She’s got everything that a normal girl would want, doesn’t she? But hey, Paris Hilton is no ordinary girl. With her show “My New BFF” comes new ambitions. Now she wants Angelina Jolie to be her BFF. The question is, does Angelina want that too?


Twilight’s Dishy Edward Mimicks His Fans

The dreamiest vampire of all, Robert Pattinson recently told the press how in spite of his huge success since Twilight, the hunky 22-year-old still has no Bella in real life. He even impersonated his adoring fans by mimicking in falsetto “I’m such a huge fan!”.

In my opinion, he was a lot cuter as Cedric Diggory sans all of Edward Cullen‘s pancake makeup.


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