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John Mayer and Taylor Swift

The song is several years old, but it seems that John Mayer has not forgotten the sting of it.

Remember “Dear John” by Taylor Swift? The aftermath of her relationship with well known playboy John Mayer did not leave her glowing with love. Contrarily, the “little girl” sniped back with a vengeance.

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I rather than fury, but I think that I sense a deeper, stronger emotion than fury in the words Taylor Swift penned for her ex-lover. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones

Reality TV show American Idol has not failed to capture the attention and the hearts of viewers all over the world. Sure, there are probably just as many critics, but haters will hate, and there is nothing you can do to stop them!

The recent move of the American Idol team regarding finalist Jermaine Jones just might make fans feel torn about their favorite reality singing show. Entertainment web sites have been burning with the news that Jermaine Jones has been kicked out of the show in spite of having made it to last night’s episode. He was not voted out. He did not fail. Yet he was given the boot before the show. Read the rest of this entry »

Phil Spector: Guilty

Retrial Of Music Producer Phil Spector Continues

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, music producer, boy genius – they all apply to Phil Spector, but let’s add another tag, shall we? Murderer, if the conviction is for real. He is facing up to life imprisonment because of the charges that he killed Lana Clarkson in 2003. Reports say he seemed unmoved when the verdict was announced.


Ted Haggard’s Fall From Grace

Megachurch Simulcasts Call For Conservative Supreme Court Nominee

Ted Haggard is still in the limelight as he used to be, but for a different reason. We’ve been reading about him and seeing him on TV recently and on the eve of the release of a documentary about him, more scandalous items are cropping up. Watch him on Oprah tonight and make sure to look out for the documentary.

Amy Winehouse is spotted with unidentified man on the beach in St.Lucia

It seems like it was just yesterday when we heard news that Wino was going to reunite with her hubby, Blake Incarcerated, wasn’t it? According to Blake’s lawyer, however, he is going to file for divorce pretty soon. What’s the reason? Wino’s infidelity. Hmm…

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Los Angeles Premiere

Angelina Jolie: They fell in love while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
Jennifer Aniston: That’s uncool.
Brad Pitt: They were still filming after he and Jen split up.
Get it? That’s when they fell in love…okay…

Debut L.A. LIVE's

As the year comes to an end, Britney seems to be gaining back some of the ground that she has lost (and she lost lots of it too) over the years. With a new album and a tour in the next year, she just might make a comeback. Before she can do that, though, she needs to give over $1M to those who have helped her in keeping herself together.

Heiress Sunny von Bülow Passes Away

Sunny von Bülow, the Paris Hilton of the 50’s, died on December 6 after 28 years of being in a coma at age 76. The glam socialite, who inherited 75M from her Father, an energy magnate, came into the world headlines when she was allegedly poisoned by her husband Claus von Bulow. Claus was acquitted in 1985 and the film “Reversal of Fortune” was made in 1991, where the couple was portrayed by Glen Close and Jeremy Irons, who won an Oscar for his chilling portrayal of Claus.


See that woman next to Shania Twain in the picture? She WAS one of her best friends… until she and Shania’s husband had an affair!
That’s the real reason behind the breakup, says some sources.


Nanny accuses Rob Lowe of harassment

Rob Lowe has denied Jessica Gibson’s allegations of sexual harassment (and other behavior that is ” offensive, insulting, unwelcome, mean, perverted, crude and lascivious”). But the former nanny is sticking to her story, even though Rob’s attorney has said that he’s found no one to verify her claims.

So now it’s a game of he said, she said. Who’ll win? Get the low down on the case in the next issue of People magazine.


Priscilla Presley: I was conned!


Let this be a lesson. Priscilla Presley, who recently stepped back into the limelight by joining “Dancing With the Stars”, revealed she had been conned by an unqualified plastic surgeon identified as Dr. Daniel Serrano.

Her rep said: “Priscilla Presley was one of many documented victims of Dr. Serrano. An investigation which uncovered his misconduct ultimately lead to his imprisonment. Ms. Presley dealt with this matter years ago and everything is well.”

Turned out that Serrano was just a nurse, and was using synthetic collagen and tiny solid beads unapproved by the FDA. Priscilla had been wowed by the “fabulous endorsements” he had gotten from the women he had also conned.


Miley stands up for Jamie Spears


Teen idols have to stick together. Miley Cyrus

Pretty generous of Miley to say that. So far she’s stayed out of trouble — she says she hasn’t even gone out on a “real date” yet. But that was the same spiel Britney Spears gave everyone (Ms. “I’m not going to have sex until after I get married”) and look where she is now.



You can say what you like about Tom Cruise – his nutty sofa antics, strange marriage, fervent beliefs etc, but when it comes to parenting, all evidence points to the fact that Tom has been doing a pretty decent job as a parent.  And its not just to mini-paparazzi darling Suri. Don’t forget that Tom has two adopted kids with ex Nicole Kidman, Connor and Isabella, now entering their teens.

Nick, on the other hand, has been getting the bad rap when it comes to parenting, with numerous reports saying things like Nicole has a “strained” relationship with her kids, doesn’t spend enough time with the, and worst, they don’t even call her “Mum”.


Stars reach out to the homeless


Thank God some celebrities have better things to do with their time and money than date horrible men or buy ridiculously overpriced designer bags.

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart went downtown to serve turkey to the homeless, joined by Kirk Douglas and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Douglas said, “It’s inspiring to see actors and politicians come and help serve. It will help their souls as much as it helps the guests being served.”

Los Angeles has one of the United States’ highest population of homeless people, estimated at 40,000.


Fresh from her Hawaii vacation, busty babe Pamela Anderson flew to Russia to save the chickens.

Anderson was spotted Wednesday leaving her Moscow hotel.  According to several news agencies, the celeb flew from Hawaii to Russia to speak with the president of Rostik, KFC’s Russian counterpart, about the abuse of millions of chickens.

It’s really very sweet & generous of Pam to spend her time fighting for the animals, we kinda have a soft spot for her in that way.

But I wonder, does Pam speak chicken?  Also, it looks like you could walk up Pamela’s forehead with that many wrinkles!

{Photo Credit & Source}

We all know that Jennifer Ansiton & Vince Vaughn are no more, and I think we knew that like last year or something.  With Aniston’s rep Stephen Huvane officially coming out with the couple’s break-up on Wednesday, it’s leaving us doing a little second-guessing.

Blogger Perez Hilton is caught up in the midst of an Stephen Huvane battle.  Once the news hit yesterday regarding the so-called split, Perez posted an item accusing Aniston & rep Huvane of lying about the break-up for months.  Within just a few hours, Stephen himself posted a response to Hilton’s accusations.  Here he is now.

Hey there.
Just saw your item and wanted to correct you. I understand that being mean is your thing and honestly I am not trying to convince you to be any other way. If that’s what makes you happy then by all means go ahead and be mean. It’s just that if you are going to be mean then try being right. We never told People magazine that Jennifer and Vince were still together. Just do a little research and you will find that we told that Jennifer was not engaged, had not been proposed to, and had no ring.

Your venom towards Jennifer and Kirsten is something I will never quite understand because if you actually knew these two ladies you would really like them.

I hope you will fix your item but my expectations are really low.

Stephen Huvane

To which, of course, Perez Hilton replied:

Excuse us???

If Jennifer did not lie to People magazine, then what the fuck was THIS all about!!!

Huvane orchestrated to have his client on the cover of People in late October, and the headline screamed “Defending Their Love.”

What more, not only did Maniston lie to us and People magazine, but she also lied to Oprah, and that’s much worse!

In mid-October, Jennifer made an appearance on Oprah and she lied to the talk show host and her millions of viewers, saying that she and Vince Vaughn were still together.

And, even though they had hardly seen each other all of September or October, Huvane himself lied about the status of Maniston’s relationship.

When reports surfaced in October that Chinocchio had been dumped by Vaughn, Huvane issued this statement, claiming that any breakup talk was “rubbish.”

Finally, when it became painfully clear to Mister Huvane and Miz Anitson that they could no longer continue deceiving her “fans,” they turned to their lapdog People magazine this week once again, issuing the following statement on Tuesday night: “After Jennifer’s trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today.”

Unfortunately for Chinocchio and Huvane, their history of lies and deception with the public and the media have made them lose all credibility.

Next time you send us an email trying to “spin” us, Stephen, you might want to do a little research and try to be right!


Reearrrr!   The claws are out & let the cat fight begin.  My bet is on Perez!

What do you think- Can Perez Hilton take Stephen Huvane in a morality fight?  What about a cat fight, then?


Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Lost in Translation


Gwyneth Paltrow spends more than half her time in London since she is married to Brit Chris Martin, and Gwen has sone strong feelings about the English that she recently told a Portuguese newspaper about.  Here is Gwen now, “The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans.”

Wow, harsh words for an American native.  Apparently, though, Paltrow is insisting that her words were lost in translation & feels “deeply” upset about the whole thing & wants to set the record straight.  People reports:

“I felt so upset to be completely misconstrued and I never, ever would have said that,” says the 34-year-old Oscar winner. “I definitely did not say that I think the British are more intelligent and civilized than Americans. I am a New York girl, that’s how I always think of myself and see myself.”

As for where the quotes came from, Paltrow says she did not give an interview to the Portuguese daily newspaper, though she did give a press conference – in Spanish – for an endorsement she did in Spain.

“This is what I said. I said that Europe is a much older culture and there’s a difference. I always say in America, people live to work and in Europe, people work to live. There are positives in both,” says the actress, adding, “Obviously I need to go back to seventh-grade Spanish!”

Paltrow also went on to say that she is proud to be an American & glad that her father instilled that in her at a young age.  I dunno, though, this is all so reminiscent of that Johnny Depp U.S. quote.

What do you think- Did Gwyneth Paltrow really mean that the Brits are more intelligent?



Michael Richards Ready for Legal Apology

michael-richards-apologizes-12-4-206.jpg57-year-old Michael Richards has been a naughty boy & I’m thinking that he didn’t make Santa’s list this year.  The former Seinfeld star has been caught up in a hurricane of controversy after TMZ released a video of the comedian throwing out racial slurs at African American men while doing his stand-up routine recently.

But is looks like the bad old boy is now ready (2 weeks later) to apologize to the two men he strongly offended with his act at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Los Angeles. 

Gloria Allred is representing the two men offended by Richards’ ranting released the following statement.

“Michael Richards would like to apologize in person to the gentleman with whom he had the exchange in the club. After discussions with Gloria Allred, an attorney who represents the man and three others who were with him that night, Michael has agreed that they will all meet in the presence of a retired judge who will facilitate the meeting and help the parties resolve this matter. All concerned are hopeful that a face-to-face meeting will be constructive and begin the necessary process of healing and closure.”

So, what do you think- Is this apology enough for Richards’ racial slurring? 


50 Cent Says Oprah Winfrey is White


According to rapper 50 Cent, talk show host Oprah Winfrey is not flying her true colors.  In the January edition of Elle, the 31-year-old rapper says that Oprah may have started with black women’s views, but sure didn’t stick with them.

Here is the rapper now, stating that Oprah “started out with black women’s views but has been catering to middle-aged white American women for so long that she’s become one herself. I think the idea of being publicly noted that she’s a billionaire makes [black women] interested in seeing her views. But it’s even more exciting to the demographic of white American women she’s been aiming at to see that she has the exact same views that they have.”

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know why you would talk about Oprah in an interview with Elle that was supposed to be about you & your blossoming career, but whatever.  50 Cent is not the only rapper that has issues with Oprah, Ludacris & Ice Cube have also been critical of Winfrey, more specifically her prejudice against rappers.

What do you think, is Oprah whitey white?


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