Celebrities Who Go the Extra Mile for Their Dogs

Who doesn't love dogs? I guess there are people who really do not harbor any affections for man's best friend, but being a dog lover myself, that is rather hard to understand. Of course, we all have our preferences, but if you are a dog lover, you would also love to read about … [Read more...]

Katherine Heigl Hates Balls

” Katherine Heigl is rallying for man’s best friend by hating their balls! Yep! One too many balls for this actress who believes they are just “terrible terrible testicles.” Heigl is the face to a new public service announcement aimed at informing and educating people on the … [Read more...]

Jessica Simpson Still Hopeful For Dog’s Return

In spite of the odds, Jessica Simpson thinks that there is hope for her maltipoo, Daisy. Expert dog trainer Jennifer McCarthy has said that most likely, the dog is already gone, especially since she actually saw a coyote get it. Still, Jessica says she will not stop searching. … [Read more...]

Heidi Pratt Gets Puppy For Her Birthday

Pets - dogs in particular - seem to be a popular thing with Hollywood stars. While Jessica Simpson is frantically looking for her maltipoo Daisy, Heidi Pratt is proudly showing off her new maltipoo Dolly. She is a birthday gift from husband Spencer. I guess we'll be seeing … [Read more...]

Coyoto Snatches Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo

Has anyone seen the dog in that picture? She is Daisy, Jessica's 5-year-old maltipoo, and she was snatched by a coyote the other day. Since her ex, Nick Lachey gave her Daisy, Jessica has almost always been seen with the dog. Naturally, she is heartbroken. They are continuing … [Read more...]