Heather Graham & Bridget Moynahan ‘Grey Matter’ Hot Lesbian Kiss Video

  Well, I saved the best for last today.  Feast your naked little eyes on this Heather Graham & Bridget Moynahan lesbian kiss video.  Graham & Moynahan star in the upcoming movie Grey Matter  as ladies discovering themselves, and each other! This video is extremely hot, so go forth with caution. Thanks to Egotastic for the scoop.

Isn’t Britney Spears Hot?

  Isn’t pop star (or has been) Britney Spears just the hottest thing you’ve ever seen?!  I mean, with a belly like that you are gonna land you some nice looking men folk! Damn girl, put some clothes on & try to be some sort of role model or at least a decent enough mother.  […]

Christina Aguilera Talks Naked & Nude Sundays to Ellen DeGeneres

  The hottest news today is that blonde sex bombshell Christina Aguilera loves to get naked & nude on Sundays!  That is hot!  Anyhoo, Aguilera stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show Wednesday to help celebrate the show’s 600th episode (god, has it really been that long?!).  During couch time the 26-year-old singer revealed to Ellen how she keeps her […]

Mariah Carey Confesses All in Playboy

Mariah Carey decided to spring for the March edition of Playboy magazine & boy has she told all this time.  From Carey’s 2001 breakdown to her Eminem dating drama, Mariah spread out the truth (& her legs) to Playboy.  Enjoy these little snippets, thanks to Us Weekly. On Mariah’s 2002 Breakdown: “What happened was that people […]

Did Sienna Miller & Hayden Christensen Have Sex on ‘Factory Girl’ Set?

So, the big rumor around tinseltown is that Sienna Miller & Hayden Christensen bumped uglies on the set of their latest movie Factory Girl.  I’m not sure if I would put anything past Sienna, but I’m just not so sure about this one. Apparently the news is that there was actually penetration during the sex scene for the movie.  Well, you […]

Paris Hilton Sues Web Site for Exposing Personal Effects

If you ever wondered what would be inside a storage unit rented by Paris Hilton, we now know.  Thanks to ParisExposed.com, who revealed Paris’ belongings worldwide, we can now confirm that not only does Paris Hilton have the dreaded herpes, but she also may have had a miscarriage. But Hilton isn’t standing for this type of exposure, even though she kinda […]

Daily Dose of Zen: Daniel Radcliffe Naked & Loves His Horses

You remember that news several months ago about Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe starring in a London play?  I’ll give you a hint, the news on the street at that time was that the young man was going to be NAKED.  Oh, now you remember!  Ha!  Well it looks like the play Equus is just about […]

Kelly Osbourne Gets Rejected By Playboy’s Hugh Hefner

Back in 2006 Kelly Osbourne expressed a strong interest in posing nude for Playboy magazine.  Kelly said she would totally go for it, but in her words, “her tits would need airbrushing.” Well, it looks like her application was received & she has been rejected by Playboy’s Hugh Hefner himself, and it wasn’t pretty. Hefner stated, “I can’t see it […]

Scarlett Johansson is Another Jenna Jameson

  The world’s most famous porn star, me- I mean Jenna Jameson, is making a film about her life.  Should be pretty nasty, right?  And guess who she wants to cast in the role of herself?  Me!  No really, she wants to put Scarlett Johansson in that role.  And my, are those some big breasts to fill.  “Sexy Scarlett has been […]

Ex-Playboy Playmate Publishes Book About Hugh Hefner Orgies

  Leave it to old man Hugh Hefner to continuously be in the news even when he’s 78-years-old.  An ex-Playboy Playmate has made news recently with a self-published book that chronicles the goings-on inside the Playboy mansion, and it’s a little scarey.  Apparently, it doesn’t matter how hot you are to get into Playboy, it only matters that you take […]

Dina Lohan Likes to Do It in Restaurants

While daughter Lindsay Lohan was off filming in Hollywoodland, mom Dina Lohan took over the firecrotch torch in New York City Wednesday night. Dina was spotted at NYC’s Kobe Club wearing a “really short dress and boots” which fellow diners didn’t mind too much, but what the diners did mind was Dina spreading them wide underneath her […]

Dustin ‘Screech’ Diamond Wore a Falsie for Sex Tape?

Dustin “Screech” Diamond might have done more acting that we thought for his now infamous sex tape.  The former Saved by the Bell actor’s attributes are now being questioned if they were actually his or a schlong dummy.  Ha! According to agent David Hans Schmidt, who watched over the sex tape deal with Red Light […]

Martha Stewart Talks Prison Sex & Dating with Howard Stern

And who would you least expect to stop by Howard Stern’s Sirius Satellite radio show?  Michael Jackson?  No.  The Pope?  No.  Martha Freekin’ Stewart.  Now if that’s not a match made in heaven, I don’t know what is…. On December 14, Stewart dropped by Stern’s studio for a quickie Q & A about prison life where good ole Martha spent some time […]

Paris & Nicky Hilton Get Kinky at Playboy Mansion Pictures

Egotastic had these great pictures posted of Paris & Nicky Hilton getting a little kinky at the Playboy Mansion & I couldn’t resist!  Could you?  These  fabuloous images just tell us so much, don’t they? Like, “Will work for ten dollar an hour.”  Or, “If you liked this, you should really see what we do in private.  Only […]

Kate Moss Spotted Topless in Jamaica Pictures

Kate Moss looks like she’s getting a bit wiser in her older years. Moss left Babyshambles frontman & continual addict Pete Doherty last week & headed to Jamaica. Moss is renting Ian Fleming’s old pad on the beach & looks to be having a nice go of it, she’s topless & carefree anyway. Did I […]

Salma Hayek Nude Scene in ‘Ask the Dust’ Wins Best of 2006

Salma Hayek’s superior nude scene in the critically acclaimed (but probably just for Salma being nude) movie Ask the Dust has won her the highly touted (not really) Best Nude Scene of 2006. It would be great if you had to accept your award naked, eh? Hayek competed with Bai Ling, Gretchen Mol & Kyra […]

Celebs on Pantyless Britney Spears

  With Britney Spears gone crazy & pantyless, what are other celebrities thinking about this mother’s behavior?  Well, I’ll tell you one thing, first off, when Courtney Love gives you mothering advice, you’re in serious trouble. “Say what you will about me, and I’m not passing judgment, but when I had my daughter, I stayed home with […]

The Scoop on Paris Hilton & Britney Spears Pantyless Brigade

  Britney Spears & Paris Hilton both (not to mention Lindsay Lohan) have received some attention as of late.  No, not on their skills as singers and umms, socialites.  No, this attention is closer to the bottom.  As Spears & Hilton have gallivanted around the town, as only celebs can, they have each given us […]