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23rd Annual American Cinematheque Honors Samuel L. Jackson - Arrivals

In her dressing room no less! By now, you probably have seen the SNL skit featuring Justin and Beyonce. You probably cracked up like the rest of the world but did you know that Beyonce had second thoughts about that skit? All it took to reassure her, though, was a visit from Justin. Good job!

Mandy and Miley do Madonna

Miley and Mandy strike again, with their spoof of Madonna’s 4 Minutes video. They look like they’re having a lot of innocent fun. Love those wonder twins!


Ben Affleck’s new love


Sarah Silverman may have got the first laugh when she made her music video “I’m f*ing Matt Damon. But her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel has a comeback: “I’m F—ing Ben Affleck.” Will his video get the 4 million hits that Sarah’s received on You Tube alone?


anna-nicole-smith-dannielynn-video-to-britney-spears-2-21-07.jpgNow, this is a very odd turn of events & rather fortuitous as that.  According to Us Weekly, Anna Nicole Smith tried to reach out to a pregnant Britney Spears six months before her tragic death.

Apparently, in a home video an 8-months-pregnant Anna Nicole addressed Spears & tried to reach out as a potential friend.  Interestingly, Smith’s daughter Dannielynn & Spears’ son Jayden were born just five days apart last September.  Here’s what the incredible video reportedly reveals: 

“If you see this for some oddball reason – because I look at your stuff, too [referring to Spears’ Web site] – and you want to be friends, I would love so much to hang out with you,” she said. “I think you’re totally cool, and I think we’re about to have babies around the same time…I would just love to meet you.”

Anna Nicole continued by giving Brit her contact information, “You can call my lawyer, my best friend, my confidant Howard Stern. I think everyone has his number. He’ll give it out to you, Britney. Take cares [sic], and I hope that you do great on your second pregnancy. I’m sure you won’t even see this, but if you do, I’d really love to talk to you. Bye.”

But alas, it doesn’t look like a Smith & Spears meetup ever took place.  A Britney insider states, “Britney is so wrapped up in her own world and herself that she just doesn’t care.”

Yep, that just about sums up Britney’s attitude at the present & it goes double for her children whom she didn’t see several days before she entered rehab, for the second go-round.

You tell me- Would an Anna Nicole Smith & Britney Spears meeting have been a beneficial one, or would the room have exploded due to having too much stupid in the room?

Thanks to Us Weekly for the scoop & the image of Anna Nicole with her daughter Dannielynn.

anna-nicole-smith-stoned-video-2-20-07.jpgA new Anna Nicole Smith video has surfaced, thanks to the diligent folks at TMZ (see video here).   The video shows a semi-functional Anna Nicole speaking in a baby voice with badly painted clown makeup on her face, clearly on some type of drugs.

Howard K. Stern mans the video tape & even goes so far as to say that the footage would be worth a lot of money.  Wow, that Howard K. is such a stand-up guy, you know?

The stammering tape of Anna Nicole aired Monday night on FOX New’s Greta Van Susteren’s show & was supposedly shot when Smith was eight-months pregnant.  Hmmm, I hear doing drugs while pregnant isn’t so good for the child.  But maybe that’s just what big brother wants you to believe, Anna.

As Howard K. Stern shoots the footage, he continuously asks her, “Is this a mushroom trip?” To which Anna Nicole Smith can only say, “Huh?”

Finally Stern just says, “I’m kidding.”

Later, the stoney video shows Howard K. Stern’s true colors with Howard saying, “This footage is worth money.”  While the busty blonde replies, “Why? What footage?”

It’s a terrible thing, but it’s a very classic Anna Nicole Smith video, I’m sad to say.

What do you think of Howard K. Stern now?


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