Eric Bana Has A Lot Of Friends

Well I suppose we all know that. This Hollywood hunk is not boasting though. He just said that he didn't worry about going nude on film, that working out to get his abs more def. He went on to say that only those who do not have fined is not his thingriends worry about that … [Read more...]

Blonde Kim Kardashian

How do you like that? The sexy model actress has gotten a new look, and she is loving it! Are you? … [Read more...]

Shanna’s ordeal

"I'm not leaving his side," sobbed Shanna Moakler, Travis Barker's ex wife, who immediately rushed to Augusta, Ga., to be with him just hours after the crash. It's a tough time but moments like this really make one realize what matters. Who knows, maybe the two might patch … [Read more...]

O, bama!

Sarah Silverman's got the hots for Barrack Obama. "He's so ridiculously sexy. He's got that swimmer's body and he stands like Fred Astaire, ya know, slouchy but with incredibly great posture." … [Read more...]

No “BS” from Katy

You tell them, girl! Singer Katy Perry refuses to let go of the rock and roll spirit of "keeping it real." Unlike some celebs there. "If people want a role model, they can have Miley Cyrus," she tells YRB magazine. … [Read more...]