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Charges Filed Over Katy Perry, Russell Brand Wedding

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are facing charges in India after their wedding apparently disturbed the peace. According to Managers at the the couple’s resort Aman-i-Khas the couple violated noise laws when they took their late night festivities and their loud music past the 10 p.m. time allowance. Adding to the controversy is the fact […]

Mel Gibson Can’t See Daughter Lucia On Her First Birthday

Mel Gibson can’t see his daughter Lucia on her first birthday after a judge shut down the actors attempts at a visit. Lucia is the daughter Gibson had with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Mel was able to see Lucia on Oct. 29 but had to return her at night to Oksana. Lucia’s birthday is Saturday […]

T.I.’s Wife Charged With Ecstasy Possession

Tameka Cottle, the wife of rapper T.I. has been charged by the L.A. County District Attorney with possession of the illegal drug Ecstasy. T.I. and his wife were arrested on the Sunset Strip last month, however charges against T.I. were later dropped. If convicted his wife could face up to one year behind bars.

Capri Anderson Attempting To Blackmail Charlie Sheen For $12,000?

Capri Anderson, the porn star who called police when Charlie Sheen when on a drunken, naked rampage around his hotel room is now claiming that Sheen owes her $12,000 for their “date.” Anderson has continued to deny claims that she’s an escort, although various sources close to the incident says that’s exactly what she was […]

Travis McCoy Arrested After Spray Painting Berlin Wall

Gym Class Heroes Frontman Travis McCoy was arrested in Germany this past week after he was caught spray painting the Berlin Wall. McCoy was arrested after he defaced the monument and then posted pictures of his graffiti work on Twitter with the following message: “The Berlin wall. I’m def gettin up on this before we […]

Howard K. Stern Found Guilty In Anna Nicole Smith Case

Howard K Stern, the former lover and lawyer of Anna Nicole Smith has been found guilty by a jury of his peers. Smith was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy after the jury ruled that he provided medication to Smith which eventually led to her death. The trial wasn’t a total loss for Stern […]

Charlie Sheen’s “Female Friend” Identified As A Porn Star

Well what do you know, Charlie Sheen’s female friend wasn’t a hooker after all, but rather the next best thing, a porn star. It turns out that Sheen’s drunken hotel meltdown which led to police escorting him to a local hospital was witnessed by none other than adult film star Capri Anderson who was said […]

Amber Portwood Threatens To Kill Herself As “Teen Mom” Drama Heats Up

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood craves attention so much according to HollywoodLife that she’s actually threatened to kill herself just to get her way. Life & Style spoke with Jordan Sanchez, an old friend of Gary Shirley who said: “Gary told me that there have been several instances where Amber would say to him, ‘Come […]

Charlie Sheen’s Drunken Hotel Fiasco Included A Scared Prostitute

We reported earlier today that Charlie Sheen was taken to a hospital after being found drunk and naked in his hotel room with a female friend while his ex-wife Denise Richards and his two daughters were staying in another room in the New York City hotel. Now we’ve learned that his “female friend” was actually […]

Charlie Sheen Taken To Hospital, Found Naked And Drunk In Hotel Room

On Two And A Half Men Charlie Sheen is a womanizing drunk, but he’s lovable, so when police show up a a New York City hotel suite at 2 a.m. because he’s drunk, then out of control, it puts a little smile on my face as a fan of the show. According to Us Magazine, […]