Brooks & Dunn Split Up

The iconic country duo have called it quits. They announced the decision to split up after 20 years of making music. According to the duo, there is nothing behind the break up except for it “being time.” They added that if you “hear any rumors, don’t believe them.” It’s definitely a loss to the country […]

Bob Dylan To Release Christmas Album

The iconic musician is not done yet. The news is that he will be releasing a Christmas album featuring classics such as “Here Comes Santa Claus” and the carol “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” It’s waters that he’s treading here, but I’ll buy a copy of the album just because it’s Bob Dylan making it.

Heath Ledger Music Video Released

Heath Ledger may have been long gone, but his legacy remains. His directorial debut was released at WeAreTheMasses. The music video is titled Modest Mouse “King Rat.” Ledger didn’t actually finish the video before he died but the partner company worked on it after he passed away.

Roger Daltrey Of The Who Plans NA Tour

He many be 65; The Who may have been out of the radar for a long time; but this musician is unstoppable. Roger Daltrey is planning a solo tour of North America from October 10 to November 30. Get your money ready for tickets now!

Welcome The Mellower Avril Lavigne

At least that’s what she has been saying. She is working on a new album with a few select people, and Avril Lavigne says that this will present a new stripped down version of herself. No pop rock sound but pure vocals and acoustics. Will it be a hit?

Obamas Go Country

This week, the Obamas brought country to the White House. They had Alison Krauss, Union Station, and Brad Paisley (among others) perform at the White House. The president said that despite being a city boy, he realizes how country music brings hope to the nation. Amen to that?

Carrie Underwood Will “Ride” Again

The 7th woman to win the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award, Carrie Underwood has wow-ed the music industry ever since she was discovered. Her last album, Carnival Ride, rose to the charts, and fans have been waiting on a follow up album for quite some time now. The good news is […]

Susan Boyle Records First Song

She has done it! There IS life after BGT! There have been a lot of doubts as to whether Susan Boyle could take the pressure or not, but the news is that she has recorded her first song in the studio. Simon Cowell is Susan’s first and largest fan, I think; and I doubt that […]

Gene Simmons: Adam May Have Hurt His Career

KISS front man Gene Simmons thinks that Adam’s admitting that he is gay “effectively stopped the handsome 20-something’s career in its tracks.” I think that Simmons just might be wrong. After all, this is a new era, and it’s not like everyone KNEW that Adam’s gay even before he admitted it! Some alpha males may […]

Paul McCartney To Hold Benefit Concert

This summer, a benefit concert will be held by former Beatle Paul McCartney. He will grace the historic Piedmont Park in Atlanta on the 15th of August. Benefits will go to the upkeep and preservation of the park, which is being dwarfed by skyscrapers and other infrastructure.

Britney’s Circus Has New Opening Act

Britney is taking her Circus to North America and she is taking a new opening act with her, namely Kristinia DeBarge and Ciara. How is this going to work out? We’ll hear about it pretty soon, I am sure.

Adam Lambert Releases Single: Want

Adam Lambert’s career is off to a good start. He was always a favorite back in the Idol days, and now, his album is set to be launched earlier than expected. His first single was also released Friday. Title “Want,” it has been receiving favorable reviews. This one’s someone to look out for.

Carly Smithson + Evanescence = The Fallen

What do you get when you put together ex-American Idol contestant Carly Smithson and the band Evanescence? A new band called The Fallen. The season 7 contender has teamed up with the band that gave us hits such as Immortal. It should be interesting to hear what they have to offer.

New Album From Whitney Houston

I was not really holding my breath, to be honest with you. But for those who are interested, Whitney Houston is coming out with a new album on September 1. It has not been titled yet, but if you are a fan, you should be beside yourself with excitement.

Susan Boyle Sings Memory, Moves On To Finals

She is no one-hit wonder, this one. The not-so-frumpy 48-year-old Scottish woman gave another hit rendition of Memory, from the musical Cats, and was voted to the finals for it. Simon Cowell said she is one special lady, and that she is!

Dolores O’Riordan Out With A Solo Album

We fell in love with the crooner’s voice when she was with the Cranberries. This August, we will be treated to a second solo album. I can’t wait to get my hands on No Baggage, which is due to be released on the 25th of the said month.

Michael Jackson Gearing Up For Concert

He might still be in legal trouble (he has always been in the past decades anyway) but Michael Jackson is pushing through with rehearsals for his London concert. This one is going to be big, for sure, and the Kiing of Pop himself is making sure that he can deliver. If rumor is to be […]

Vanessa Williams Releases New Album

Vanessa Williams is back, and she is one busy lady. She appears on the TV series Ugly Betty and on Hannah Montana. More than that, she is going back to her roots in June with the release of her new album. Titled “The Real Thing,” the music has some tinges of Latin. Should be good.