Eeeeow. Shauna Sand has flashed her panties yet again (check it out). Uhm, girl, it's only hot when you're not, like menopausal. … [Read more...]

David admits: I’m a sex fiend!

Actor David Duchovny has just checked into rehab for sex addiction. Ironically, he won a Golden Globe this year for playing an over-sexed struggling writer on Showtime's Californication. We don't know whether to send our congratulations or sympathy to his wife, Téa Leoni. … [Read more...]

See the controversial Eva Mendes ad

People are talking about EEva Mendes' new perfume ad . Networks have banned it saying it's too provocative. The ad, for CK fragrance Secret Obsession, shows a nearly-naked Eva Mendes tossing about on an unmade bed. There's a tiniest nano-second where you can see her nipple -- … [Read more...]

Mini Me sex tape?

Verne Troyer (famous for his role as "Mini Me" in Austin Powers) is suing for releasing some snippets from a sex tape he made with his girlfriend. Uhm...Eeeeow. … [Read more...]

Her Royal Bum

Princess Eugenie (the daughter of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and Prince Andrew) was caught frolicking naked at her boarding school. Apparently, the princess got drunk after going to a pub with her friends and then decided to dance naked under the moonlight. The … [Read more...]