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Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan

Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan

The White House might very well be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and while it is open to practically everyone, certain events and areas are only for the super special. And when it comes to events, the White House Correspondents Dinner is one of the oldest traditions.

Conventionally, the dinner is supposed to be a meeting place for the President and political journalists. But who said that that has to remain the same for ages? Definitely not the current organizers of the dinner, I suppose, for we have two “unlikely” guests to this year’s dinner: Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Celebrity Boob Jobs to Inspire You

The perfect pair of boobs. That’s what many women yearn for these days, isn’t it? Thanks to Hollywood, plastic surgeons, and supermodels, some women do spend considerable hours in front of a mirror trying to imagine themselves after a breast augmentation procedure.

No one can blame them. After all, guys do seem to be overly fascinated with these things we call boobs, and even women tend to envy those who are better endowed than themselves. Thank God for medical science, yes?

I have to admit, though, that while I am not all obsessing about getting a boob job, it is always amusing to observe how celebrities look before and after a breast lift. (And rarely, a breast reduction procedure.) Here’s a short list of celebrities and how they look –
breast lift before and after.

Tila Tequila

Celebrity Boob Jobs

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila, born Tila Nguyen, is a model and TV personality but is perhaps best known for her stint as a porn star. She does have other career activities such as singing and online ventures, but who cares about that? This before and after picture is a testament to what a good surgeon can do. Oh, and that should be “before and after and after…” This gal has had more than one procedure, is what we have heard.
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Want to be red carpet-ready in a snap? Do what celebrities do nowadays and go for tanning lotions with bronzers. Event after event, you will see them posing in front of cameras without having to worry about uneven pale skin, and without the tan lines to show for it, everyone knows that celebrities left and right are using bronzers to give their skin a healthy looking glow all year. The good thing is that bronzers are accessible to mere mortals like the rest of us.

If you need to get a nice event an for a special event, you can go the celebrity way by using a tanning lotion with bronzing agents. Bronzers, if applied properly, will give you an temporary tan instantly. To make sure that you do get that healthy looking skin though, and not a sickly orange look, you need to pick a bronzer that works well with your natural skin tone. Take all the time you need in choosing the bronzer that will give you the effect that you want.

Never ever buy one without having tried it first. You also have to make sure that you apply the bronzer evenly and that you get to the easy to miss parts like right behind the ears so that you do not look mottled or patched up. Have a friend help you out if you need it. Celebrities also glow not just because of their tanning lotions, but also because they really take care of their skin well. So when you do choose a tanning lotion, choose one that not only matches your skin tone, but will also keep it well moisturized.


Christina Aguilera’s New Look

Christina Aguilera has just come back into the scene, and sporting a new look at that! US Magazine shows us a pic of the singer wearing a bob with bangs. I think it’s “okay,” but I expected something with more of an oomph from her. Whatchathink?


New mom Nicole Richie has been showing off her nice post-baby bod. This time, it’s her new hair do that we see. That pic, from US Magazine, shows off Nicole’s layered hair, which is about 7 inches shorter than it was. Obviously, she’s still a blonde. What do you think of her new look?

Suri The Fashionista

Suri may only be 3, but she sure is not too young to be as fashionable as anyone in the limelight today. Heck, she is probably even more fashionable than most! She was spotted with mommy in Boston in that get up – take a look see and you’ll know that Suri is gonna go places.


Did you miss it? Just the other day, Kate Gosselin sported a wavy new do. I thought it wouldn’t last, and I was right! She’s back – or more accurately, IT is back. Kate Gosselin was spotted in New York yesterday wearing her signature assymetrical hair do.


What Do You Think Of Kate’s New Do?

Kate Gosselin’s unique hairdo has become quite popular, hasn’t it? But with everything changing in her life, it seems that even her signature hairdo’s up for something new – a wavier version! US Magazine showed off a picture of Kate’s new look, which she is reported to be loving very much. What say you, which do is better?


You may not know it, but comedienne Kathy Griffin had her own issues about her appearance. When she was younger, she had liposuction done, and things went horribly. Lucky for her, she was able to turn things around and get where she is now. Her advice? We will probably always want to be someone else (she had lipo done because she wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston!), but lipo is not the answer.


Milla gave birth to baby daughter Ever Gabo 20 months ago, but boy, is she looking good! She is the cover girl for Maxim this month, and you might not believe that she is a mom with that figure. She’s hot and she knows it.


Tyra Banks To Show REAL Hair

So she’s got fake hair? Well, kinda. See for yourself the REAL Tyra Banks on September 8, when the premiere of season 5 of her show will air. Her goal is to encourage women to be proud of what they have naturally. Quite a noble act, I say, but how long will she be wearing her natural hair?


Messy Beyonce?

81st Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

No way! Every time we catch a glimpse of this girl, she is all made up, with not a strand of hair out of place. But, yes, she confesses that at home, she is most laid back – maybe a little too laid back for hubby Jay-Z, whom she describes as very very organized.

Marley & Me - Paris Photocall

You just gotta love this girl! While guesting at a German talk show, Owen Wilson lost a bet and was forced to nibble on dog biscuits. He coerced Jennifer Aniston into doing the same thing – much to the delight of the German viewers. And if you’re wondering what it was like, Jen says it was “just a bit dry.”

Jessica Simpson Launches Her New Fragrance

Jessica Simpson recently performed at Sunday’s Kiss Country Chili Cookout in Pembroke Pines, showing off a much fuller figure than what we were used to. In true Hollywood fashion, bloggers, writers, and reporters couldn’t wait to jump on her case. And sister Ashlee’s reaction? Fuming mad. I totally understand why.


Ever the perennial yoyo dieter, Oprah has sadly lost the battle with the bulge, tipping the scales at 200 lbs., 40 lbs heavier from her 160 lbs earlier this year.

“I’m embarrassed … I can’t believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I’m still talking about my weight. I look at my thinner self and think, ‘How did I let this happen again?’ ”

The media mogul told the Associated Press before the launch of her January issue of O Magazine where she talks openly about her weight problem. Poor Oprah, with a thyroid problem and an compulsive eating disorder, she has confessed that of late, she has felt like “a fat cow”.


New Janice Dickinson photo… uggh!


They say a picture says a thousand words. What do you think this new picture of a freshly botoxed and siliconed Janice Dickinson says? It’s just too scary for words if you ask me. She looks like a barbie doll that got zapped inside the microwave for a few seconds.


With Britney Spears shaving her locks for a bald head we’ve seen a variety of wigs on the pop princess.  But when are we ever going to see what’s growing under there?

Is this what Spears will look like come fall?

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OMG!  What the hell happened to Melanie?  This is what is sleeping with Antonio Banderas? 

“A lot of things happen that are not very nice.”

~Melanie Griffith


“I think I’ve had the same haircut for two years now and I was getting slightly bored. You know it’s part of something that I do.”

~David Beckham


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