John Mayer Speaks Up on Taylor Swift’s “Dear John”

The song is several years old, but it seems that John Mayer has not forgotten the sting of it. Remember "Dear John" by Taylor Swift? The aftermath of her relationship with well known playboy John Mayer did not leave her glowing with love. Contrarily, the "little girl" sniped … [Read more...]

American Idol’s Jermaine Jones Kicked Out Because of Undisclosed Arrest Warrants

Reality TV show American Idol has not failed to capture the attention and the hearts of viewers all over the world. Sure, there are probably just as many critics, but haters will hate, and there is nothing you can do to stop them! The recent move of the American Idol team … [Read more...]

Phil Spector: Guilty

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, music producer, boy genius - they all apply to Phil Spector, but let's add another tag, shall we? Murderer, if the conviction is for real. He is facing up to life imprisonment because of the charges that he killed Lana Clarkson in 2003. Reports say … [Read more...]

Ted Haggard’s Fall From Grace

Ted Haggard is still in the limelight as he used to be, but for a different reason. We've been reading about him and seeing him on TV recently and on the eve of the release of a documentary about him, more scandalous items are cropping up. Watch him on Oprah tonight and make … [Read more...]

Amy Winehouse’s Hubby To File For Divorce

It seems like it was just yesterday when we heard news that Wino was going to reunite with her hubby, Blake Incarcerated, wasn't it? According to Blake's lawyer, however, he is going to file for divorce pretty soon. What's the reason? Wino's infidelity. Hmm... … [Read more...]