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Top Celebrities Who are Avid Bloggers

Celebrities from around the globe do not just limit themselves to acting in front of the camera. Many of them support various causes and do other things they’re passionate about.

These days, a growing number of international celebrities share a common interest – blogging. It’s their way of sharing their thoughts and personal views as they go about their daily lives.

Here are some of your favorite celebrities who love to blog. Check them out here as there may be some you haven’t followed yet.

Gwyneth Paltrow


Sultry actress Gwyneth is one of those who started early in blogging. Her personal blog is where she shares some details of her life as an actress, wife, mother, daughter and cook. Read the rest of this entry »


Pregnant Celebrities Who Love Heels

Jessica Simpson Pregnant

Jessica Simpson

There is something to be said about high heels, and even women who will readily admit that heels can kill your feet will also say that heels give them an extra oomph. Whether you’re walking on the red carpet, the catwalk, or an ordinary street, the right pair of high heels just might make you feel a tad better about yourself.

But what about when you find out that you are pregnant? And what about when your belly starts showing, not to mention that your body starts feeling the weight? Read the rest of this entry »

Monaco’s Young Royalty is The New Face of Gucci

Royalty certainly comes with a public obligation to glamour especially for a young woman born into high fashion and style. And what more can epitomize a designer household name to royalty than royalty herself. Granddaughter to Hollywood icon Grace Kelly and daughter to Princess Caroline of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi signs up as the new face of Gucci.
The 25 year old young royal is an accomplished equestrian who has been closely attached to the house of Gucci for the past 2 years. She has worn nothing but Gucci for her riding gear in all her competitions thus making her one of the top 15 personal icon faves of the designer label.
The young Charlotte and her elegance has the creative director of Gucci cooing at her style as it brings back the effortless glam of her famous grandmother Princess Grace .
Gracing the cover of the September issue of French Vogue in 2011, Charlotte Casigrahi also has sashayed her way through several runways of Yves Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney fashion shows as she follows in the footsteps of her model mom . Actress Evan Rachel Wood gives way to Gucci’s new icon in a campaign to launch and introduce  its new face.

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Photo Credit: fashionblok


The say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while not every girl dreams of getting a ring on her finger, it seems that the women of Hollywood have no qualms about getting engagement rings on theirs. And in true Hollywood style, some of the stars who have high profiles have rings so extravagant that they can feed a third world country.

There is no secret that celebrities can go overboard with their engagements and weddings, but have you ever wondered just how much real people (yes, they still are real people somehow) can spend on a single ring? A video recently shown by Huffington Post gives a rundown of the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings. Read the rest of this entry »


The History of Headphones [Infographic]

History of Headphones Infographic

Celebrity Headphones

How many pairs of headphones or earbuds do you have? The chances are that you have at least a couple, each with a style of its own. Headphones used to be that these devices were under the realm of hardcore audiophiles, today, everyone just can’t get enough of them. From the simplest designs to the most ostentatious looks, there is a surplus of headphones everywhere. Read the rest of this entry »


A fab coif gets the job done even on the dreariest of personalities. One either wears it or owns it. Over the years of Hollywood glitz and glamour, celebrities are remembered for their timeless contribution to fashion and hairstyles. We have all coveted these famous tresses at some point in our lives . Armed with a magazine clipping, and hopes of a great copy cut and color of any one of Hollywood’s celebrity hair trendsetters … it’s off to the salon for what could be a life changing coiffure.

Let’s back track on some of Hollywood’s iconic hairstyles through the years .

  •  Twiggy – she owned this infamous blonde bob and became the face of of the 60’s.

  • Farrah Fawcett – heaven’s angels might as well be falling from the skies and queue at the salon for Farrah’s 70’s flip.
  • Madonna – any material girl who knew how to get into the groove wanted this dirty blonde rocker chic look.  It was sexy, wild and just says ”  I can rock your world!”
  • Winona Ryder – a fresh face was all it needed to carry off this pixie cut . It was youthful , grungey and not many could get away with it too.

  •  Jennifer Aniston – oh and how we loved Jen’s shag and all the other modifications of this versatile layered cut. The blonde highlights just gave it more depth and texture and would still look ravishing on a windy day!
  • Jennifer Lopez – although she always kept her hair long , we just loved  it’s luscious waves and length. Something about the color of her hair just gave it that sensuality.

  • Rihanna – she took the pop scene by storm with her music and her super short razor sharp edgy bob cuts. Youthful as she is , her symmetric hairstyles were both sultry and empowering.
  • Gwen Stefani – her platinum blonde pig tails and faux hawks definitely spelled no -nonsense rocker sexy.


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Jennifer Lopez Signs Up As L’Oreal Girl

Jennifer Lopez is the new face of L’oreal!  The sweet yet fiery  Latina is very excited to take on this iconic role for the cosmetic brand as she believes the brand epitomizes glamour.

Being a hard working glamour mom certainly doesn’t seem  to take toll on the songstress herself. She still boasts of dangerous curves, glowing skin and long luscious flowing locks. Who could ever guess  she is a 41 year old mamita?

Lopez  says it is very important for her to maintain great skin and beautiful hair. She wants to emphasize on a healthy look which entails keeping her hair in good condition and her skin  in top form

Although not everyone is blessed with good genes, it is not impossible to achieve a healthy young looking glow.  Jennifer strongly advises women in  any  age group to take time to look after themselves.

She says to avoid sun exposure , smoking and drinking. You would think how a woman in her status can avoid  getting sucked into an unhealthy lifestyle of non stop over indulgence in alcohol, smoking .. and  late night partying. But this girl from the block firmly believes in keeping the excesses to a bare minimum by eating healthy, not smoking and binging on alcohol and going tan crazy chasing the sun.

For most Caucasians, sun damage is a detrimental factor to losing that healthy glow.  Always use sunscreen whenever  you step out of the house. Lopez admits her excitement  since she  herself will tell you that  she admires  how L’Oreal is always instep with glamour and innovation.



Photo Credit: al7n6awi

Photo Credit: al7n6awi

Want to be red carpet-ready in a snap? Do what celebrities do nowadays and go for tanning lotions with bronzers. Event after event, you will see them posing in front of cameras without having to worry about uneven pale skin, and without the tan lines to show for it, everyone knows that celebrities left and right are using bronzers to give their skin a healthy looking glow all year. The good thing is that bronzers are accessible to mere mortals like the rest of us.

If you need to get a nice event an for a special event, you can go the celebrity way by using a tanning lotion with bronzing agents. Bronzers, if applied properly, will give you an temporary tan instantly. To make sure that you do get that healthy looking skin though, and not a sickly orange look, you need to pick a bronzer that works well with your natural skin tone. Take all the time you need in choosing the bronzer that will give you the effect that you want.

Never ever buy one without having tried it first. You also have to make sure that you apply the bronzer evenly and that you get to the easy to miss parts like right behind the ears so that you do not look mottled or patched up. Have a friend help you out if you need it. Celebrities also glow not just because of their tanning lotions, but also because they really take care of their skin well. So when you do choose a tanning lotion, choose one that not only matches your skin tone, but will also keep it well moisturized.


Aloft Jet-set Hotels Launch with Style

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Starwood Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.

Aloft Hotels, the new hip hotel location for trendy and young fashion crowd around the world, is ready to rock out and is looking for the next person to reach stardom. With project: aloft star the modern hotel brand is reaching out to everyone and opening its wxyz sm bars, where guests mix up with celebrities. Parties are regularly organised at any of the 40+ hotels now open and opening soon and live music and emerging DJs fill the dance floor with the hottest tunes of the moment.

Aloft Hotels bring you style and a tech-savvy environment focused on the younger urban crowd and cool. To get a feel of the aloft style, check out explorealofthotels and stay tuned about the latest live events on Aloft: project star can win a live gig at Live in The Vineyard.

What is Live in The Vineyard?

Live In The Vineyard marries peoples’ access to recording artists, top tier wine makers, and world- renowned chefs during an “once-in-a-lifetime” event. The three-day event consists of a series of private and exclusive “winner” only acoustic concerts from some of today’s hottest pop superstars and emerging artists.

These Vineyard events take place in the foothills of California’s famed wine country – Napa Valley, and include lodging from some of Napa’s finest resorts, tours and private tastings with the most revered vintners, exquisite foods, and intimate concerts unmatched by any other public show. All of our attendees have a chance to meet and talk with our participating artists, chefs, and wineries for a total immersion in music, wine and food!

If you play in a band, or are a solo artist and want to participate, become a fan of aloft hotels on Facebook and submit a video of a performance. Get your friends voting and who knows whether you’re the next one to perform live at the exclusive event in California.

If you’re looking for a trendy place to spend your holidays or to just hang out, check for a aloft hotel and start booking. Trendy hotels and lots of live events open to anyone. Mix up with the celebrities in one of 40 locations world wide and get grooving.

Visit my sponsor: Aloft Hotels


The best place for celebs to show off their hot designer duds is in the VIP section of fashion shows. Check out these Hollywood fashionistas who managed to steal the attention away from the catwalks at the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010. Who wins your vote for best dressed?

Jean-Paul Gaultier - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Rihanna attended the Jean-Paul Gaultier Pret a Porter show wearing a daring cutout number. Accompanying her at the fashion shows is stylist Mariel Haenn.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
She also managed to keep her hands warm in a jewel-encrusted Chanel muff in the French designer’s show.

Christian Dior - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 - Arrivals
Dita Von Teese arrived at the Christian Dior show in her signature old Hollywood glam look.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer went for military chic at the Chanel Pret a Porter show.

Stella McCartney - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
It’s in the jeans. Gwyneth Paltrow kept it casual at the Stella McCartney show in Palais De Tokyo.

Sonia Rykiel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Katy Perry went hot for sequins at the Sonia Rykiel show. To the surprise of her fans, she ditched her usual colorful retro wardrobe and went for a darker look.

Emmanuel Ungaro - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Lindsay Lohan (right) and Spanish designer Estrella Archs walked the runway for Emmanuel Ungaro. Lohan was introduced as the fashion brand’s artistic director, much to the dismay of critics.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Singer Prince outshone the other men (and women!) at the Grand Palais for Chanel. His sexy high heels will put any catwalk diva to shame.

Giambattista Valli - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Rocker dude meets boho chick. Couple Max Snow and Mary-Kate Olsen attended the Giambattista Valli Pret a Porter show as part of the Paris Women’s Wear Fashion Week in Jardin des Tuileries.

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010
Lily Allen (right) gave a surprise musical performance at the Chanel Pret a Porter show. She popped out from a pile of hay to perform her hit song “Not Fair.”

Fans and regular folks alike, just love to have the latest clothes their favorite stars are into. They may not be able to afford those designer labels but that’s what not counts. As with the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada“, where they said the ordinary folk doesn’t realize that the clothes they wear are influenced indirectly by the sizzling styles of Hollywood and the many fashion designers the world over. The best hot and what’s not in the realm of Hollywood makes headlines all over with pap’s clicking away for your viewing pleasure.
So whether you need the latest and hottest wardrobe setup, or just a preview of how good your favorite stars look. Then you need access to the latest style news which you can find in the many fashion web sites on the internet. Log on and see what the stars are into to create your own style or look like your favorite stars on the streets of Hollywood.


Pink should hire a new stylist

I dunno about you guys, but I don’t think that the gown Pink is wearing suits her. I think asymmetrical details only look good on certain body types and hers is not one of them.


Celebs who break the rules


Some celebrities are fashion victims, whose fashion statement can be summarized in one word: tacky.
Others somehow know how to bend the rules to their own personality and make it look oh, so good.
Here our favorite fashion renegades


Fashion disaster?


Celebs are one of the most influential trendsetters… but sometimes, you just have to ask yourself if their so-called style trademarks are wearable off the red carpet. Check out these stars’ latest looks and rate them.


No, it ain’t posh enough


Posh is very… determined. Despite her efforts at a fashion career bombing at all fronts, she’s gone ahead and launched a men’s line…which bombed too.

Listen, Posh. It’s not going to happen. Find something else to do. Fashion’s not your thing.


Jessica Simpson gets Intimate

jessica simpson

It was bound to happen. Jessica Simpson’s already developed a very successful fashion and accessories business — with bags, shoes, sunglasses, and swimsuits. Now she’s gone into lingerie, which she calls Jessica Simpson’s Intimates. The line will be released next spring.“I like different lingerie for different occasions. I think that’s the best thing about it. You can feel sexy or girly depending on your mood.”


Baby beautiful

Nicole Kidman is one of the few people who can look absolutely gorgeous in the middle of a difficult pregnancy. Check out her naternity chic. She looks better than most people do even when they’re not pregnant!!!


Bye, YSL

yves saint laurentYves Saint Laurent, designer and fashion guru, passed away recently. Check here for a
photo celebration of his life, and his contribution as one of the world’s greatest style makers.


Kelly Rip-off

Kelly Rippa’s dress looks like a giant feather duster. At least we know if the Cannes Film Festival’s cleaning crew ever need to lift the flecks off the red carpet, they just have to trip her and kick her in the general direction of the dust bunnies.


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