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Miley Cyrus’ Top OMG Moments

From Hannah Montana to the VMAs, we can fairly say that teen-turned-twerk queen Miley Cyrus has proven that she’s more naughty than nice. Let us refresh you with the most memorable:

10 Ugliest Celebs: The Amanda Bynes Edition

2013 is the year of Amanda Bynes. She has risen to become the queen of the universe, knighting whoever she deems ugly on Twitter as she pleases. However, only 10 really stood out, and we’re cheering from the side lines.

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth:Officially “On” again …at least for now.

Certainly we all know Miley is no longer that sweet teen we’ve all adored as Hannah Montana. She’s all grown up and by golly, she has indeed grown into a lovely young woman in her own element. Sure enough she’s going to have boy issues at some point, as the young lass tries to keep […]

Miley Cyrus Dolls. Guys, Behave. They’re Sold Out Already

In a new twist on monetizing the now already 27′ long fame of Miley Cyrus some smart guys in the UK, who clearly were wearing online glasses, looking at dollar signs on their screen, now risked to get sued. Sued by Miley Cyrus. Over a doll of the teen celebrity. Read that again: sued over […]

Miley Cyrus Is Moving Out

The countdown to Miley Cyrus’ 18th birthday has begun! You know what that means; it’s time to get out of your rents’ place and get a pad of your own. That should come easy for the world’s richest teen celebrity.

Miley Says Goodbye to Cowboy Hats

She was on the cover of Parade’s March (third week) issue in casual jeans and a belly-baring top. Other than the usual talk of career, love, and family, there was one thing that made fans raise eyebrows. Miley Cyrus is steering clear of the country scene. As her Disney character Hannah Montana would say: “Say […]

Noah Cyrus: Too Much Too Soon?

She just turned 10 and critics are already bashing her for dressing provocatively at Hollywood events. Noah Cyrus, better known as Miley’s little sister, is aspiring to be just like her older sister—a star.