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Britney To Release Singles Collection In November

This is a very busy girl right here. Britney has been romping around in her Circus tour, and she is also releasing a singles collection in a couple of months in honor of her 10th anniversary in the recording business. Included in the album is a new track titled “3.” Who’s willing to bet on its success?


Kris Allen’s Single Is Finally Out!

American Idol Top 13 Party
The latest American Idol’s single is finally out. Titled “Live Like We’re Dying,” the single is a cover of the song by Irish band Script. You can buy the single on iTunes starting the 29th of this month. In the meantime, tune in to your favorite radio station to hear it.


Pink And Her Funhouse Tour

Pink may have kept a low profile in the past few years, but she is definitely back. She just launched her tour last week, dubbed Funhouse, in support of her new album. The tour continues till the 5th of October, so you can still catch her. We love Pink!


Mary Of Peter, Paul, And Mary Passes Away

Mary Travers of the trio Peter, Paul, and Mary has passed away at 72. The group is best known for hits such as Lemon Tree, Puff the Magic Dragon, and Leaving on a Jet Plane. They were also responsible for helping other major artists become popular, including Bob Dylan.


Justin Bieber: Usher’s Prodigy

If you haven’t seen his video or listened to his tracks yet, then you must be hiding under a rock. At 15, Justin Bieber is taking Hollywood by storm with “One Time.”

His story is that of your typical YouTube sensation. Three years ago, the then 12-year-old Canadian joined a local singing competition called Stratford Idol and won second place. He wanted to share his victory with his friends and family who didn’t get to see the show, so he posted his videos on YouTube.

“But it turned out that other people liked them and they started subscribing to them,” said Justin. “That’s how my manager found me. He saw me on YouTube and contacted my family and now I’m signed!”

It’s not everyday that a 15-year-old gets signed by R&B singer Usher. In October 2008, Justin was torn between signing for Justin Timberlake and Usher. “It turned out Usher’s deal was way better,” Justin revealed. “But I still would like to work on a collaboration with Justin in the future,” he said during a phone-in interview with Ryan Seacrest.

“Things are just happening so fast,” he added. It’s been less than a year since Justin signed to Island Records, and he’s already making the Hollywood rounds. Numerous TV and radio guestings, red carpet appearances, a debut album, a music video, and 535,000+ facebook fans are keeping this lad busy.

His recent stint involves making his “Favorite Girl” happy. Justin hollered at Tricia Matibag, winner of his MTV VMA red carpet shout-out competition. Check out this ultimate fan’s winning video entry:

Get the Bieber fever!

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Susan Boyle’s New Single

It’s not officially out yet, but the song has been leaked online. And no, it is not a Broadway tune. You may be surprised (pleasantly, I think), but Susan Boyle’s new song is by The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses. The album is due to be released in November, and is already a huge hit on Amazon.


Whitney Houston Is Back!

THE diva is back! Whitney Houston has a new album, I Look To You. Fans who’ve heard some songs have given mixed reactions. What do you think? Is she really back or is it a feeble attempt?


Courtney Love Pissed At Activision

Yeah, the wife of former Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain is still alive and kicking – quite energetically, if I may add. She, together with other former Nirvana members, are very upset about the fact that Kurt Cobain’s character in Guitar Hero 5 is unlockable. That means that once the character is unlocked, it can be used for any song in the game. According to Courtney, the agreement was that Cobain would appear in two songs, that’s it. Activision says the exact opposite.


They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, but I wonder, was Alanis Morissette flattered that Britney Spears sang her hit song “You Oughta Know?” The pop star covered the song in a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday night. You can judge her performance for yourself – watch it on YouTube.


Jamie Foxx
Actor-singer-comedian Jamie Foxx is currently on his “Blame It” tour, and two days before the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, he brought laughter to the people of New Orleans. Part of the proceeds of the concert will be donated to Brad Pitt’s foundation, Make It Right.


Madonna Goes To Israel

Madonna has been traipsing around the world, and nothing is stopping her – not even the jeers and boos she received in her recent concert. Her latest destination? The Holy Land, where she visited the Western Wall among other things. She has two concerts slated in Israel.


While the English brothers have gone their ways, the Irish band Cranberries are coming together after a 7-year break. The band is going to go around Europe and then cross the sea to North America. Fans can expect classics like Zombie and Linger and some new pieces of music as well.


Noel and Liam Gallagher have always been at each others throats, but this time, things seem to be more serious. Noel has left the band, supposedly due to “verbal intimidation.”

He wrote: “the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable.”

He also said that he cannot work with brother Liam a day longer. Is this really the end for Britpop sensation Oasis?


James Burton Fails To Set Record

Guitar icon James Burton celebrated his 70th birthday with a bang, but failed to reach his goal. In attempt to make the Guinness World Book of Records, he wanted to gather the world’s largest guitar ensemble. He only had about 800 guitarists – the current record is 1,800++. 800 is still an impressive number, don’t you think?


Better Than Ezra Is Back!

Music fans, here is something that just might make your day. Better Than Ezra is back in the scene with their new album “Paper Empire,” which they say is the best they’ve made yet. They recorded the album in New Orleans. Can’t wait to hear!


MC Hammer Plans Comeback

Nineties rapper MC Hammer may have been flying under the radar for the past 15 or so years but he is far from done with his career. He is reportedly planning a comeback, with several projects in line. DanceJamtheMusic is a studio album that is supposed to be released in September and he is also working on a Christmas album.


Japan Gets A Taste Of Linkin Park

Rock band Linkin Park has not been in the headlines lately but it does not mean that they do not have a strong following elsewhere. Japan recently got rocked by the group for the first time in Mihama Athletic Field in Okinawa. From what I have heard, it was a huge success. Can it be the start of a comeback for them?


Neil Young To Be Honored

He has never won a Grammy, but he is a two-time Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer. He has also won the hearts of countless fans all over the world. And despite not being Grammy material (his own words, by the way), he is a certified musician and will be honored during the 20th annual MusiCares, two days before the Grammys.


Brooks & Dunn Split Up

The iconic country duo have called it quits. They announced the decision to split up after 20 years of making music. According to the duo, there is nothing behind the break up except for it “being time.” They added that if you “hear any rumors, don’t believe them.” It’s definitely a loss to the country music scene.


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