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Kiera Knightley got married over the weekend and without much fanfare.


Apparently, she’s not so big on wedding plans, there was no extravagant circus the kind you’d expect from an A-List celeb.
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Mariah Carey pumpkin disneyland

Mariah Carey is going all out with her fairytale fantasy ceremony- her fifth time to renew wedding vows with husband Nick Cannon, 32.
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No baby bump for Jessica Simpson? Quite a miracle for Weight Watchers to have the country singer lose 50 pounds months after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew.

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Kelly Clarkson is now engaged to longtime boyfriend and talent manager Brandon Blackstock. Kelly even tweeted the engagement sparkler to prove it!

The fancy wedding bling sure looks like it weighs a ton and would truly fit an American idol.

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The highlight of the Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel wedding may have been the cheeky video of the ‘Homeless’ wishing them well during their lavish $6 million wedding in Italy.

And to drowned out all the media backlash of their reception, the couple is now enjoying a wild romantic honeymoon in Africa.
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No longer the Disney princess she once was, Miley Cyrus with her blonde crop now went as a spooky skeleton for a Halloween.

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Right after New York Fashion Week, Paris Hilton has been very busy showing off her hot young 21 year- old Spanish beau River Viiperi.

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Anne Hathaway has married her newest beau Adam Shulman in another surprise celebrity Big Sur weekend wedding. Just after a one year engagement,  Anne has finally tied the knot with the jewelry designer. Anne has pulled a fast one on the tabloids, as her wedding was not expected to happen until 2013 due to her film commitments.

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Natalie Portman has ditched the glam factor for her wedding and opted for a very simple wedding gown which was neither elegant nor understated.

Often a stunner during red carpet events, Natalie Portman’s wedding look however was a huge letdown. Quite frankly, the wedding dress with the long sheer sleeves and the frumpy silhouette was just unflattering, it simply did not suit this lovely bride.
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Chris Noth Ties The Big Knot

And oh the sound of many breaking hearts when Mr. Big finally took the bite at the big M word and said goodbye to his long time bachelor life on Sex in the City. Well, maybe not so many, as we do know how long Carrie Bradshaw waited  for him to finally commit.

Who knew in real life he was the same commitment gun shy person. Chris Noth certainly has been ducking out on marriage for a long while but finally exchanged vows with his long time girlfriend Tara Wilson last April 6. Ten years was a real test for the couple, being that Tara was only 20 yrs old when the couple met way back in 2002. They dated all the way and became parents to their son Orion in January 2008, and only in October 2009 did they announce their engagement.

Now 57 yrs old, Chris Noth seems to have had a his light bulb moment coming. However, he chose to keep this momentous day romantic and arranged a  very intimate Hawaiian sunset wedding at a posh beachfront venue on Makena Beach. Officiated by a local priest and celebrated with just 10 guests, this was certainly nothing short of a seriously romantic wedding, and only called for a reception at one of Hawaii’s award winning restaurants , The Gannon. In his charcoal double breasted suit, and her in a white sleeveless white dress , the groom ran off with his blushing bride to their honeymoon suite at the Four Seasons in Maui.

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So is she or isn’t she? That remains to be the question for Drew Barrymore’s rather showy little baby bump. Ouuf, did I say baby bump? Naah, it might just be one too many grilled cheese sandwiches for this hippy flippy quirky chic.

Stepping out on the town in a rather tell-tale T-shirt in Los Angeles, it’s pretty evident  that tiny tummy protrusion is could certainly be a biological statement of impending motherhood for  Drew.

The 37 year old actress was doing a grocery run at the time in a pair of skinny low rise jeans and a rather flimsy loose fitting navy blue Tee which seemed to hint of a round delicate paunch.

The tattle tongues have not stopped wagging about Drew’s pregnancy ever since pictures of her came out in public carrying a sonogram last January.

Sources have been pretty keen on their confirmation that her fiance’ Will Koperman popped the question together with a colourless cut 4 carat diamond and  plan to tie the knot this summer.

After a string of relationships,  ill-fated engagementsand  two short lived marriages, we’re hoping the Drew has finally found her one true thing with the son of former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman

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Still grieving over the loss of her mother, Bobbi Kristina seems to have found her own way of coping with death in the arms of her  22 yr old  “brother”,  Nick Gordon.  Whitney Houston’s death surely has stirred some pretty disturbing issues lurking  in the wake of her demise as her 19 year old daughter has been openly physically affectionate towards her adopted brother. This has caused some concern for both the Houston matriarch, Cissy Houston and her granddaughter.

As of press time, Bobbi has been seen publicly sporting what seems to be an engagement  bling on her  finger. Word has spread that the “siblings” are secretly engaged and are planning a wedding rendezvous in Vegas sometime soon. They have been spotted around their hometown in Atlanta,  carelessly throwing out some serious “non- brotherly/sisterly” PDA for everyone to see.

Although the two are not blood relatives to begin with, as Nick Gordon was taken in by Whitney Houston at the age of 12 to live with her since his mother was incapable of taking care of him and his father was serving a sentence in prison. Bobbi and Nick lived in the same home and obviously  have shared a deep bonded connection growing up together.

Whether this may be some distorted romance,  Bobbi is determined to dismiss any family interference, as her grandmother has not been pleased about the turn of events, calling the relationship “incestuous”.

The matriarch is adamant on her intentions of  having Gordon evicted from  Whitney Houston’s townhouse where he lives with Bobbi.


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After 2 marriages that didn’t work out so well for award winning actress Halle Berry, it seems love has found it’s way back into her life again. Just over the holidays, 45 yr old Berry gave  her big yes to Olivier Martinez but surprisingly enough the couple opted to keep the news to themselves.

Olivier Martinez , 46, finally broke the happy news at the opening of their restaurant , the Villa Azur in Miami.

Fate brought the two love birds together while they were working on Dark Tide.  It was in 2010 that they officially became a Hollywood dating power couple.

Apparently, there have been issues with regards to the engagement bauble, as according to Martinez, some jeweller has been wanting to put its name on the design of the ring. The actor has strongly stressed there is no truth the claim of the said jeweller and confirms that the ring is a an original design by Robert Mazlo.

The ring designer hails from the Martinez’ old neighbourhood in Saint Germain des Pres and is a much acclaimed artist who has done years and years of  work for a lot of royal families.

Halle Berry was married in 1993 for four years to major leagues baseball player David Justice and once again married R& B singer Eric Benet. Unfortunately, her last marriage only lasted for 2 years . She also has a 3 yr old daughter with recent ex boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. As for the suave French fiance’, Olivier Martinez was in a relationship with Kylie Minogue for a good number of years.

Hopefully, these two have found keepers in each other’s arms this time around.

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The say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while not every girl dreams of getting a ring on her finger, it seems that the women of Hollywood have no qualms about getting engagement rings on theirs. And in true Hollywood style, some of the stars who have high profiles have rings so extravagant that they can feed a third world country.

There is no secret that celebrities can go overboard with their engagements and weddings, but have you ever wondered just how much real people (yes, they still are real people somehow) can spend on a single ring? A video recently shown by Huffington Post gives a rundown of the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings. Read the rest of this entry »


A Ring, Ms. Rounds and Rosie

There are blings about this holiday season and they come in heavy carat-age and loud cha-chings! It seems Christmas is the best time to get down on your knees and pop the question. If you’re not rockin’ a baby bump, sport a blinding rock on your finger .
Rosie O’ Donnel broke her happy news during a commercial break on The Rosie Show as she described her proposal to Michelle Rounds. With her head down and a lump in her throat, she hands out the bauble to the NY based IT head hunter whom she met at Starbucks.
There were plans of a Christmas wedding, but it seems the couple are considering a late spring celebration to accommodate more friends and loved ones. O’Donnel obviously is quite smitten with 28 yr old Rounds, saying that she knew that Michelle was exactly what she wanted just a week after they met in September!
Truth of the matter was, O’Donnel had her gay-dar on the blink at the time and actually thought Michelle was straight. In fact, Michelle’s parents are in painful shock as they always thought she was straight. Well, that $100,000 rock on her finger certainly sets everything straight. Significantly, Rosie chose a platinum ring that shows off a ring of rounds that sets a cushion cut 4-carat diamond.
Rosie’ chidren with ex, Kelli Carpenter on the other hand, are excited about the news of their ……mom’s new found love.

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Sinead O’Connor Gets Hitched with Hubby No. 4

Guess who’s tying the knot this week  and adding a 4th husband to her list of attempts for eternal marital bliss? Sinead O’ Connor celebrates her 45th birthday on the same day she exchanges nuptial vows with boyfriend Barrie Herridge.

Strangely enough, the singer turned priestess, who also once admitted she was a dyke has just recently gone public through her blog, about her quest and desperation for sex. Last August, O’Connor expressed utter depression on the fact that she is way too lovely to be living the wonderful celibate life of a nun. Hence, this has prompted her to go on a public hunt for  a lover.

Okay, now as much as we would all like to find some coherence in all the twisted facts about this woman,  there is no point in trying to.  As everything this talented singer  has tried to make of herself all through her years of being ….uh…. herself, nothing just seems to make any sense at all.

O’ Connor has 4 children from 3 previous marriages.  She divorced  ex husband no.3, Oz singer Steve Cooney last April, just 8 months after marrying him!

So now what? Does she remain a dyke priest or is she  a reborn woman now? With that huge tattoo on her chest, we’re guessing it’s all up to divine intervention to get her properly sorted out.

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Anne Hathaway Flashes Her New Bauble

What else could be sweeter than a Christmas bling to go with Christmas cheer? Anne Hathaway is certainly basking in all this,  as she gets to dazzle paparazzi attention  with the unmistakable bauble on her finger.

Having totally confirmed her engagement to  fiancé Adam Shulman, the 29 year old actress  showed off her man and her bling while taking a romantic afternoon stroll at the park along with their chocolate lab doggy just this weekend.

The couple seemed to enjoy just whiling away the day locked in each other’s arms and lips and seemingly careless of the cameras clicking from a distance.

A girl can only be so lucky when her fiancé just happens to be a jewelry designer/actor as this only reassures her of some serious bling soon as the question gets popped. And sure enough, Adam Shulman had nothing but the best in his mind for this rather fitting occasion. He worked hand in hand with Kwiat Heritage Jewels to have Anne’s ring entirely custom made with a mouth dropping  6.1 carat diamond set in platinum and approximately rings the cash register at $ 150,000.00.

All seems rosy at this time for the couple, who began dating back in 2008. Anne admits that her current romance is a wee bit more on the mellow side but admits this makes for a rather good life than it is a juicy story to write about.

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The Cost of a Kardashian Wedding

Kim Kardashian has turned non-celebrity longevity into a science. You’d be hard pressed to find any other reality TV star who has enjoyed lasting popularity over doing nothing — well, except for showing that impossibly large butt. But now you can add another achievement for Kardashian, the ability to turn a wedding into both an amazingly extravagant affair, and at the same time earn from it as well. Not that she’s the first one to do it. Remember, Star Jones? But The Kardashian wedding’s extravagance — given that other people footed the bill — is something for the books. If you don’t believe me, just look at this cool infographic on the Kardashian wedding Vs an average wedding from the folks at Read the rest of this entry »


Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed to finally wed

One of the more enduring relationships in Hollywood has been between Kiss’ Gene Simmons and Playboy playmate and B-movie vixen Shannon Tweed. Yes, the guy with the unusually long tongue and the girl who made men’s tongues flap out have a long-standing relationship – not really surprising despite the unusual pairing. The couple has been together for 28 years despite allegations of infidelity and Simmons’ reputation for allegedly bedding thousands of women. If that doesn’t make for a rock solid relationship I don’t know what will.

Simmons’ refusal to get hitched has become legendary – he has probably become the demigod of eternal bachelors like George Clooney – although Clooney has the face and debonair reputation to carry it with style. Simmons is just, well, let’s face it he attracts the more skanky demographic.

So back to the wedding. The man has finally decided that it’s high time to make a legitimate woman of the mother of his two children. The wedding is slated to be held on October 1. Some say that this is just another stunt to get more viewers to watch their reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, but as a hopeless romantic I hope that this one is the real deal. It will just blow if they use marriage as a publicity stunt – yes, I’m looking at you Spencer and Heidi.

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