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britney-spears-sex-video-leaked-by-kevin-federline-11-8-2006.jpgWell, we said this Britney Spears / Kevin Federline divorce could get nasty, and it looks like it’s just started.  With the text message to K-Fed informing him of the divorce, we’re off to a good start. 

Now, looks can be deceiving, but it may be that K-Fed has already retaliated on estranged wife Britney Spears by leaking a reported sex tape of the two, or rather K-Fed, enjoying himself.

According to, this is the famous Britney Spears sex video that has gained fame & attention since the first mention & utterance of its existence.  I’m not convinced this is Spears, but you tell me.  I will tell you first, that this video contains adult material & should be taken as such.  Consider yourself porn warned.



Shanna Moakler has her cake & eats it too at her Divorce Party this weekend.  On Saturday the Playboy playmate celebrated her divorce from Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

The newly single Moakler did her divorce up right at the FIX restaurant located in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino Resort in Las Vegas.  Well, it looks like this marriage is said & done for.  Wonder what’s up next for Shanna, as we already know Travis has been a busy boy already with Paris Hilton.  But really, who hasn’t been a busy boy with Paris?




There’s trouble in Hollywood.  With Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe separating, the stakes are pretty high.  When the couple married in 1999, they forgo-ed the ubiquitous prenuptial agreement. 

The financial blow will be for 30-year-old Witherspoon who surpassed Julia Roberts earlier this year as the highest paid actress in Hollywood.  Reese makes about $29 million a movie, while 32-year-old Ryan makes a piddly $2.5 million per film.

Ryan will be reaping the benefits as under California law, without your safety-net prenup, earnings are divided up 50/50.  Ouch!  But then again, with all this talk of Ryan’s infidelity, maybe Reese will be able to screw him nonetheless, ’cause it looks like he’s done his fair share of screwing this year.





Now that the news has been affirmed that Reese & Ryan are over, now we are left asking ourselves why.  And don’t you know the rumor mill is already a-churning out some juicy ones.  The word on the street is that Ryan Phillippe cheated on wife Reese Witherspoon with several blondes while on location for Flags of Our Fathers.

I have more hope for Ryan than this, but that’s where the evidence is pointing as of right now.  Oh, Ryan, you little cheeky bastard. 

What do you think, did Ryan diss the Reese for some dumb blondes along the road?

Brad Pitt Seeks Trespassing Charges Against E! Networks

brad-pitt-e-network-10-29-20063.jpgIt looks like it’s more battling for the Bragelina camp.  Brad Pitt is apparently seeking trespassing charges against E! Networks after a producer & cameraman walked onto Pitt’s property without permission.

Reps for the Pittster stated, “Yes, we have filed trespassing charges against E! and are exploring our legal options against both the crew that actually trespassed and the network itself.”

The alleged trespassing took place last week at Brad’s Hollywood Hills home.  I think Pitt should just go Deliverance on that trespass ass and take ‘em down without asking questions first.

The incident is still under investigation according to a Los Angeles police spokesperson, meanwhile E! says they are living clean.  The cable network does not admit to any wrongdoing, simply stating, “E! Networks is investigating allegations that a producer and cameraman who were filming locations for a program about Brad Pitt went onto property last week that is reportedly owned by Mr. Pitt.”

“E! Networks did not instruct or authorize anyone working on its program to improperly intrude onto private property, and the individuals involved have been terminated. While neither Mr. Pitt nor his family were at the property when the incident took place, the network in no way condones or encourages such behavior and would like to offer its most sincere apologies to Mr. Pitt and his family.”

I think they forgot part of their statement, “E! Networks also did not intentionally take nude pictures of Angelina & Brad as they were showing the washing machine how to really shake it and E! Networks in no way intends to use these hot pictures to the benefit of E! Networks.”

If only that were true.  Well, we do have a Pam & Tommy video, a damn Dustin “Screech” Diamond sex tape, along with probably millions of Paris Hilton porn videos, why not a Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie video?  Do you know how much they could donate to Africa with that kind of sex appeal?


Paris Hilton Says Sorry for Drunk Driving


Paris Hilton, who was arrested for drunk driving September 7, does a little I’m Sorry in the December issue of Seventeen magazine.

“All it takes is one drink to mess with the way you drive – it clouds your judgment and slows your reflexes. Don’t take any chances. It just isn’t worth it,” Hilton states.

The hotel heiress also reveals to the teen magazine that, holy crap!, she has yet to reach her sexual peak.  Watch out, world, a hormone-raging Paris will be out on the streets in just a few short years.

25-year-old Paris stated, “I think you like [sex] when you’re, like, in your thirties.”

Wow.  She is so intuitive.




As reported in quite length earlier, Heather Mills made some startling allegations regarding estranged husband Paul McCartney.  Mills has alleged that McCartney was physically & emotionally abusive, used drugs, tried to strangle her and was basically a big, huge meanie-pants.

Paul has come out with a statement regarding these allegations, and to be honest it’s a little on the weak side. 

McCartney’s reps stated “Our client would very much like to respond in public and in detail to the allegations made recently against him by his wife and published in the press but he recognizes, on advice, that the only correct forum for his response to the allegations made against him is in the current divorce proceedings.”

Will Paul take this slander lying down?  Reps went on to state, “Our client will be defending these allegations vigorously and appropriately.”  So, no, apparently Paul is ready for a fight.

So, either Heather is an evil bitch, Paul is a huge asshole, or a little of both.  What do you think?


heather-mills-paul-mccartney-divorce-news-10-18-2006.jpgWow, in a recent Us Weekly post, Heather Mills is crucifying estranged husband Paul McCartney and she isn’t looking back.

In court documents filed by ex-model Mills, Heather is claiming that McCartney was physically & emotionally violet towards her, took drugs as well as forbade her to breastfeed their baby during the marriage. 

Here’s what Us Weekly broke down for us regarding the abuse, check it out.

October 2002: McCartney loudly pointed out that Mills was in a bad mood, in front of other people. When they returned home McCartney and Mills began to argue about the McCartney’s behaviour. McCartney grabbed Mills by the neck and pushed her over a coffee table. He then went outside and, in his drunken state, fell down a hill, cutting his arm.
May 2003: The couple were in a hotel in Rome when McCartney behaved coldly towards Mills, who was pregnant and who was distressed by a derogatory newspaper article about her. An argument ensued in which McCartney became angry and pushed Mills into the bath. Mills suffered distress but was made to go to McCartney’s evening concert.
May 2003
: Following the concert, in a fit of pique because Mills refused to go to the aftershow party, McCartney directed a female bodyguard to abandon Mills, leaving her exposed to hordes of fans. The respondent was forced to take a 30 minute walk back to the hotel because no taxi was available.
August 2003: In Long Island, Mills asked McCartney if he had been smoking marijuana. He became angry, grabbed her neck and started choking her.
October 2003: McCartney often told Mills when she was pregnant that he did not want her to breast-feed their child, making the comment “they are my breasts” and “I don’t want a mouthful of breast milk”.
November 2003: McCartney required Mills to defer an essential operation on her leg because it would have interfered with holiday plans.
December 2003: Mills had a broken pelvic plate McCartney insisted that she cook for him while she was on crutches, could barely move and was in agony.
Mid-November 2004: McCartney failed to protect Mills from adverse press reports despite being in a position to do so. Mills was warned that a forthcoming article about her was about to come out in The Sunday Times magazine and included the line: “The best thing that ever happened to Heather Mills McCartney was losing her leg” which was distressing.
As McCartney had been asked to participate in the half-time entertainment for the Superbowl on Fox TV owned by Rupert Murdoch (who also owns The Sunday Times), Mills asked McCartney to tell Rupert Murdoch that he would not confirm his participation in the Superbowl unless he agreed not to run the story. McCartney refused to assist in this way.
September/October 2005: McCartney called Mills an “ungrateful bitch” in front of their driver when she explained why an office he had provided was not right for her. Having refused to allow Mills to use his spare office on the floor beneath their apartment, which would have allowed for a creche in one part of the office, McCartney had insisted she use an office that was far too small and was 20 minutes walk away. When Mills went to view it, she was chased by paparazzi and was so demoralised by the experience she never used the office.
April 2006: Shortly after Mills’ revision amputation surgery she was forced to crawl on her hands and knees up aeroplane steps because they were not wide enough to take her wheelchair. McCartney had assured Mills he had taken care of her disability needs in connection with the trip.
April 2006: An argument occurred during which McCartney poured a bottle of red wine over Mills’ head and then threw what remained in his wine glass at her.
McCartney then reached to grab Mills’ wine glass, and broke the bowl of the glass from the stem. He then lunged at the Mills with the sharp stem of the glass, which cut and pierced the Mills’ arm just below the elbow causing her to bleed profusely. He proceeded to manhandle Mills, flinging her into her wheelchair and wheeling it outside, screaming at her to apologize for “winding him up”.
April 2006: Mills asked McCartney not to leave her alone with their daughter Beatrice at the Cabin (because it is isolated in a forest). She had just had surgery on her leg, was in a wheelchair, and was anxious about her ability to cope by herself. Notwithstanding this, he walked off. Mills then telephoned McCartney, and asked him to return. McCartney mocked her pleas, mimicking the voice of a nagging spouse, and refused to return.
April 2006: It is alleged that Mills found McCartney staggering, undressed him and ran the bath and helped him into it. She then phoned the McCartney’s psychiatrist for advice and was told not to attempt to move him, to get a duvet and two pillows, to empty the bath of water, cover him, and leave him there.
Mills thereupon dragged herself upstairs, on her hands and knees (she was unable to wear her prosthetic leg as the wound from surgery had not yet healed) and brought back down the pillows. She found that McCartney had vomited on himself. She rinsed him off, and got him out the bath. At that time Mills had a broken plate in her pelvis and she was in agony.
April 2006: On April 27 Mills knew McCartney would be too hungover to help her with Beatrice and due to her own incapacity as a result of an operation, she had to call the babysitter to help get Beatrice to nursery.
The following day McCartney went to London but said he would be back in time to help the put Beatrice to bed. He did not arrive back at her bedtime even though he knew Mills could not cope on her own. McCartney arrived home drunk and demanded dinner and called the respondent a nag.
That evening Mills realized the marriage had irretrievably broken down and left, crawling on her hands and knees while dragging her wheelchair, crutches and basic personal possessions to the car.
No date given: Mills asked McCartney if she could buy an antique bedpan to keep under the bed at night so she wouldn’t have to crawl to the bathroom when her prosthetic leg was not fitted. McCartney objected, saying it would be like being in “an old woman’s home.”

Jeez, that was a load of badness, I’m glad to see you made it through without a scratch.  So, what do you think- is all this true, is Paul McCartney the biggest asshole of them all?




Babyshambles frontman, Kate Moss semi-fiance & drug addict Pete Doherty was spotted outside the Thames Magistrates Court in London Wednesday.

Rocker Doherty was appearing for a hearing relating to one of his many drug possession charges.  We’re all crossing our fingers (& toes) that Pete can finally get back in the clean & sober boat and leave all this court business behind him.

After all, the man wants to marry Kate Moss & have little Pete’s running around, a completely terrifying thought.


Wesley Snipes is Stupid, Indicted for Tax Fraud

wesley-snipes-10-17-2006-tax-evade.jpgWhy on earth do stars think they can get by with cheating on their taxes?  Will they ever learn?

Wesley Snipes was indicted today on eight counts of tax fraud.  The U.S. government is accusing Snipes of trying to cheat them out of $12 million in fraudulent refund claims. 44-year-old dumbass Snipes also failed (oops!) to file his tax returns over the past six years.

According to the federal indictment, Snipes acquired the services of an accountant who has a history of filing false returns, double oops.

Snipes, if convicted, may face up to 16 years in prison, triple slam-dunk oops.  Wesley, according to authorities, has not been arrested because no one knows where he is.  Tried Cuba, guys?

Interestingly, Snipes was denied entry into South Africa in 2005 when officials said he tried to enter the country with a forged passport.

What a stupid dumbass.  Snipes should have been overjoyed with the Blade movies and the fact that someone actually hired him as an actor and straightened up his damn life.  What a putz.



Rapper Fabulous Shot in Manhattan Then Arrested

fabolous-shot-arrested-10-17-2006.jpgFabulous rapper Fabolous was shot in the leg earlier today as he stood in a Manhattan parking garage. 

28-year-old rapper John Jackson, aka Fabolous, was shot one time in the right thigh by an as-of-yet unidentified male who walked up to Jackson & his his posse shortly after they left an event at Diddy’s downtown restaurant, Justin’s.  Wow, that’s a full evening, dinner at Justin’s & a shooting. 

After a hail of gunfire, Fabolous & his posse hopped into a white Dodge Magnum & sped away, running a red light on the way which attracted the attention of police responding to shots fired.

 The officers stopped the Magnum & found not only Fabolous & his posse, but two unlicensed, loaded guns.  Oops, forgot about those.  Fabolous & gang were then arrested and hauled off to the police station.

Police officers are still looking for that shooter and Fabolous was taken to a local NYC hospital where he remains in stable condition.

This is not the first brush with the law for Fabolous who was arrested in March 2003 on charges of criminal weapons possession.


George Clooney: The Ladies Just Can’t Get Enough


George Clooney is an object of affection?  Give me a break, Clooney is the object of desire from Lindsay Lohan’s drooling mother to costar Ellen Barkin, the man is a sexual myth & legend.

Friday night American Cinematheque paid tribute to the 45-year-old actor at the Beverly Hilton hotel and we have a little scoop on what the ladies are saying about the George.
“Yes, I have f— George Clooney. I always heard that George has amazing chemistry with all of his co-stars. Now I see why. … I’m probably the only one of many actresses to stand up here and admit yes, I have f— George Clooney. I’m very proud of it actually. … If you don’t have chemistry with George Clooney, you need to check your pulse,” Ocean’s 13 costar Ellen Barkin revealed. 

Interestingly a rep for Barkin, who is going through a divorce with Revlon billionaire 
Ronald Perelman, stated Ellen “was just goofing around. It was a roast. She was being funny.”  Yep, I’d watch those billions too if I were you.

“Before I met my husband, you were the best man I ever met. … You’re cute and funny and you do wacky things with shaving cream and Neosporin. I don’t mean that in a sexy way,” Oceans 11 costar Julia Roberts said.
“Girls, he’s the best friend you can have. But he’d make a lousy boyfriend.  For a non-Mexican, he makes the best shrimp quesadillas I have had,” From Dusk Till Dawn costar Salma Hayek stated.
And what did the man, the myth say for himself?

“I do have regrets in my life. I regret that Michelle Pfeiffer was married when we did One Fine Day. And that Julia and Catherine Zeta-Jones were married, too. Also Matt Damon, but that’s a different story. I’d like a crack at him.”

A lot of hilarity for one night’s work.  I heart the George.


Bill Murray Parties with Scottish Students at St. Andrews

bill-murray-st-andrews-party-10-16-2006.jpgWell, it looks like you can man out of partying, but you can’t take the partying out of the man.  Bill Murray created a little sensation in the Scottish town on St. Andrews after joining Scandinavian students at an all-night party & even staying to help with the dishes.  Kinda sounds like Lost in Translation for real? 

This weekend 56-year-young Murray joined up with 22-year-old Norwegian student Lykke Stavnef who showed off his new pal at party where many Scandinavian students were already in full-swing.

“Nobody could believe it when I arrived at the party with Bill Murray,” Stavnef stated.

“He was just like the character in ‘Lost in Translation.’”  So Bill doesn’t have a personality of his own?

Stavnef went on to say that Mr. Murray was completely content with drinking his vodka out of a coffee cup, and even offered to help with the dishes.

News quickly spread around the small city that Ghostbusters’ Bill Murray was in town, and many a people came by to say hello.

“He was joking with me about reheating some leftover pasta and how drunk everyone was,” said 22-year-old partygoer Agnes Huitfeldt.

“The party was overflowing with stunning Scandinavian blondes. He seemed to be in his element, cracking lots of jokes. It was the talk of the town the next day,” stated 22-year-old college student Tom Wright.

Hilariously, just after doing the dishes, just like that, Bill Murray was gone.  And was he truly ever there?



Brandon Davis is Bouncing Checks

brandon-davis-bounced-check-10-16-2006.jpgOil heir Brandon Davis seems to be having some money management problems.  The grandson of billionaire Marvin Davis bounced a $10,000 check he gave to Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. 

Now, that’s pretty interesting about the bounced check & all, but I’m rather interested in why he gave Joe Francis a check for $10,000- that’s a whole lotta porn if you ask me.

According to Page Six who obtained a copy of the bounced check, the check to Francis was refused for “insufficient funds.”  I think I’ve heard those words before myself.

Apparently the list goes on of Davis’ money problemos.  Brandon also owes money to record producer Scott Storch (did Brandon pay him to produce Paris Hilton’s godforsaken album?) as well as The Palm casino owner George Maloof.

Right before Davis told Page Six, “F–k you,” & hung up, he stated that his check bounced because he was was in the process of switching banks.  He also said that he paid Francis back in cash, which the Girls Gone Wild creator denies.  

Davis’ spokesman stated, “There is no truth to these rumors.”

Ummm, right.  I think there’s about as much truth in that as there was in Brandon’s explanation of why his check bounced.  What do you think?



Shanna Moakler did a bit of advertising Wednesay for Smirnoff, apparently she floated down NYC’s Hudson River on a block of ice to introduce Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry.  That kind of sounds like a drink, “I would like to order one Artic Berry Shanna on ice, please.”  Wow, it’s so funny what company’s come up with to advertise their products.

I mean, seriously, who was sitting there thinking, “What truly says ‘Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry’?  Why Shanna Moakler on a massive piece of ice floating down the Hudson.  That’s it!  It’s brilliant!”

Anyhoo, after the Smirnoff festivities, Shanna was interviewed by about that nasty little run-in with none other than the brand herself Paris Hilton.  The two blondes got in a catfight last week at the hot nightspot Hyde.

Shanna stated, “I did not punch her.  I just wish the whole mess would go away. I think there are bigger things in the world happening, like, Korea, like, bigger things. I think America’s probably sick of having Paris shoved down their throats.” {I guess Shanna means North Korea here?}

“And I don’t want to come across as that kind of person in life. I want to be in the magazines for things that I’m doing that are positive. I’m not scandalous. I don’t get into fights and I’m not at the police station for DUI’s. I’m a mom and this is not the spotlight I’m looking for, ever.”

“I’ll take it as far as they want it to go,” Moakler finished.

I dunno, Shanna.  I feel pretty confident that a lot of people would like to Paris to be shoved down their throats….


Angelina Jolie’s Car Driver Hits Motorcycle

angelina-jolie-motorcylce-10-11-2006.jpgA vehicle carrying Angelina Jolie peeled from a traffic signal to avoid paparazzi when the driver hit a man on a motorcycle.

Police have confirmed that 19-year-old Mittal Rawat was struck by the car carrying A Mighty Heart star Angelina Jolie.  The bruised teen seemed unhurt and was able to walk away from the accident.  Interestingly Jolie was reading Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know when the incident occurred. 

This is the second documented incident regarding the paparazzi this week, on Ocotber 7 Jolie & Brad Pitt’s infamous bodyguard Mickey Brett grabbed the neck of British photographer Sam Relph as the famous couple were leaving their Le Meridien Pune hotel.

According to Relph, “He said if I took pictures, he would kill me.”

“He had his fingers on my windpipe and he knew what he was doing. I couldn’t breathe.”

Wow, what a champ that Mickey is, a true soldier of peace.

Jolie & Pitt, if you haven’t heard, are filming a movie about the late reporter Daniel Pearl who was killed by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002.  They are currently filming in Pune, India and it looks like their making themselves right at home.



nicky-hilton-shanna-10-12-2006.jpgBy now we all know about the Paris Hilton vs Shanna Moakler catfight, and the Travis Barker make-out sessions that led up to that glorious event.  Well, now Paris’ little sister Nikki(doesn’t it always seem like Paris is the little sis?) is taking up for her girl & throwing the towel at Shanna, not surprisingly.

Nikki stated Tuesday, “You know, I think that she should spend more time with her children and doing more important things in life than getting in fights at nightclub.”

“That’s just very scary, being in a nightclub and having someone attack you. Paris is definitely concerned, but I’m taking measures regarding that.”

Hmmmmm, taking measures against that?  What does that mean?  Maybe Nikki Hilton is part of a glitzy, but deadly hotel Mafia ring.


Mariska Hargitay Loves Motherhood & Merlot



SVU actress Mariska Hargitay seems to be loving the new experience of motherhood, as well as merlot.  42-year-old Hargitay gave birth to her son August Miklos Friedrich Hermann June 28.  How’s that for a name?

But this beauty isn’t going to allow her new role to tame her social life, on a recent night out with friends, Mariska wouldn’t let go over her merlot glass.

“Mariska was double fisting merlot all night,” the source stated.  “She had a backup glass in front of her throughout the whole meal.”

I guess motherhood can pack a punch.

Hargitay was overheard speaking sweet talk about her son, saying, “He’s so sweet. He never even cries.”

“He’s such a little angel. He’ll start to cry, and then I’ll make a little sad face at him and he stops. It’s so cute.”

Wow, does that technique work on husbands?



Mel Gibson told Good Morning America‘s Diane Sawyer that he’s been sober for 65 days and that he’s trying to put his Jew-hating July 28 drunk driving arrest behind him.  Mel is even calling the anti-Semitic rant “the stupid rambling of a drunkard.”

50-year-old Gibson revealed to Sawyer that he had started drinking again two months before being pulled over by the police in Malibu.  Here’s Mel now.

“Years go by, you’re fine.”

“All of a sudden in a heartbeat, in an instant, on an impulse, somebody shoves a glass of Mescal in front of your nose and says, ‘It’s from Oaxaca.’ And it’s burning its way through your esophagus and you go, ‘Oh man, what did I do that for? I can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.’”

In August Mel pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of drunk & was sentenced to three years probation, was barred from driving for a three-month period & had to pay a fine of $1,300- which I’m betting he can afford.

Responding to those who shun him professionally for his drunk anti-Semitic comments, Mel stated, “I feel sad because they’ve obviously been hurt and frightened and offended enough to feel that they have to do that. Um, and it’s their choice. There’s nothing I can do about that.”

“I’ll always continue to work. I’ve never much depended on anyone but myself, as far as that goes. And, hey, I’m not under the illusion that everything’s just going to be hunky-dory work wise forever. I’ve never been under that illusion. Things could go away tomorrow.”

What would Mel like to tell his critics? Gibson said, “Give me a chance to show you who I am?”

“Well, hopefully, in time they’ll know. And, you’re powerless over everything really … All you can do is take another step, keep breathing.”

And watch out where he’s breathing, that can be some stankin’ anti-Jewish drunk breath you’re getting.


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