Michael Phelps Loses Backstroke

Critics may be clapping with glee: boy wonder Michael Phelps lost to Aaron Piersal in the backstroke. But hey, this was never his stroke. Don't mind them, Michael! … [Read more...]

No Charges Against Michael Phelps

It's about time that they put an end to this "controversy!" Perhaps, at least on the legal side, Michael Phelps can rest easy now. According to Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, there is not "enough evidence to prosecute anyone that was present at the November party." … [Read more...]

Phelps Not A Druggie

Seriously, guys. This issue is being overblown way too much. A picture was taken of him smoking marijuana. Asking him if he has stopped taking drugs is a bit different, isn't it? Anyway, all that Phelps has to say is "I don't take drugs. I get drug tested all the time. You … [Read more...]

Phelps Admits To Smoking Weed

Michael Phelps, the golden boy of the Beijing Olympics has proven that he is human after all. He gave a statement admitting to the authenticity of the picture showing him smoking marijuana, published in a British tabloid. He apologized to fans and the public and said that it … [Read more...]

Michael Phelps Takes Girlfriend Home Thanksgiving

Ok, its about as juicy as what my dog ate for breakfast (yes, dogfood), but one can't help but wonder about the sort of woman this hugely successful Olympic swimmer would take home to meet his omnipresent Mother? He's had more than his fair share of lady admirers slash … [Read more...]