The Biebs Gets Snubbed by Christina Aguilera

No offense to Justin Bieber fans - although you probably still will take offense - but cry me a frakkin' river. Seriously. This is Christina Aguilera we're talking about. She may not be the most talented singer in the entire world, but she does have the chops. And then … [Read more...]

Adele : Gracefully dealing with stage anxiety and the pressures of the pop industry

It's been a while since I’ve actually found an artist in this genre whose music I’ve actually wanted to download onto my playlist.  Most of the songs I have on rotation are a hodge podge collection of old school artists that I never grow tired of.  However, it was just begging … [Read more...]

David Cook Wants His Privacy

In his MySpace blog, the former Idol writes that "We pride ourselves on being accessible to you as fans, but in contrast, we do enjoy what little privacy we can muster. To that end, the efforts by some fans to find our hotel rooms, call our hotel rooms, attach things to our bus, … [Read more...]

Rihanna’s Grandma: She’s Doing Fine

Ever since the news broke out that Rihanna was beat up by boyfriend Chris Brown, people have been hungry for updates. Here's one from Clara Brathwaite, Rihanna's grandma. She says that her granddaughter is fine and does NOT have a broken nose. Thank God for sparing her pretty … [Read more...]

Ashlee Fuming About Reactions To Jessica’s Figure

Jessica Simpson recently performed at Sunday's Kiss Country Chili Cookout in Pembroke Pines, showing off a much fuller figure than what we were used to. In true Hollywood fashion, bloggers, writers, and reporters couldn't wait to jump on her case. And sister Ashlee's reaction? … [Read more...]