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40th NAACP Image Awards - Show

The new President has been busy since his inauguration but he has not forgotten those who had helped him in his rise to glory – Stevie Wonder one of them. There are plans to hold a concert to honor the singer and a Library of Congress award as well.

2008 Christmas In Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony

The former Idol David Cook is “floored” at how fast the tickets to his hometown show sold out. From the moment the tickets started being sold to the time the last ticket was bought, it only took 6 minutes! Now that was fast – I wonder if this breaks any records?

2009 GRAMMY Salute To Industry Icons: Clive Davis - Show

It seems that it has been ages since we saw and heard Whitney Houston, once considered one of the greatest divas. Over the weekend, though, she showed the world that she is back by performing at a pre-Grammy party in honor of Clive Davis. It seems that her story’s happy ending is here at last. Welcome back, girl!


Tom Jones Hits The Road – Again

The Q Awards 2008 - Arrivals

Despite the fact that he’s almost 70 years old, Tom Jones is going to go on tour once again. He has a new album, dubbed 24 Hours. This time around, though, he will be performing only once a night and will be doing “intimate” shows instead of performing in huge venues. I am sure that his female fans will still come in droves.


Grammy Line Up Shaping Up

We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration At The Lincoln Memorial

I always enjoy watching the Grammy’s – not only to see if my favorite artists emerge as winners but also to watch some of the best live performances. This year’s line up is taking shape – U2, Kid Rock, and Rihanna are among some of the biggest names to look forward to. You can’t get any bigger than U2 in my book.


World Tour For Jonas Brothers

The 66th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Teeny boppers all over the world are waiting for something big this year – the Jonas Brothers are going on a World Tour and are set to announce their stops next month or early March. These young boys have indeed made it far! More details in their MySpace Blog.


And The Award Goes To…

NRJ Music Awards 2009

Katy Perry. But just for a moment. The latest scandal to hit the NRJ Awards – Katy Perry was given the award for Best International Song but she was made to give it to the rightful owner, Rihanna. Not their fault as it was an honest mistake. It’s messed up nonetheless.


Kelly Clarkson Has New Single

43rd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards All-Star Jam

Fans of Idol Kelly Clarkson now have something to enjoy on their iPods. Her new single, dubbed “My Life Would Suck Without You,” is off her upcoming album “All I Ever Wanted.” My life sure would NOT suck without her music but I wouldn’t mind listening to this new album when it comes out!


Kevin goes country

kevin costner

What do you do when your film career is down? Release an album, of course! Kevin Costner is going country, fulfilling an old dream and, probably, hoping that he’ll be able to get one foot back into stardom.


Katy pokes fun at the Jonas Brothers


Aaah, that Katy. Singing “Like a Jonas, with your promise ring next to mine” (to the tune of Madonna’s Like a Virgin) she poked fun at the Jonas Brothers’ commitment to remain virgins till marriage. Check out other outrageous quotes from the VMAs.


Living La Vida Papa

ricky martin

The stork’s been busy making deliveries in Music land. Aside from Gwen Stefani, who just welcomed her baby boy, Ricky Martin has announced the arrival of his twin sons. He has announced that he’ll be taking time off to just focus on enjoy his kids. Aaaaw.


Song theft!

gretchen wilson

The Black Crowes are accusing country crooner Gretchen Wilson of stealing their song, ripping parts of their song “Jealous Again” on her new single, “Work Hard, Play Harder. Click here to compare the two songs.


Oh, Boy!

boy george

Boy George was forced to cancel his US tour after US immigration officials denied him a visa.


Randy Jackson rates new Journey singer

Randy Jackson’s listened to (and judged) thousands of American Idol hopefuls, but what does he think of the new singer for Journey, a band he used to play for?

He thinks Arnel Pineda — the Filipino singer that the band found on YouTube — is great. “He can sing,” Jackson says. And the only thing better than his voice? The Cinderella story behind it.


Usherin’ profits

Usher’s on a roll. While he didn’t quite get the same sales of his album “Confessions” the new release of “Here I Stand” took the charts by storm, selling almost half a million copies in one week. It even beat the Sex and the City soundtrack.


Gee “weezer,” it’s a hit!

It’s not American Idol, but this viral hit Pork and Beans is certainly getting people’s votes. The song is by the alternative rock band, Weezer.


Kenny gets country music’s highest honor

Kenny Chesney was named Entertainer of the Year at the Annual Academy of Country Music Awards .



Alanis’ revenge


Alanis Morisette, best known for her angsty songs, has plenty of new emotional material now that her ex is engaged to Scarlett Johanssen. The two broke up years ago, which she reveals, caused her to
hit rock bottom. But she’s okay now, and with a CD that chronicles her climb back to sanity. If life is fair, she’ll get a Grammy for her pain.


Justin Timberlake – Madonna flirtation


When Madonna told Justin TImberlake to strip, he stripped

“Nice top shelf,” she said.

Justin fondly recalls that moment “as one of the greatest days of my life.”

At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Justin returns the compliment, praising Madonna for her “shapely body of work” and how she’s “always been a woman on top” who “fully enjoys that position.”

Her reply? “I’ll get you, f—–!”

Oh, get a room, you two.


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