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Celebrities Who Go the Extra Mile for Their Dogs

Who doesn’t love dogs? I guess there are people who really do not harbor any affections for man’s best friend, but being a dog lover myself, that is rather hard to understand. Of course, we all have our preferences, but if you are a dog lover, you would also love to read about celebrities who can’t feel enough love for their canine friends.

Check out these celebs who would go the distance for their dogs.

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner Puppy

Hugh Hefner's Dog: Charlie

He may have a not-so-conservative reputation, but Hugh Hefner loves his dog. When he and former fiancee Crystal Harris broke off their engagement last year, they bickered over who gets to keep the puppy. I guess this is proof that dogs are better than human partners! Read the rest of this entry »


Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

Katherine Heigl is rallying for man’s best friend by hating their balls! Yep! One too many balls for this actress who believes they are just “terrible terrible testicles.”

Heigl is the face to a new public service announcement aimed at informing and educating people on the importance of neutering and spaying pets.  The new PSA campaign gives quite the humorous bite and not your usual take on a rather serious problem affecting the lives of many furry creatures whom we’ve come to love. is the newly launched site that has the 33 year old actress campaigning for raising awareness in her cause to spay and neuter pets to save lives. She is shown in a photo wearing  nothing but panties and holding up an adorable doggie covering her two puppies.  This is how she’s been devoting her time to raise funds for the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. Her own tribute in loving memory of  her brother Jason Debus Heigl, who sadly passed away at the young age of 15 yrs old.

The site features IHateBalls merchandise , proceeds of which will go her brother’s  foundation.

We’re guessing by the likes of her recent statement  “Unfortunately I can’t cut the nuts off human men — yet,” she seems pretty darn serious on downsizing dogs and dawgs. And so let’s all  repeat after her, “  Hate balls, fix pets, save lives. It’s just that simple,

Photo Credit: the sweet revenge

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Jessica Simpson Still Hopeful For Dog’s Return

In spite of the odds, Jessica Simpson thinks that there is hope for her maltipoo, Daisy. Expert dog trainer Jennifer McCarthy has said that most likely, the dog is already gone, especially since she actually saw a coyote get it. Still, Jessica says she will not stop searching.

Pets – dogs in particular – seem to be a popular thing with Hollywood stars. While Jessica Simpson is frantically looking for her maltipoo Daisy, Heidi Pratt is proudly showing off her new maltipoo Dolly. She is a birthday gift from husband Spencer. I guess we’ll be seeing Dolly around a lot.


Coyoto Snatches Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo

Has anyone seen the dog in that picture? She is Daisy, Jessica’s 5-year-old maltipoo, and she was snatched by a coyote the other day. Since her ex, Nick Lachey gave her Daisy, Jessica has almost always been seen with the dog. Naturally, she is heartbroken. They are continuing to look for Daisy and offer a reward to anyone who can held find her.


Aubrey O’Day’s Multicolored Dog

Aubrey O’Day’s teacup Maltese Ginger must change her hair color more than the average person – thanks to her owner. Aubrey has been criticized by many but she says that there is nothing wrong with what she is doing. She told US Mag that “She likes to have looks. It actually seems like such a taboo weird thing nowadays, but if you research online, you will see a whole underworld of dogs who are dyed.”

A whole underworld, LOL. That’s just cracked up.


Jessica Simpson And Her “Lesbian” Pooch

Oh Twitter, you have a way of letting the cat out of the bag – big time! Jessica Simpson recently tweeted that her dog Daisy is back together with lover Bella. Yeah, she is a lesbian, according to her owner. I wonder what the dog has to say about this?


Paris’ New Feline Companion

Paris Hilton buys magazines in Sherman Oaks, CA
The heiress has a new companion, this time of the feline kind. She has been seen going around with a cute little kitten. This one’s definitely not your everyday run of the mill tabby!


We Have A New First Puppy!

The Obamas new dog Bo arrives at the White House in Washington

Remember the president’s acceptance speech when he said the girls are going to get a new puppy? It has finally come true. They are getting a Portuguese water dog, a gift from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who has Porties of his own. And the first puppy’s name? Bo.


Mariah Gets Dog For Anniversary

2009 Park City - AXE Fix Nightclub - Day 2

She’s the girl who’s got everything, but she got something “new” for her wedding anniversary. Husband Nick Cannon got her a short-haired Jack Russell terrier name Cha-cha. Now they have a “kid” of their own! How sweet.


Pink does poop duty

Eeeeow! Pink is caught holding the bag — of puppy poop, no less — while taking her dogs on a walk in Malibu. At least she’s a responsible owner. But we hope that’s sand on her arm!


Britney Spears Spotted Buying New Puppy Dog

britney-spears-dog-1-15-07.jpg25-year-old Britney Spears & 2-year-old son Sean Preston were spotted Wednesday checking out the pooches at Pets of Bel Air in the Glen Centre shopping mall.  After spending quite a bit of time picking out the lucky pup, Spears & Preston chose an Apple Head Chihuahua at a measly cost of $3,200. 

The new addition to the Spears clan has been named Snow White, who would have joined fellow Chihuahuas Lucky & Bit Bit as well as the Maltese named Lacy, had they not mysteriously disappeared while she was married to Kevin Federline.  Hopefully Snow White will be sticking around for a while.

Thanks to Us Weekly for the images.

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