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Pre-Wedding Shape Up Tips from Jessica Biel

There isn’t anything you can do to hide love and the bling it brings into your life. No matter how our fave celebrity couples try to keep romance on the down low, that significant bauble is pretty darn hard not to notice!

Even after months from getting engaged, Hollywood power couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have been playing it low key with their engagement last year.

Much of our congratulatory toast to the super fit couple who seem to just have missed out on letting tinsel town get a glimpse of the engagement rock on 30 year old Jessica Biel.

It was only on a recent errand run in LA that Biel officially flashed us the big blinding bauble and shared her secret to staying in shape before she walks down the aisle with her hottie hubbie to be.

Jessica reveals it is the adventure of a work out that keeps her from getting bored with a routine. Discovering ways to enjoy the outdoors  and incorporating physical activity on any day at the park such as biking or following a short hiking trail does wonders.

Not everyone is an athlete but training for strength will definitely give you some to-die-for muscles in all the right places and makes your body look leaner. Biel opts for hardcore strength training exercises such as walking lunges that can get those glutes in tip top shape. Light weights and more reps is the key to her lean frame.

And after all that, this super body actress alternates her work out with yoga for muscle lengthening and pairs it with a sensible diet of  healthy fresh food. Breakfast with complex carbs, fruits for munchies, and good ole fish and lots of greens for a light dinner.  But of course, everyone has to have those days when you just got to have some guilty indulgence. Biel believes in having a cheat day and that’s just one day when she can have anything her heart desires to keep the balance. Life sans such a day according to this hottie bride to be, can sometimes drive anyone to a nutty edge.

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Nicole Richie Struck By Pneumonia

Stars are not immune to diseases that “common” people get – take Nicole Richie. She has reportedly been admitted to Cedars-Sinai because of pneumonia. Her rep says she is doing well. I am sure they’re keeping her warm there. Get well soon, girl!


Elizabeth Taylor Has A New Ticker

Well not quite, but almost. Remember that she had to undergo a heart procedure the other day. It’s done, and Elizabeth Taylor is already on Twitter. She says it went perfectly and thanks everyone for their support.


Elizabeth Taylor Needs Heart Surgery

Literally. Elizabeth Taylor has a leaky heart valve that needs to be replaced. It’s not going to be open heart surgery, so that’s good news. Get well soon!


Tori Spelling Rushed To The Hospital

Actress Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital, released, and then taken back. Apparently, she has been experiencing severe stomach pains, although the tests have yielded inconclusive results. Get well soon, Ms. Spelling!


After TMZ featured K-Fed’s new bod, it is no surprise that he took action – and quick! He is now officially part of the reality series, Celebrity Fit Club. His other ex, Shar Jackson is joining him. Good luck to them both!


David Hasselfhoff: Ear Infection NOT Over Drinking

That’s what they all say.

Remember the report on The Hoff’s daughter calling her mom to tell her that her dad was drinking way too much? Well, according to Access Hollywood, a source claims that it was a case of ear infection, and not excess drinking. So how did we get from inebriation to infection?


Dean McDermott Down With A Bug

Poor guy. Everyone was up and about, trying to look their best for the Emmys. Dean McDermott was rushed to the hospital because of stomach virus. Nothing serious, but it kept him away from the excitement.


Ambulance Goes To The Hoff’s House

David Hasselhof
It’s not that serious, but serious enough for The Hoff’s 17-year-old daughter to call her mom Pamela. She told her mom that daddy was drinking way too much and one of Pam’s friends called 911. David Hasselhoff was then taken to the hospital. He was supposed to be released Sunday night, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Good parenting model, huh?


Patrick Swayze Remains Cremated

Patrick Swayze’s remains have been cremated, according to his death certificate. His family has been silent as to plans for his funeral but the town where Dirty Dancing was filmed is planning its own memorial service. It is open to everyone, although donations to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is being requested.


Burt Reynolds Released From Rehab

Actor Burt Reynolds has just been released from a drug rehab center. According to his manager, he entered the facility to undergo treatment for dependence on painkillers. At 73, Reynolds, says he hopes that his experience will help other people in similar situations. We’re behind ya, Burt!


The Secret Behind Michelle Obama’s Arms

Ever wonder how the First Lady keeps her arms looking that good? For the first time ever, her workout routine for those shapely arms has been made public. According to her personal trainer Cornell McClellan, this is the secret:

Perform one set of tricep pushdowns using a straight bar attached to the high pulley of a cable station and then, without resting, follow with a set of hammer curls using dumbbells. Then, immediately repeat the entire process until two or three sets of both exercises have been completed.



George Clooney’s Got A Broken Hand

Initial reports said that George Clooney got into a motorcycle accident, hence his broken hand. Well, he does have his hand in a cast but it was actually due to an incident with his car – the car door to be exact. Car door won, Clooney has a broken hand!


Jon Gosselin Gets Stitches

Yeah, even the rich and famous do stupid things like hit their heads on kitchen cupboards. That’s what happened to Jon Gosselin, and he had to get stitches along his left eyebrow.


Mischa Barton: I Didn’t Have A Breakdown

Mischa Barton stayed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in July, but she insists that it was because of a bad wisdom tooth surgery. No mental breakdown involved. That’s what she insists on.


Melanie Griffith Enters Rehab

Actress Melanie Griffith is in rehab again, Cirque Lodge in Utah. However, a rep says that this is merely a routine thing, and not something to be worried about. As a matter of fact, it is of a positive nature – Melanie Griffith has checked into the rehab as a matter of sticking to her commitment of staying healthy and clean.


Brody Jenner Celebrates Birthday In Hospital

The Hills actor was taken to the hospital for a case of appendicitis. Unfortunately for him, he had to spend his 26th birthday there. He tweets how much it sucks to be there on his birthday but that he’s happy because he’s got his lady with him. Get well soon, then.


“Ron Weasley” Recovering From Swine Flu

Emma Watson gets Boobs Harry Potter set London UK
Harry Potter’s friend Ron Weasley, who is Rupert Grint in real life, was reported to have swine flu. His publicist says that he is fine and is recovering quickly. That’s definitely good news for HP fans who are awaiting the next movie and won’t suffer any delays!

Giorgio Armani Getting Better

Armani/5th Avenue Store Opening Celebrity Arrivals NYC
You might not have heard about it but the world renowned fashion designer recently had a bout with hepatitis due to poisoning. He says he is much better now and tells everyone not to worry. He’ll be churning out his designs for a few years yet, I think.


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