Pete Doherty Arrested for Possession of Crack Cocaine (Again)

I am growing weary of punching the keys regarding the continued drug abuse by 27-year-old Pete Doherty.  I am so tired of this dumbass screwing up his career without question, that any more Pete Doherty drug charges will now belong in the ‘Conscience & Morality Tales’ category. Now, on to business.  Pete was arrested over […]

Matthew McConaughey Gets Wasted for 37th Birthday

Thanks to Celebitchy, we have a Matthew McConaughey Gets Wasted for His 37th Birthday montage.  A lot of men his age would be toasting their wife over a nice dinner, or taking the kids on a tour of Europe, but no, Matthew McConaughey is just getting completely wasted for his big day. McConaughey turned the big […]

Madonna Reacts to David Banda Adoption Media

Madonna has some more words for us regarding her adoption of 1-year-old Malawian David Banda.  Basically Madonna says the media fueled the debate on the southeast African adoption and made the whole thing seem more important that it was.  Here is Madonna now. “But when you throw in things like I’m a celebrity and I somehow got special […]

Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie in New Delhi Pictures

While partner Brad Pitt was enjoying his Babel Los Angeles premiere, Angelina Jolie was taking on her role as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador. The actress visited New Delhi this weekend and is pictured listening to Sikh children playing religious music at the Khalsa Diwan Welfare Society (KDWS).  The KDWS is an organization run by & for Afghan refugees. […]

Madoption News: Madonna Adoption Update

Well, we’ve heard statements from just about everyone regarding Madonna’s adoption of 1-year-old Malawian toddler David Banda.  First David’s father Yohane Banda made negative comments regarding the queen of pop, then Madonna came out with her own statement, then Yohane made a statement supporting the material girl, and now Yohane is back stating that he never knew that adoption […]

Claudia Schiffer Says Models are Too Thin

36-year-old Claudia Schiffer says that models are too thin & are no longer attractive.  Now, isn’t that a little like the pot calling the kettle black? “It doesn’t really look good any more,” Schiffer recently stated.   “Fashion looks good on thin models, but when you look at today’s models you can not help but think there […]

Father of Adopted Baby David Banda Defends Madonna

Father of adopted Malawian boy Yohane Banda made a statement of praise for Madonna Wednesday, I’m sure after the $2 million bribe. On Tuesday statements were released from Banda that were not exactly positive regarding the queen of pop and later that day at Madoption headquarters Madonna issued her own statement regarding her adoption of 1-year-old David Banda. It’s […]

Chris Rock’s Mom Rose Sues Cracker Barrel for Discrimination

Chris Rock’s mother Rose had an unfortunate time at a Cracker Barrel restaurant along the South Carolina coast.  Rose was seated at the Southern restaurant, but ignored for more than half an hour before she was even attended to by a waiter.  Rock says she intends to sue the Lebanon, Tennessee-based company, while a Cracker Barrel […]

A Letter from Madonna Regarding Malawi Adoption

“My husband and I began the adoption process many months prior to our trip to Malawi. I did not wish to disclose my intentions to the world prior to the adoption happening as this is a private family matter. After learning that there were over one million orphans in Malawi, it was my wish to […]