Mel Gibson to Diane Sawyer: Sober for 65 Days

Mel Gibson told Good Morning America‘s Diane Sawyer that he’s been sober for 65 days and that he’s trying to put his Jew-hating July 28 drunk driving arrest behind him.  Mel is even calling the anti-Semitic rant “the stupid rambling of a drunkard.” 50-year-old Gibson revealed to Sawyer that he had started drinking again two months before being pulled […]

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Donate $100K to Daniel Pearl Foundation

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie made a $100,000 donation to the Daniel Pearl Foundation in memory of the American journalist who was kidnapped and tragically killed in Pakistan February 2002. The monetary gift was made through the Jolie-Pitt Foundation and was presented Tuesday, what would have been the late Pearl’s 43rd birthday. Pitt & Jolie made […]

Scarlett Johansson on Josh Hartnett & Monogamy

Sienna Miller may think monogamy is dead, remember that infamous quote?  “I don’t know, monogamy is a weird thing for me. It’s an overrated virtue, because, let’s face it, we’re f-cking animal.” But 21-year-old starlett Scarlett Johansson recently told Rolling Stone that she is a one-man woman.  Here she is now. “When I’m in a relationship, I’m in […]

Anna Nicole Smith’s Larry Birkhead is a Positive Thinker

    Larry Birkhead, one of two men claiming paternity on Anna Nicole Smith’s newborn baby, was snapped outside of Toys ‘R Us in NYC September 26.  The photojournalist has claimed that he, not Anna Nicole’s lawyer & semi-husband Howard K. Stern, is the father of Dannilynn Hope.  Birkhead recently filed a paternity suit in […]

Matt Dillon Blasts President Bush Immigration Policies

42-year-old Crash star Matt Dillon has blasted President George W. Bush’s administration’s immigration polices.  Dillon has accused the leader’s tactics of “denying everything that America stands for.” Dillon went on to state that he believes that the Bush administration has forgotten the roots of the country and is stunned by plans to build an actual fence along the U.S. & Mexico […]

Mel Gibson Hates Jews & the Iraq War

Well, it looks like Jews are not the only thing Mel Gibson hates.  Gibson made a surprise public appearance Friday at the Fantastic Fest in Texas to promote his new film Apocalypto. During his first public appearance since his drunk driving & Jew hating comments, Gibson slammed the war in Iraq and warned festival goers that […]

Dave Navarro Trashes ‘Life & Style’ Magazine

Rocker & Carmen Electra ex Dave Navarro has a lot of time on his hands lately & has been a busy, busy bee.  Recently on his blog, Navarro has let loose some steam on Life & Style magazine.  Here is the man now. “Life & Style are now officially the new Kings of the Bottom […]

George Clooney Attacks Media

Hollywood hunk, actor & activist George Clooney has launched an attack on the media at large, and most especially the New York Times. A staunch opponent of President George W. Bush, Clooney charges the media with beating around the Bush when it comes to George W’s performance as the country’s leader.  He blames the American public for focusing […]

The Manny is Back: Now Protecting Jude Law

The Manny is back.  Perry Taylor who we know & love from protecting Britney Spears & family looks to now be employed by none other than Jude Law. Why the new Law assignment?  Did Jude see a little something extra in this one?  Well, maybe the on-again-off-again Sienna Miller will reap some rewards.

Last Pictures of Anna Nicole Smith’s Son Daniel Sold

You know, I never quite know how to take these types of things.  Reps for Anna Nicole Smith have sold the last known photographs of Daniel Wayne Smith for more than $600,000.  Daniel tragically & suddenly died in the Bahamas last week shortly after seeing mom Anna Nicole & his newborn sister. The pictures of Daniel, Anna Nicole & her newborn […]

Winona Ryder to Save Your Ass from Skin Cancer

        Skin cancer sucks, but Winona Ryder naked certainly does not.  So, when you combine the two it isn’t so bad, right? Ryder is helping to raise awareness (and will probably raise some other things in her efforts) for skin cancer.  The actress has posed nude, thank the heavens for us, for t-shirts and […]

George Clooney Speaks to UN

  Hollywood hunk George Clooney delivered a speech yesterday to the United Nations Security Council.  The actor, as he has done in the past, urged the UN to finally act on the continuing violence in Sudan.  Clooney warned members that the genocide in Sudan was taking place on their “watch.” He stated, “I’m here to represent the voices of the […]

‘Death of a President’, Bush Assassination Film US Release

Death of a President, the fictional documentary by British director/creator Gabriel Range, is set to be released in the United States.  One of the most talked-about movies from the Toronto Film Festival has sold the distribution rights to Newmarket Films.  This will not be the first provocative film the company has handled, Mel Gibson used Newmarket to distribute […]

You Can Breathe- Lindsay Lohan’s Bag Recovered

    We can now all go back to our life, teen queen Lindsay Lohan will be able to hold & cherish her orange Hermes Birkin bag once again. The bag in question was “stolen” yesterday at London’s Heathrow Airport as Lohan & beau Harry Morton were returning from their Venice travels. A Metro Police […]

Katie, I Mean Kate, Holmes Speaks Out in ‘Vanity Fair’

Katie Holmes has spoken out in the latest edition of Vanity Fair.  Along with the first photographs of her & Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri, Holmes has revealed to the publication how the media made her feel during the much-covered pregnancy & after. The October edition of Vanity Fair features the first printed photos of five-month-old Suri, as posted yesterday, […]

‘World Trade Center’ Movie to Donate $1.3 Million

  The producers of World Trade Center are making good on their promises to donate five percent of the film’s weekend-box office receipts, kinda small in the longrun, to the September 11th memorial.  The memorial foundation made an announcement yesterday that the producers of the Oliver Stone movie will be donating $1.3 million. A further donation of […]

Penelope Cruz Slams Teen Magazines

It looks like beauty & actress Penelope Cruz has a soul, so I’m left wondering why she dated Scientologist Tom Cruise.  WhatEv. The better Cruz has slammed teen magazines for promoting unhealthy role models for young girls.  She says the publications have a “horrific” influence on teenagers & would close them down if she could. Cruz states, […]

Rob Schneider Vows to Never Work with Mel Gibson

  Former SNL star Rob Schneider has publicly (or as he would say, pubicly) announced that he will never work with Jew-hater & drunkypants Mel Gibson.  Which is most odd, since I feel more people would want to work with anti-Semite Gibson than the Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo Schneider.  I’m not even sure Mel would agree to that […]

Hilary Duff & Her Possible Virginity

Hilary Duff seems to be in some strange waters after denying she told a reporter that she is still a virgin &  insists she would never discuss her sex life for public consumption, sorry guys. The 18-year-old singer/actress, who is currently dating rocker Joel Madden, has blasted the Elle story & says the story is completely fabricated.  […]