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Hollywood Hunks Who Are Actually Mommy’s Boys

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Have you planned a treat for your mom yet? It is never too late to do something for the woman who carried you inside her body for nine months. And if you are worried that your friends may think you’re too attached to your mom for being excited about Mother’s […]

Where Is Jon Gosselin Spending Thanksgiving?

At his grandma’s! Bet you didn’t guess that! He says he can’t spend Thanksgiving Day with the kids at their Pennsylvania home because it is “Kate’s day.” His consolation is that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are joint custody days. I am sure that he’ll have all the food and company he needs at his […]

Mackenzie Phillips And Her Lonely Thanksgiving

Mackenzie Phillips is not spending Thanksgiving with family this year. Recent accusations made by her regarding an incestuous relationship with her dad have resulted in very strained relations with the living members of the family – and quite understandably so, don’t you think? In any case, Mackenzie will not be with the rest of the […]

Joe Jackson To MJ’s Estate: I Need An Allowance

Michael Jackson’s dad, Joe, says that he needs an allowance from his late son’s estate. The reason is that he has expenses that go over $15,000 per month. The thing is that MJ’s will did not include his dad. For now, the court will hear the petition, but not on an expedited manner. I guess […]

Lindsay Disses Dad, Michael

To say that her dad’s a loser apparently not enough for Lindsay Lohan. Now, she is giving her dad a dose of his own medicine. Using Twitter, she is dissing daddy: “He’s a deadbeat dad. He’s disgusting to do this he needs help.” She also says that he threatened to kill her mom. What a […]

Lindsay Lohan On Dad Michael: He’s A Loser

Ouch. I believe there are things a child should never say to or about a parent, but I guess Lindsay and her dad have a different relationship. She just tweeted that her dad’s such a loser – a comeback for his releasing private information about a conversation they had a while back. Photo courtesy of […]

Trick Or Treat: It’s The Brangelinas!

I wonder what it is like opening your door to trick or treaters and seeing the whole Brangelina brood? That is what greeted the residents in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood on Halloween. The whole family was all dressed up, doing the rounds. I wonder about the loot they got to take home? Photo courtesy of […]

RIP Nicolas Cage’s Father

Our condolences go out to Nicolas Cage and his family. His father, August Coppola, the brother of famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, passed away on Tuesday due to a heart attack. He was 75 years old.

Bruce Springsteen’s Kansas City Show Cancelled

Our condolences go out to The Boss and his family. A cousin died tragically in his hotel room, prompting the singer to cancel his show in Kansas City last night. Details of the death have not been released.

Lamar In High Spirits At His Bachelor Party

Turning down a “wild” bachelor party, Lamar had a “quiet” evening with his pals, teammates, brother-in-laws to be, and Scott Disick instead. So how did that go? Sources say that guests started arriving at STK around 10:15pm, and that Lamar bought a round of Johnny Walker & Lemon Drop shots for them. Scott Disick didn’t […]

Mackenzie Phillips Claims Incestuous Relationship With Dad

No one has heard of Mackenzie Phillips and her brood for a long time but suddenly, she’s back in the limelight. She released a memoir this week, where she claims that she had an incestuous relationship with late dad, John Phillips. Those from the older generation would associate that name with the group The Mamas […]

Jackson Kids Being Raised Together By Grandma And Aunt

Grandmother Katherine Jackson may have gotten legal custody of the Jackson children, but it doesn’t mean that she is raising them alone. Aunt Rebbie Jackson is taking on an active role as well. She is the oldest of Katherine’s children.

Jon Gosselin’s Grandma Hurt On Family Day

The Gosselin kids had a day of fun with their relatives from daddy’s side. Their grandparents, greatgrandparents, and other relatives visited the family home in Pennsylvania for a day, but the merriment was interrupted when Jon’s grandma fell in the driveway. She’s alright though. So where were the people from Kate’s side of the family?

Gallagher Brothers At It Again – Oasis Splits

Noel and Liam Gallagher have always been at each others throats, but this time, things seem to be more serious. Noel has left the band, supposedly due to “verbal intimidation.” He wrote: “the level of verbal and violent intimidation towards me, my family, friends and comrades has become intolerable.” He also said that he cannot […]

Chris Brown’s Mom Supports Her Son

That’s what moms do, right? Chris Brown may have lost the respect of many people worldwide, but his mom says she is not ashamed of her son. She says that she made a promise that she will never be ashamed of her son, no matter what. Isn’t it amazing what a mother’s love can do?

Reality Show About MJ’s Death In The Works

Michael Jackson’s brothers seem to be dealing with their sibling’s death in a unique way. They are working on a reality TV show that will show how the family struggled (shouldn’t it be is struggling?) with the loss of a loved one. The special is supposed to air before the month ends.

Rumer Willis Turns 21

Demi Moore’s daughter celebrated her 21st birthday in Vegas. Rumer Willis was joined by her star studded family, including Demi Moore, and stepfather Ashton Kutcher; dad Bruce Willis and stepmother Emma Heming. Of course, her friends were there to help her out with the fun, too.

Jon & Kate “Reconcile” After Big Blow Up

Police were called to the family’s million-dollar home on Thursday, resulting in the police forcing Kate out of the house. The couple seems to have resolved their issues – at least temporarily. Kate walked up to the house the next day and received a big and warm hug from one of the twins. Relations between […]

Anna Nicole Smith’s Friend Can Sue

The court has decided that a friend of Anna Nicole Smith can sue an author for defamation of character. However, the gay part cannot come into play as this is not considered a “bad” thing anymore. So who is the friend? Howard K. Stern. He is suing the author of the book “Blonde Ambition: The […]