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Casper Smart Gets a Dodge Ram For His 25th

Who the heck is Casper Smart? That’s the reaction I got from a couple of people – but only a handful. After all, his relationship with star Jennifer Lopez has not escaped the prying eyes of the celebrity-fascinated. Far from that actually. When news broke out that Jennifer Lopez was dating one of her back […]

Happy B-day, Katy Perry!

Sweet! On October 24 at the Sunset Beach Restaurant in Hollywood, popstar Katy Perry threw a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party to celebrate her turning 25. Katy Perry spread the love to her fans a day before her party. Celebrity guests such as Perez Hilton, Taylor Swift, Jojo, and Katy’s actor boyfriend Russel […]

Lindsay’s personal prom

Happy birthday, Lindsay Lohan! She turned 22 and is celebrating the Big Day at a prom-themed party at Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Jessica and Tony have fun with icing

Aaaw, don’t they look “sweet?” Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo get creative with icing at his Saturday birthday celebration. She even licked cake off his face!. Uhm, get a room, guys!

Celebs With The Best Biz Savvy 2007

The list of business savvy celebrities are growing, and these smart women are raking in the big bucks not just with films, albums or modeling,  but using their greatest asset – themselves- as a label to be cashed in. Madonna, Giselle, Tyra and Jennyfer are some of the money-minded ladies who made millions in 2007, […]

Happy 49th Birthday To Michael Jackson!

A very warm Happy Birthday going out to the everlasting king of pop today.  Michael Jackson turns a ripe ole 49-years-old today.  I wonder if he isn’t wishing he could slow down time itself, seeing as he prefers children & all…. Oh well, I can’t resist, Happy Birthday all the same, MJ!