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Get ready, tributes, because promotion is now gearing up for the latest installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire!

Katniss and Peeta go on a Victory Tour on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. (Lionsgate)

Katniss and Peeta go on a Victory Tour on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. (Lionsgate)

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Top Gun 2 in the works?

If there was one 80’s movie that had women sweating in their seats and men grinding their teeth with envy, Top Gun would take that cake and bring it home.  Although it almost seemed to be a chic flick with all the cute and buff fly boys, Top Gun had Tom Cruise soaring his way to stardom  and became one of Hollywood’s most coveted dream boy.

Tom has since evolved in many facets of his career as an actor and has proven himself well with many successful projects and a franchise contract for Mission Impossible.  He may have aged and gone a little cuckoo over love and his new age theories, but the man certainly still packs a big punch with his acting and definitely can still make all you ladies swoon as he takes on a more mature action star profile.

At the moment, the 49 yr. old actor has been busy promoting his 4th MI stint, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and , there is not a doubt in our minds it’s going to rake in some good rates and dollars. As much as MI has been an awesome action ride, we’re ready for some Tom Cruise eye candy and undeniably looking forward to a Top Gun sequel.

Talks of Top Gun 2 has been tickling the wires since last year after Director Tony Scott nods his head for another go with Tom Cruise. This comes as ideas for the sequel have been tossed onto the table and finding Tom Cruise quite agreeable to working on it. So then, we’re looking at those sexy aviator glasses and  sure enough it’s going to be on a lot of Christmas wish lists this year.

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Christian Bale Ends His Batman Reign

Christian Bale has taken his Bat Suit to the cleaners and stuffed it into the Bat Storage unit. Certainly one of Gotham’s sexiest to play Bruce Wayne, this caped crusader has decided to hang up his role as Batman.

Starting off his film resume’  with a rather odd selection of blockbuster movies , playing the role of Batman sent his career to a whirlwind of Hollywood stardom. To date, Bale has made three franchise Batman films with Director Christopher Nolan since 2005. “Batman Begins” earned him great reviews with the movie raking in at least $1 billion dollars in the box office.  Even as we sadly lost Heath Ledger in the midst of filming “ Dark Knight “, the late young actor is surely smiling down the heavens for Bale’s Oscar trophy  on this go around. “ The Dark Knight Rises “ set to premiere in July 2012, will see Christian Bale’s last  Batman run, as he clips his batwings and leaves Gotham flashing the bat signal for the next sexy Hollywood Bruce Wayne to fit in them Batty Tighties!

In search of a new adventure ,  armed with an Oscar to go with a wide range of acting skills,   and  some darn drool-worthy good looks –  we doubt Christian Bale would need any bat tricks and bat gadgets to get him soaring in his path to find his permanent seat among the galaxy of Hollywood stars.


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It looks like middle earth won’t be seeing Aragorn in the two-part prequel series of The Hobbit. This may be much to the disappointment of Viggo Mortensen’s fans should the director and producer of the said film version of the J.R.R Tolkien’s novel retain its genuine storyline.
Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings Trilogy has made Lord Aragorn quite the ladies’ man even in contemporary times, as he’s got even this middle earth woman writing this article openly expressing that she wouldn’t mind if the Hollywood version of the classic novel deviates a bit from the written version.

However, Mortensen admits that he does not expect a reprisal of his role although he was approached by Peter Jackson for a possible appearance in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The actor reveals his willingness to have another go at his role, but it all depends on any last minute plans to include his character.
For those who are quite familiar with the written version, many would rather that Hollywood stick to its true storyline. Some familiar faces from Lord of The Rings are still in the roster such as Cate Blanchet, Elijah Wood, Ian Mckellen, Christopher Lee and Orlando Bloom.
As it is, Lord Aragorn is known to have lived more than 200 years in the book, but that doesn’t take his character back to the time of the Hobbits. It may irk some Tolkien fans if the film version takes a whole new spin on this but, if it rakes in more bucks from women eager to catch another glimpse of this handsome King, then let’s leave it up to Hollywood to do it’s magic.
“The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey” is slated to show in theatres December 14, 2012 while its 2nd part “ There and Back Again” is right on schedule for December 13, 2013.

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There isn’t much magic in the life of a celebrity child star. In fact many child stars have suffered through a lot of coping issues that have manifested itself in substance abuse and what not. This holds true for the young Daniel Radcliffe. The 22 year old Harry Potter star openly admitted to being  “so reliant” on the drink during his teen years, as a way to get him worked up all through filming his worldwide smash film series.

Quite sad to learn from a boy who seemed all held together in his character  chasing  dark demons.  In an interview,  Radcliffe reveals  he needed alcohol to enjoy stuff in real time.  It was as if he was drawn to this idea of living the life of a famous person where he got caught up in the lifestyle that didn’t quite fit in to who he really is.

Many child stars indeed get overwhelmed with sudden fortune and fame that their innocent hearts and minds and its simplicity get twisted in a downward spiral in its quest to finding satisfaction and fulfillment .

Having played the role of Harry Potter at the age of 11,  Radcliffe expressed his sentiments as to how he managed to luckily duck away from the peering eyes of the paparazzi  while battling with his booze habit. We all know how that could’ve easily destroyed him in his teenage years and his career with just one crucial paparazzi shot.

It has been almost a year that Daniel Radcliffe has been clean and sober.  He proudly confesses how he has taken things slow and easy since he’s thrown out the booze habit out the window.  By the looks of it, his girlfriend is reaping as much of the benefits as the boy wizard tells of how he’s enjoying his current relationship sans the usual consequences of having an affair with the bottle. Radcliffe takes pride in the quiet life, which in turn lets him fully take charge of his relationship, his career and his finances!  The boy surely has enough wizard wisdom in stowing away his hard earned money.  Top hats off to this young lad …  indeed you’ve got what it takes to  fend off the hookers and fast cars. Good job young man! Now you’ve got more money to spend on anything and everything !

Incidentally, Radcliffe is in Broadway and  currently plays a role in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is set to open in cinemas on July 12, 2011.



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“ The Mummy” chaser Rachel Weisz seems to have found her lost treasure in 43 year old Daniel Craig.

The couple secretly tied the knot in a hush hush ceremony which only had four people in attendance. Apart from Craig’s 18 year old daughter, Ella , Weisz also had her 4 yr old son Henry standing by. There were only two other friends who shared this blissful day in NewYork with the couple.

After a nine year relationship with “ Black Swan “ director Darren Aronofsky, the actors have finally broken their silence on their years of platonic friendship. Craig was also in a previous relationship and engaged to Satsuki Mitchell for five years.   Reports started buzzing in November 2010 when they there were first linked, as a result of their upcoming horror movie “ The Dream House”.

Craig and Weisz were also last spotted shopping at a Louis Vuitton store in London last March.

Both Weisz and Craig are currently doing a movie where they play husband in wife in “The Dream House”. True enough, this made things much more convenient for them to be linked in real time.

In case you’re having a hard time pinning a face to Daniel Craig, the actor is best known in his portrayal of the amorous dashing debonair, James Bond. Craig is up for the 23rd movie series of James Bond entitled “ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Although the sequel has been delayed due to some financial issues, progress on the film still hasn’t pegged a release date.

On the other hand, you can mark down horror movie popcorn dates for “The Dream House” in September.


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Finally, the long wait on the prequel  to The Lord of The Rings Trilogy is underway and currently filming in New Zealand. Orlando Bloom signs up and joins the cast of Peter Jackson’s  “The Hobbit” prequel projects scheduled for release in  2012 and 2013.

Although Bloom’s  previous elf character isn’t written in J.R.R Tolkien’s original novel, Jackson is excited to reveal that Middle Earth will once more revel in Legolas’ presence.  The director can’t wait to work with Bloom and quips that as much as 10 years has passed by since Lord of The Rings brought Orlando’s stardom to great heights,  he doesn’t look a day older than the day he first wowed audiences as Legolas. That in itself, makes him a wonderful elf indeed!

With 14 years  sitting on the drawing board, The “Hobbit” prequel movies finally gets a move on things after getting buried in some set backs.  New Line Cinema had Peter Jackson filing suit against them for claims of lost revenue  related to The Fellowship of the Ring.

Taking on Guillermo del Torro as it’s new director three year later, conflicts in scheduling forced him to drop out of the project in May 2010 bringing Jackson back in his director’s chair in October of 2010.

As if that was enough hoopla surrounding the films, union disputes in New Zealand put the project on a tipped edge of relocating filming all the way to Europe. And just to put the cherry on the delay icing, Jackson suffered from a perforated ulcer and had to undergo surgery.

Now back in the good saddle, Jackson has his Facebook page beaming with images of him hanging out on the set of this much awaited prequel.  Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan and Andy Serkis are also  reliving their previous roles from the epic trilogy of The Lord of The Rings. The Hobbit prequel has its plot centred on the characters of Bilbo and Frodo.

I wonder if they will wear ruby rings.

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Tom Cruise Gets Rockin’ and Rollin’

Guess who’s growing his top gun locks into a rocker coif? Tom Cruise is now sporting a rather dishevelled do in preparation for his new project “ Rock of Ages”. Yeap, you read that right, he’s diving in for the musicals. After his dancing antics, he’s pretty sure to get into the singing soon.

Tom just recently received the Humanitarian Award at the 2011 Wiesenthal Center National Tribute Dinner in Beverly Hills. The Jewish organization prouds itself for its human rights advocacy on confronting racism. The actor was cited and honored for being a dedicated philantrophist.

Now back to the music, 48 year old Cruise is playing the role of Stacie Jaxx and excitedly claims he has been learning a lot of things lately to do his role some good justice. Having no musical experience with a guitar, he has been juggling lessons between electric guitar, acoustic guitar and singing! Kinda hard to imagine Tom Cruise belting out in screams and a pair of pleather tight jeans. Ha! Rock of Ages is slated to start shooting this month.

You gotta hand it to the guy who jumps on a couch wrapped in a total lovestruck high and marries this doe-eyed long lithed cutie who’s idolized him for years. And then, he buys his own sonogram machine to monitor his first born, yet still manages to flip allover along his new age beliefs. The man certainly has his own thing going.

Giving a bit of a hint on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise is definitely keen to see how his co-produced film will reflect a new and distinct impression from its past sequels. The movie is scheduled for it’s release in December 2011.

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Natalie has been pretty busy over the past year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite her growing baby bump. Engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied who was incidentally her choreographer in The Black Swan, Portman is yet lined up for “ Your Highness” and “Thor”.

Although her award winning role in The Black Swan has given her much reason to celebrate her newly found love, it seems her body double became a little jealous of the spotlight on the actress and started on a war path of words claiming that Portman hardly did any of the full body shots. Obviously, there’s the perfect example of someone who turned green with fame.

The movie’s producers strongly insists that Natalie was on top her toes 85 percent of her role but, I guess there’s no stopping someone who wants her claim to fame. The pregnant actress continues to remain silent about this issue, refusing to feed any more wood to the fire. She has been spotted running around New York with her fiance’ looking beautifully bare of make-up and dressed down to a pair of jeans and a sweater. It looks like the 29 year actress is enjoying her blissful state of pregnancy after going through quite a list of boyfriends under her name. She’s had a rather eclectic mix in her choice of men. With the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Lukas Haas … there is also Moby! The girl certainly knows how to pick ‘em well. Here’s hoping she and Benjamin Millepied keep dancing for many years to come.

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After growing his locks to sport a mane fitting for a Persian Prince, Jake Gylenhall is now sporting a new look. A completely shaven head! Yes, it’s all gone! I guess this is a pretty common, but courageous feat for seasoned and determined actors when they decide to jump into a role that can completely bring out the shock factor from their fans. The hunky 30 yr old actor is promoting his new film“ End of Watch” – in which he plays the role of a uniformed cop. Oh, let me rephrase that …  a really sexy uniformed cop! He plays alongside Michael Pena as the story revolves around a long standing friendship between police partners.

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely digging his new do.  Although he was pretty much bald in Jarhead, I think after filming Prince of Persia  and totally getting all toned and vascular, he seems to just seriously keep evolving in his roles.  The boy is certainly working hard and , err…working out really hard to keep up with his career. Just look at those rippling muscles! He was totally in his game when made Prince of Persia.  His latest film “ Source Code” has done very well in the box office , and undoubtedly solidifies Jake’s status as a very credible action star.

He’s one fine looking man to watch out for indeed! Looking at his girlfriend track record, he seems to have dated a lot of blondes. The latest that being Taylor Swift.  Although they have been rumoured to have split up, the former Broke Back Mountain star doesn’t look broken hearted at all these days. He’s got everything working great and he looks uber great !



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Bill Murray Cast As Franklin D. Roosevelt

Bill Murray as Franklin D. Roosevelt

Bill Murray has been cast to play 32nd American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a Focus Features film Biopic.

The biopic is based on Hyde Park On The Hudson, a British radio play. Because nothing screams American President biopic like a British play.

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Twilight Cast Evacuated From Canadian Coastal Town Over Tsunami Fears

Twilight Eclipse Cast Promo Picture

The cast of Twilight were forced to halt shooting on Breaking Dawn Part I and evacuate the Canadian coastal town they were shooting in for fear that a tsunami would ravage the area.

The crew was evacuated on Friday from Tofini, British Columbia to the safe (higher grounded) area ofPort Alberni.

Included in the evacuation were stars Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart

Summit Entertainment released the following statement following the evacuation:

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First Look At ‘Puss In Boots’ Movie

Puss In Boots Movie Poster

While the Shrek series of movies may be done, that doesn’t mean we were never going to see characters from the popular series again and now we have a first look at Puss in Boots, a spinoff from last years blockbuster Shrek Ever After movie.

MSN grabbed a first look at the movie which features the feline voiced by Antonio Banderas. In true Puss In Boots fashion he can be seen wowing the ladies with his swordplay, riding a horse standing up and using stunning moves to show off his prowess.

Unfortunately this first look trailer doesn’t really tell us a whole bunch about the storyline for the upcoming movie. What we do know is that Humpty Dumpty  (voiced by Zach Galifianakis)  teams up with Puss In Boots to steal the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Also featured in the movie is Salma Hayek  who voices Kitty Softpaws.

Here’s the first look trailer:

Puss In Boots hits theaters later this year.


Diane Lane Accepts Role In New Superman Movie

Diane Lane

Diane Lane has accepted the role of Clark Kent’s adoptive mother Martha Kent in the upcoming reboot of the Superman franchise. Lane, portraying the role in the Zack Synder director movie replaces Eva Marie Saint who appeared as the same character in the 2006 movie Superman Returns.

The new movie, titled Superman: Man of Steel will play the mother to Henry Cavill, 27, was was cast last month as the man of steel.

According to Synder:

“This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.”

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Shia LaBeouf Rumored For Jason Bourne Role In ‘Bourne Legacy’

Shia LeBeouf as Jason Bourne

With Matt Damon turning down another role as Jason Bourne the rumor mill is popping up another name, that of Transformers star Shia LaBeouf.

LaBeouf would take over the role as the movie enters a 4th telling of Tony Gilroy’s Bourne character.

There is also reported to be a list of other high-profile actors who could take on the role, however LaBeouf’s experience with action and high intensity films is said to have made him a top choice for the role.

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Complete List Of Oscar 2011 Winners

Oscar Awards 2011

Early Oscar talk darling The Social Network was only able to pull in awards for best adapted screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), best soundtrack (Trent Reznor) and best film editing, while The King’s Speech pulled in top honors for best actor, best director and the coveted best picture among various other categories.

From the “F Bomb” being dropped to some big upsets, here’s the full list of Oscar 2011 Winners:

1. Best Picture: “The King’s Speech.”

2. Actor: Colin Firth, “The King’s Speech.”

3. Actress: Natalie Portman, “Black Swan.”

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Kim Kardashian Might Take Role In Gotti Biopic

Kim Kardashian Posing - Bra Showing

Kim Kardashian may soon branch out from her Reality TV empire, taking on a rumored role as John Gotti’s wife in an upcoming Gotti biopic.

Kardashian has taken on several roles including a part in Disaster Movie and a role on CSI: NY, however the rumored role as Kim Gotti would be her biggest big screen opportunity to date.

Kim spent 21 years with John Gotti before his death and had six children with her husband. Throughout their marriage John Gotti was hunted by the U.S. Government who tried unsuccessfully on three separate occasions to charge him with racketeering charges.

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Glenn Close To Star In Susan Boyle Biopic

Susan Boyle On Stage

Here’s a movie I’ll be avoiding like the plague. Susan Boyle will be played by Glenn Close in a new biopic which follows Boyle’s rise to fame.

I personally can’t think of a worse idea for a movie, will Glenn Close be sitting on a couch with all her cats for 40+ years, then audition for Britain’s Got Talent? Then…well…the end.

Okay not fair on my part, well not fully, but honestly Boyle just started her career and a biopic seems quite premature. According to UK reports Close will play Boyle as she auditions for the talent show and then through the last several years in which she has released two top-selling albums.

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Russel Brand “Arthur” Movie Trailer

If you’re a fan of Dudley Moore’s 1981 comedy classic Arthur you’ll want to check out the trailer below for an upcoming remake of the movie which features the very funny Russell Brand and the always capable Helen Mirren and Luis Guzman.

The movie hits theaters on April 8 with Brand playing the drunken billionaire who will lose his inheritance if he doesn’t marry the woman his family has chosen for him, a role played by another actress favorite of mine, Jennifer Garner.

Here’s the Arthur trailer:

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