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He Got Kissed By Adam – And He Liked It?

The keyboard player that Adam Lambert kissed on stage is straight, but according to Adam, he didn’t mind the kiss. After all, it was all for entertainment’s sake. It was not planned, but maybe it was hinted during rehearsal. He hasn’t said anything about the issue, though. Maybe he liked it? Photo courtesy of US […]

Adam’s AMAs Performance Shocks Viewers

I didn’t want to use the word “shock,” but that’s what people are saying. Good Morning America canceled Adam’s appearance following the controversial performance he gave at the AMAs. They say he’s alienating his fans. I think he’s just being himself and trying to prove his flair for showmanship as well. Does anyone disagree?

Stephanie Pratt To Go To Rehab

Stephanie Pratt has been involved in some mischievous activities lately, and I think that it doesn’t really come as a surprise that she is headed to rehab. She was charged with DUI last month, and the news is that she is going to be checked in to a facility for 30 days. At least she’s […]

Reese Willing To Testify

Reese Witherspoon is acting like a model citizen and offering her services to the cops as a witness. Yesterday, she witnessed an altercation between pappers who were trying to get a good shot of her. She says that she’ll help the police if needed. Good on her!

Miley Cyrus: Worst Celebrity Influence Of The Year

The teens and tweens of America have cast their verdict: Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana – is the worst celebrity influence of the year 2009. It is quite surprising that this age group voted this way, isn’t it?

John Stamos: Drunk On Australian TV

Actor John Stamos admitted that he went on Australian TV p*** drunk. In 2007, he made a “bizarre” appearance on the show Mornings with Kerri-Anne. Now he says the reason for the bizarreness is…alcohol. Oooh, wonder?

Lindsay Lohan Gets Extended Probation

The young actress has never been in good terms with the law since she became a teenager, and during the first part of her probation period for a DUI arrest, she missed a lot of her duties. Good thing for her, she didn’t get jail time, but got her probation extended for another year instead. […]

Clean Slate For Mel Gibson

Something’s finally going Mel Gibson’s way in his DUI case. A judge expunged his case from record. This doesn’t mean he is going to be given any leeway in case he gets arrested again. Let’s hope he stays clean.

SNL Pokes Fun At Letterman

David Letterman is never going to hear the end of his extortion case, is he? After Jay Leno cracked his own joke, SNL followed suit. Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers had something to say; he said that it was a “stupid human trick.” I guess it’s funnier if you actually watch the show.

Director Roman Polanski Arrested

Renowned director Roman Polanski has been arrested on a sex case. The case has been going on for decades, and Polanski fled from the US in 1978. He was caught by the Swiss authorities recently when he showed up at the Zurich Film Festival.